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Stop fixing what isn't broken

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Nursa needs to stop trying to improve upon the app and fix what doesn't work correctly. That may sound harsh, but the app is buggy on a good day, and then you get an email that "we're going to update it" - which should be more like bug patches, but instead changes how the app functions and IMHO, not in a positive way.


I have the most recent update to the app, I use an Iphone XR, I emailed in about some buggy issues I was having and was told to take it here.

So here I am.

The new update, well the algorithm made it so that jobs that are 3-4+ from me are coming up on top, and they aren't decently paying ones where I would consider the drive either. The jobs that are an hour from me? Very bottom of the list, so I have to sit and hunt for them. It no longer lets me sort them by pay or distance, or how far I'm willing to travel. I am licensed in 2 states, I live less than an hour from the state line and frequently drive to the other state, so I check that state as well. 

When I look up the ones in Texas when I know I"ll be visiting, it is showing me San Antonio, Conroe (which is by Houston) etc...Both of those cities are 5-6 hours away from me, meanwhile, Fort Worth is 2.5 hours and it's where I go all the time. But can I sort it where I can find those jobs specifically? Nope. 

Sometimes, I just want to sort it by best pay, because I know I"ll have to drive an hour so might as well make it worth it, but other times I know I'm planning on being in Fort Worth, Odessa, Midland, Tyler, etc. and I want to be able to plan my trips and include shifts before I leave, but we can't do that with the app anymore.


My suggestion would be to enhance the sorting feature, maybe to include being able to type in the city you want to pick up shifts in, or at least let it choose from a radius around a zipcode, or let it have multiple filters to make it the best experience.

I'd like to be able to type in Oklahoma CIty and let it get all the surrounding suburbs, then sort by best paying. I could do that before, but I can't now. Now it's automated and at least for my area, it's so far off the app is almost unuseable.

Aside from that, the bugs I've had with it previously still haven't been fixed. My app (which has been uninstalled and reinstalled several times, I worked in IT before nursing) still shows I've requested shifts I haven't, and when you click on them, they show it wasn't requested. I've sent in screenshots to tech support but y'all would rather reinvent the wheel completely rather than change a flat tire.


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Hi @AClark! We appreciate you being open and honest with us. 

Thank you for going into more details on the issues you are now experiencing, we are working to create a better experience and apologize it isn't working how you would expect it to. 

@Amuia @Melanie Are looking into how we can move forward from this issue and improve!

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