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Victoria Jawara


When going into facilities act as if you are an actual employee not just passing thru. Assess your patients take care of there needs not put them off. We maybe be there for the hours but there are actual people there who will actually be depending on our care for them.  Be attentive and no patient needs you more the the one in front of you. Then move on too the next.  Remember the opportunity is a two way street the facility needs us and we need the hrs.  Charting is how the make their money and able to call staff in. So chart your skill charting creating pay and more hours for Agency to work

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Guest Kimberly Griffin4804500565

I totally agree!!! It always astounds me when I have aides showing up to work my hall and they have looks on their faces that they are lost. They will let me know that they are agency and they have never been there before. My answer is always the same...It applies to any and every place you work at that CALL LIGHTS NEED TO BE ANSWERED regardless if you have been there a million times before or this is the first day. 

I am going to do some research on this, but I am pretty sure these lights used to be referred as an emergency light...if we looked at them more like that, everyone would be better off. Anyone can answer a call light (so evident when state is in the building and you see administrators in their suits answering them.) Go in and find out what they need/want. Falls can be prevented and the overall feelings of safety/security/contentment can be preserved and restored. You can relay the message to the nurse or the CNA or just take care of whatever it is. 

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