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I have a sickly child and spent most of this year in and out of the hospital. I am so grateful for Nursa; It's everything I need right now to make a living without having to commit to a facility and a schedule. Yes, the app has its issues, but so what. Nursa was a life changer for me. I never dread reaching out to Nursa support via chat or phone call because everyone I have come into contact with has been friendly and professional. 

@Angelica Reed @Ashley C @Keaton Reading @Saxon Jones @Joseph Jacobs @Laura Ellis @Karston Modlinski @Heloiza Naemy Sadoyama Camargo @jodi palmer @Leonardo Sobreira @Krishna Floisand

I have had some sort of interaction with everyone here at least once and I have had numerous interactions with a few. Every single contact I initiated was because I had a question, maybe I was having an issue with the app, maybe it was my check. I have never ever reached out to Nursa support just to say hello, how are you? I hope you are having a good day. I think you are a special group of people that even when faced with an angry frustrated crowd, you manage to smile. I appreciate all of you guys so much. To anyone I might have missed, I appreciate you so much too. 

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