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  1. I would like more med-surg opportunities, preferably in the greater Los Angeles area at this time.
  2. Hi Tania, Shift availability starts as soon as you complete your background check. You should have already sent your credentials and Nursa should have received verifications of your personal information AND licensures. Nursa sends an email with information to complete the background check and you are will receive a copy of your background check. I just completed my first month in Los Angeles and I managed well with assistance from the chat experts. Dorlah
  3. Dorlah Lawrence

    Shift Check In and Arrival

    After three 8 hour shifts this month, I still have not heard an alert to check in for my shift. At the next shift I work this month, I will try my best to find the check in prompt in the Nursa App.
  4. The Nursa Community is a forum for sharing and caring of one another in an informative and positive way. There are always trials and difficulties during a shift, so we can support one another by sharing our experiences and suggesting solutions for the best experiences possible.
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