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Weekly Q&A: Coaching 09.15.23

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Hosted by Krishna Floisand, Community Manager
Check out this week's Q&A session, Krishna and Mornique discussed topics ranging from how to submit documents, challenges in-home care, facility response to shift requests, the upcoming Nursa Direct feature, shift availability, future improvements, a shift duration reporting issue, and challenges faced by clinicians, emphasizing the need for local clinician groups and mentorship programs.
Browse through the questions and transcript below.
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Questions Answered

Q1: How do I submit my documents?

Q2: Is Nursa going to start doing home health care? 

Q3: What happens if a facility doesn't respond to a shift request even right before the shift?

Q4: How can we reduce the need for constant checking of the app?

Q5: Have you had any experience with Nursa Direct?
Q6: Mornique, what challenges do you encounter as a CNA?

Q7: How can I connect with clinicians in my area?

Q8: How do I prefer to connect with other clinicians?


Krishna: Hi there, everyone! Today we have Mornique with us for our weekly Q&A session. We've received some questions in advance, so we'll address those and have a discussion. Mornique, would you like to introduce yourself?

Mornique: Sure! I'm Mornique, part of the Nursa community. I've been a CNA for three years, and I recently moved to Colorado.

Krishna: Mornique is great. She was with us in Texas and recently moved to Colorado. She's starting her QMAP journey and just got her CNA license transferred over to Colorado. So now we'll start getting shifts there too, right?

Mornique: Yes, absolutely!


[Krishna] Great! Let's dive into the questions that were submitted in advance. Someone asked, "How do I submit my documents?" Mornique, you had experience with this, right?

[Mornique] Yes, indeed. To submit your documents, you'll want to click the blue plus button at the top of the app. Then, select "add healthcare license" if you're adding another healthcare license, or go to "credentials" and upload your documents there. It's pretty straightforward.

[Krishna] Excellent! The blue plus button is the key. 



[Krishna] Now, Mornique, have you ever done home care before?

[Mornique] Yes, I recently started my journey into home care here in Colorado.

[Krishna] Someone asked if Nursa could offer home care services. What's your take on that?

[Mornique] Yeah, I'm curious 'cause I mean I don't know home care is, there's a lot of need for it, but I think from a standpoint like, I mean agencies usually never, usually it's like a company that has on-call. I think we've tried on-call shifts before but they've been a little bit difficult. Yeah, I think that it would be more contract, I would use that word. Contracts. Just those, you know, if you're doing private home care, they want someone familiar, especially if they're opening up their home.

[Krishna]A good idea though. Good suggestion.

[Mornique] I know it's a good idea, especially since a lot of facilities also maybe have a home care division or, or whatever it may be there too.

[Krishna] Home care can be challenging due to the need for reliable caregivers. It might be a good idea to explore this further and gather input from the community.

[Mornique] That makes sense. Home care comes with its own set of challenges.


[Krishna] Now, another question: "What happens if a facility doesn't respond to a shift request even right before the shift?"

[Mornique] If the facility doesn't respond, you can remove the request from your schedule. Last-minute cancellations and lack of responses can be common, but it's part of the PRN world.

[Krishna] That's good advice. Now, how long do you usually wait before removing a request if it hasn't been responded to?

[Mornique] Generally, I remove a request about two hours before the shift unless it's a last-minute shift. You don't want to risk double-booking or missing out on other opportunities.

[Krishna] Got it! It's essential to manage your requests effectively.


[Krishna] Now, Mornique, we're curious about your thoughts on improving the app. How can we reduce the need for constant checking of the app?

[Mornique] Notifications could help, but we also need to be mindful not to overload users with notifications. Keeping profiles up-to-date is crucial. People have different preferences for how they use the app, so it's a balancing act.

[Krishna] True, everyone has their own approach.


[Krishna] I know, today we're asking everyone about Nursa Direct. Our team is working on it, and it's coming soon to more markets. However, it's still in the testing phase. To qualify for Nursa Direct, there are a few requirements. Monique, you've looked into this, right?

[Mornique] To qualify for Nursa Direct, you typically need to work your first three shifts consecutively, complete check-ins, and submit shift reports promptly. It's an exciting development!

