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Frustration with viewing shifts

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What's frustrating is I will usually pick a facility and work there for a few shifts/months.  I can see shifts on the facility profile when I go through my wallet to find the shifts completed- So I know there are shifts available but no matter how the filters are set it will not pull up that facility.

The best option in my opinion was around summer 2021 the distance feature.  I could find shifts close or far away.  I live 1.5 hours from the Valley so I like to see shifts closer.   I know that is an option still but it doesn't work.


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I have added your comment here too @MichelleWillson!


To sum up what you are frustrated with:

1. Not having to scroll through a facility profile to find shifts you want to work (algorithm isn't seeming to get the hint)

2. Miss the ability to simply sort by distance since you live further from available shifts.

3. Re-entering filters every time in the app. 


Is there anything else I missed?

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