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Weekly Q&A: Coaching 09.08.23

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Hosted by Krishna Floisand, Community Manager
Check out this week's Q&A session, addressing questions and concerns from users, mainly related to accessing healthcare shifts and expanding their service to various regions while encouraging user referrals to facilitate growth.
Browse through the questions and transcript below.
Have feedback on this session? Want to suggest future group coaching topics? Let us know!

Questions Answered

Q1: It's not easy to search when you only put in city and state

Q2: Thank you so much for creating this Nursa app. I did not see a lot of facilities in the Seattle area please if it possible we need to work in this area. 

Q3: I’m still having a hard time using the app I’m not sure how to find shifts in my region/city?

Q4: Can I get help with logging in to complete my background check?

Q5: Are there plans to expand the NJ facility portfolio?

Q6: Is pay changing?

Q7: Do you have a headquarters here in Tucson? If so, where is it located and what's the phone number?

Q8: Facilities in San Antonio?


Krishna: Hello, everyone! Good morning or afternoon, and happy Friday. I apologize if I sound a bit under the weather, so please bear with any coughs or sneezes. I'll start by introducing myself briefly and then address some of the questions we received this week. We'll also send out a recording later to cover any unanswered questions. Feel free to ask follow-up questions in the community, and we'll provide the link.


My name is Krishna, and I oversee this community site. I've been with Nursa for about a year and a half. We're a relatively young company, just over three years old. Our primary goal is to ensure patients receive the care they need. We all have loved ones who may require medical attention, and we want to ensure they receive quality care, even when life throws curveballs. So, Nursa operates as a technology-driven marketplace, somewhat like Uber or Match.com, to quickly match healthcare professionals with open shifts.


Enough about us for now. Let's dive into the questions. If I don't fully address your question, feel free to comment below, and we'll provide more information.


I appreciate these questions as we're still growing and establishing our presence. Growing in the healthcare industry can be slow, especially when competing with well-established companies. We understand the need for more shifts, and we're here to help. Our aim is aligned with yours—to connect healthcare professionals with the shifts they desire. Now, let's move on to specific questions.



If you encounter issues with the types of shifts displayed or have ideas for additional search options, please share your suggestions. We're eager to enhance the search functionality.



Referral Form





Referral Form



Give Feedback



Contact Support



Referral Form


Thank you for your questions, and if you have more, please feel free to ask. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! We'll be here to assist you. Goodbye!

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