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Hello My name is Tania, I am new to The Nursa Community

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Hello everyone, my name is Tania, in las Vegas NV.  New to the Nursa Community,  I am currently working as an RN and have for the last 10 years. Do have a recently reactivated LPN license that had been expired for over 8 years. Decided to activate it as some partial shifts were available for LPNs in my area and it was perfect for what I was looking for.  Happy to be here.  Currently waiting on approval of my first few shifts.  Does it usually take a while to get approve? How soon/late prior to starting the shift do you get approve for the assignment?




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Hi Tania,


Shift availability starts as soon as you complete your background check.

You should have already sent your credentials and Nursa should have received verifications of your personal information AND licensures. Nursa  sends an email with information to complete the background check and you are will receive a copy of your background check.


I just completed my first month in Los Angeles and I managed well with assistance from the chat experts.





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