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  1. Hi Abby, I’m MJ. What are you studying? Hope all is going well.
  2. @Krishna Floisand That is wonderful 🙌🏾💗 I’d be happy to share whatever knowledge I have or guide you towards whatever knowledge you seek. At its core, what do you desire to know about the holistic world?
  3. For us here in AZ: I saw that this board had been inactive for quite some bit of time, and decided to reawaken it with some energy. Are there any current AZ healthcare active here?
  4. Hi All, My name is Michelle. I’m new to Nursa. So far, not having any luck obtaining shifts, however I’ll give it some time. I’m a nurse of 6 years with my specialty being Hospice. I have SNF/LTC as well. My focus is Holistic. I’m a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and am currently working on continuing my education in this field. I look forward to connecting. Per diem supports me while I continue school and community organizing life
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