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Most facilities do not have the time to deny every request they get sent in, so is there anyway we can remove the facilities ability to let the shift requester know that they're not going to be accepted for the shift without the facility need to do so?

And is there any way that the facility can have to choose what kind of shift it is? (Ex. On-call, full shift etc.)

There should be an automated system that will allow the first requester to be confirmed and all others after to be denied or even just have the shift removed once one person already requested or has been confirmed by the shift.

And a time limited request would be great so that way these facilities can't just post a shift and forget to respond to it. This app could use more accountability and be even more interactive on the facilities side.

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Interesting, thanks for taking the time for giving the feedback above.


It seems what your wish is to have better insight to the availability of the shift, and knowing more about the likelihood of getting scheduled when you are scheduling? Are there facilities that you feel like communicate better than others?


Overall accountability is definitely something we are looking for on both sides. For facilities to be confident in the talent they are hiring, and clinicians to have reliability on when they are scheduled are not. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, I know we are looking for ways to hold users accountable while not losing some of the speed from sign up to working the first shift.


Thanks again for sharing!

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