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POLL: Communications with Nursa

Nursa Notifications  

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  1. 1. Does Nursa send enough notifications?

    • Yes, but too much
    • Yes, just enough
    • No (comment below what you want to see)

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We are looking at how to best optimize notifications within the app. Let us know if you get too much, just enough or not enough notifications. If not enough, first make sure you go to app.nursa.com and make sure you have transactional notifications enabled. Then let us know what you would like to see more of!

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I see a lot of votes and no comments.
Feeling shy? 🫣
Would you rather talk to someone at Nursa one-on-one to share your thoughts? 
I am a part of the Nursa User Experience research team and I would love to speak to anyone who has thought, stories, or feedback related to how the Nursa app works to communicates well with you, how it helps you talk to prospective facilities you might pick up shifts in and so on. Or, tell me what doesn't work so well for you.

Visit my calendar if you would like to talk. You can set up a time that works best for you. 

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It would be extremely helpful and beneficial if Nursa implemented a requirement for facilities to respond back to those who submit interest for any shifts they post in a timeframe that a reasonable person would consider appropriate. Many times we never get a response after indicating we are interested in a shift which makes it difficult to plan accordingly. Many times there are other shifts available elsewhere, but in an effort to remain available in the event we get approved for the shift they aren't pursued. I understand everyone is busy, however, a clinicians time and the ability to plan accordingly are just as important as a facility needing proper notice for a shift cancellation. I also understand that facilities are where the money comes from but clinicians are the ones stepping up to fill these shifts; without us the app would be unsuccessful. Let's require some accountability from the facilities, not just the clinicians. Healthcare is a team effort and I believe it would be beneficial to all parties. 

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