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My name is Michelle. I’m a nurse of 6 years with 3 of those years being hospice focused. Currently, I am a biology major with a holistic wellness focus. Once completed, I plan to obtain my RN the NP with the goal being of having my own practice that helps to fill the needs of my community. My current focus on the Holistic Wellness Pathway is Herbalism and Nutrition. I am also readying for the certifying Wellness Coaching boards. 

Currently, I am involved in community outreach, service, and organizing. I also garden and help to establish community gardens while working with indigenous peoples. 

My goal is to be of servitude and to help create a more stable future for our coming generations that is centered around healing, sustainability, and stewardship while also creating spaces that fosters those very things. 95ECC941-10AC-4C71-B91F-565EFA2673D8.thumb.jpeg.f9d8d0a526b22703fd8d8a819325472e.jpeg

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