[Krishna] Right, and you also need to check in when you arrive and complete the shift report within a specific time after your shift ends. These are good habits to develop so you can qualify for Nursa Direct when it launches. There might be a few other things, but it's coming soon. Once it's fully launched, we'll make sure everyone knows because people have been requesting it.

[Krishna] Exactly, it's funny because other players in this field have done something similar. They started with weekly pay, then moved to twice a week, and eventually daily or instant pay. We're a bit behind, but we're getting there. One reason it's taken time is because we want to iron out the bugs. One issue is when you're asked to stay an extra hour or two at a facility. On the shift report, you mark the extra hours, but for instant pay, it currently disqualifies you if it doesn't match within 20 minutes of your shift time. However, 100% of the time, those extra hours are later verified by the facility. So, we're fixing that issue.

[Mornique] That's frustrating. I've experienced that before.

[Krishna] That's why we're testing and fixing it. It's getting resolved.

[Mornique] That's great news because even before Nursa Direct, I had to stay for a full extra shift of eight hours, and the Nursa app would move that shift report to an admin report, waiting for Nursa and the facility to verify.

[Krishna] It becomes a back-and-forth process. We're working on reducing the time it takes to verify so clinicians aren't penalized for helping out a facility, especially at the last minute.


[Krishna] Mornique, what challenges do you encounter as a CNA?

[Mornique]Yeah, no that's okay. A lot of the challenge is that like I personally would face is you know, the lack of supplies sometimes the miscommunication with residents schedules or meal nutrition, dietary. So it's just, I wanna hear from others as well what challenges they face because sometimes it could be, you know, as simple as I struggle with transferring someone just because of coordinating our bodies and getting our feet in the right position between theirs. I'm excited to hear and I know I think these will be great questions for the community along with the Facebook group.


[Krishna] Yeah, that's right. We're working on something new. Right now, we have our central community at community.nursa.com, but we want to make it more localized. We'll have separate communities for different areas. In these local groups, you'll find clinicians who know your area and managers who oversee those regions. This way, you can get more specific advice. You see, different regions have different challenges. Some places have too many clinicians, so not everyone gets shifts. Others have facilities but struggle to find clinicians with their licenses uploaded, you know?

[Mornique] So it depends on where you are. That's why we're creating these local groups. We might even set up mentorship programs or other support systems at the local level. A lot of folks are looking for guidance, like where to get certifications or training. They ask questions like, "Where can I renew my CPR?" or "Who can help me with this?" So having local connections will be great. Especially in states with a high demand for Nursa, where facilities post multiple shifts. If we have mentors or a database to connect with local clinicians, we can coordinate our shifts, share tips, and even introduce new folks to the team. It's a fantastic idea!


Portland Facebook Group (expanding to Pacific Northwest Clinicians)

Illinois Facebook Group


Interested in helping create your own local group? Interest Form


[Krishna] Mornique, how would you prefer to connect with other clinicians in your area? Would you like to have a directory on the community site, community.nursa.com, where you can find clinicians with the same license? Or would you rather be introduced to someone once you get started, like, "Hey, here's another CNA in your area, feel free to reach out." Or maybe you have another idea for connecting with local clinicians?

[Mornique] This online approach is new for us. Back in Texas, we used to network in person. We'd meet at facilities and bump into each other frequently. That's how we built our connections.

[Krishna] Yeah, and then you'd exchange numbers and all that, right?

[Mornique] [Speaker 0] Exactly. But with the Nursa community launching, I started directing everyone there. It's not just a great place for local connections; you get insights from nurses all over, not just in our area.

[Krishna] The community is fantastic.

[Mornique] It sure is. I want to help it grow. We can talk about Nursa-related stuff, but also about thriving as a PRN clinician in this challenging field. There are strikes, work conditions, and professionals fighting for better environments.

[Krishna] Yeah, work conditions.

[Mornique] PRN offers flexibility. Many people choose it because they aren't tied down to a single facility.

[Krishna] Exactly, it provides freedom and flexibility.

[Mornique] Let's share this on the community and gather input and comments on various problems, whether they're related to Nursa, healthcare, or the profession. I'd love to dive deeper into these topics and hear how people are dealing with them.


Thank you for your questions, and if you have more, please feel free to ask. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! We'll be here to assist you. Goodbye!

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