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The new update is a nightmare! I really wish the search by distance was still available, It is terrible to see jobs for areas that are hours away. The jobs aren't listed in chronological order anymore which makes finding a good shift a pain. It would honestly be better to revert the app back to how it was, this is the worst!


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Hi @Jamie! Thank you for letting us know how your experience is with our app. So sorry if it isn't functioning how you would expect. I assure you we are working on the best way to move forward to make sure the relevant jobs are available to you without the pain. Thank you!!

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Hi @Jamie I'm sorry you're having this experience. Thank you for taking the time to let us know your concerns with the update. We're definitely listening! And I'll take this feedback to my product team, so we can continue improving your shifts feed.

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22 hours ago, Krishna said:


I would agree that the issues with the app are numerous.  Was it better before?  Yes and no.  Is it bad now seeing shifts from Portland Oregon instead of Oklahoma?  Yes.  Is it bad being banned by a facility because of the placement of the ban button?  Yes.  I lost $400 last night and you probably did as well.

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