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I have been attempting to pick up shifts for a while now and I, would like to know is their anyone that has worked in the past week for this company?. Why, 

I had an incident with a company that allowed us Healthcare lovers to apply and send all credentialing, which ended in being a victim of identity theft, the app didn't work right, the shifts were excused as to why there was a race for being picked, no I e ever responded In a timely fashion and was left with shifts lingering until they knew well enought to just remove them themselves, no one ever replied after that, their was excuses after calling implants were made but never a resolve, call back or a change in the companies way if conducting business...

This company was reported to the state and was sanctioned with fines, penalties and completely Shutdown after finding that employees credentials were being used for Identify theft & purchases, the use of their social security numbers being used and the like...I am eager to know if this is a real thriving company because out of my race to get picked with no responses, I would like to know if this was happening to anyone here and if so I will be removing my info and deleting this account. It was also stated that they paid a commentator to send promising messages to employees with concerns and assured them that situations would be resolved and the intentions was to prevent being reported to the state.

The app has been removed from the Google app purchaser.

Please someone I would like to know at your earliest convenience so I can either await change or delete the account, their are 2 many agencies that assist help and make lives great opposed to be left in limbo and okayed by excuses, Oh especially for NEXXUS NEURO RECOVERY IN CONROE TX, THEY HAVE BEEN TAKEN OF MANY APPS DUE TO THEIR NON COMMUNICATION.


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Thanks for this @AGNCEY CE_O, that is crazy that people would take advantage of people like that.


Texas currently is a tough state with lots of clinicians and not enough shifts for everyone. The local team is working hard to increase the shift available.


We just would advise that with so many fellow nurses you will want to make sure your profile is filled out since that is how facilities will choose you when you out in requests.


I would recommend your essential credentials and to request a shift so your background check process can be initiated. Nursa does paid for and upload your background check, but you will need to respond to an email from First Advantage to complete the process. 

These will help increase your chances and help the facility to know you have the credentials they are looking for. You can also click on a specific facility’s screening list to see if there are additional credentials they are interested in.


Happy to chat more if you have more questions 🙂

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Then if you have license and essential credentials uploaded, then you are off to the races! You will need to request shifts to start your background check process as well which will increase your chances of being selected. The facilities have full control on scheduling the shifts, if you are interested in a shift at a specific facility you can reach out through the app or call the facility to see if they still need it to be filled!

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