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Found 4 results

  1. Meet @Shanalyn H. - this weeks spotlight! With 15 years of experience as a dedicated Caregiver and CNA, they find joy in the personal connections made during one-on-one interactions with clients, patients, and the elderly. Witnessing smiles on their clients' faces after providing care fuels their passion. Eager for the next chapter, their goal is to transition into becoming a Massage Therapist. Outside of work, they cherish their two children and take pride in watching them grow into exceptional adults. A lover of gardening, they also have a fondness for horses, dearly missed from their past. Each week we will introduce some new community members, join me in welcoming others and share your own story here! Share your story!
  2. When going into facilities act as if you are an actual employee not just passing thru. Assess your patients take care of there needs not put them off. We maybe be there for the hours but there are actual people there who will actually be depending on our care for them. Be attentive and no patient needs you more the the one in front of you. Then move on too the next. Remember the opportunity is a two way street the facility needs us and we need the hrs. Charting is how the make their money and able to call staff in. So chart your skill charting creating pay and more hours for Agency to work
  3. As the title states, what is the craziest moment in your nursing career thus far?
  4. Every nurse has that one bodily fluid that sends them over the edge...
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