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20 hours ago, Guest Anonymous said:

I worked Wednesday, so when do I get paid?

Hi there. The payment schedule for shifts worked depends on when shift reports are completed. After you complete your shift report, the facility has 48 hours to review and approve the shift report. If they don't, it will automatically be verified so that you'll still get paid in a timely fashion. We process payments every Monday and Wednesday and they can take up to two days to post to your bank account, so as long as both your shift report and the facility shift report were completed by Sunday by 11:59PM, your payment will be processed on Monday (today) and be to your bank by Wednesday. You can read more about our payment schedule in this FAQ article.


We always recommend getting your shift report done as soon as you can because then you know at the latest, the facility shift report will be done 48 hours from then, and then it just depends on the soonest payout from that point. Let me know if you have any more questions about payments!

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Guest Kimberly Griffin4804500565

I think it would be better to spread the days out more like Thursday or Friday to get you paid for the weekend...and maybe Tuesday instead to give the weekend people a chance at an early pay day (as long as they get verified Monday by the facility after staff also submits their report)(i apologize this is not the correct topic, although i know it's getting read regardless).

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