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This most recent update has been a disaster. Assignments are no longer in chronological order meaning the soonest no longer pops up up first. I'm getting jobs dropped in my search from a few other states, even if I choose my home state in the filter.  And there is no longer a mileage option in the search.  The app worked perfectly fine before this most recent update that now it's just a mix-up of stuff.  What a mess 😵💫


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Hi @Eve 123! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, you are not alone and I assure you we are working on it! This feedback is useful for our team to know which features to change and implement. Thank you!!

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Hi @Eve 123 Yes thank you for the feedback. The update is meant to automatically display shifts that match the types that you've requested in the past to personalize your experience, so I apologize that it's not pulling up shifts that match your preference. We are definitely working to improve your shifts feed and are noting this feedback we're hearing from users, so thank you for taking the time.

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With that being said, does the mean there will be some facilities you don't see, or just at the bottom of the list. If it is only going to show facilities that you'd requested in the past?

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@Mornique Dicey

Hi Mornique! Great question, and you are correct that they will show at the bottom. Facilities with whom you frequently request shifts will show higher in your results while those you less frequently or never request shifts with will show lower. The search feature learns as you request more shifts in order to prioritize the results, but it won't hide any available shifts.

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