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Years in Healthcare

  1. Hi! I'm a new nurse - just graduated in April and still looking for employment. I'm gearing towards a night time position so I can start my LPN-RN bridge program next month. Any tips for a new nurse? Everything is appreciated!!!
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Tania, in las Vegas NV. New to the Nursa Community, I am currently working as an RN and have for the last 10 years. Do have a recently reactivated LPN license that had been expired for over 8 years. Decided to activate it as some partial shifts were available for LPNs in my area and it was perfect for what I was looking for. Happy to be here. Currently waiting on approval of my first few shifts. Does it usually take a while to get approve? How soon/late prior to starting the shift do you get approve for the assignment? Thanks Tania
  3. So if “Sara” picks up a shift on Thursday that is for the coming Saturday morning, and I get a SOS text for that same shift Friday night. You gone tell me I’m going to be making the same as “SARA”? This was my first shift picking up on Nursa in over a year! Last time I checked last min shifts got paid more or a bonus! They then turned around and sent a SOS for Sunday morning for a shift that had already started and the pay was THE SAME! 😂 how is Nursa allowing this! I make more money at my regular facility I’m hired at!
  4. I am new to Nursa, quick question, How will I know if the shift I requested is approved or not?
  5. We are looking at how to best optimize notifications within the app. Let us know if you get too much, just enough or not enough notifications. If not enough, first make sure you go to app.nursa.com and make sure you have transactional notifications enabled. Then let us know what you would like to see more of!
  6. For us here in AZ: I saw that this board had been inactive for quite some bit of time, and decided to reawaken it with some energy. Are there any current AZ healthcare active here?
  7. What days do we get paid & how often
  8. Has anyone been able to work shifts in Seattle and Tacoma? I picked up a shift but never got approved feels like those shifts are just there for show, never available whenever I called the facility for approval. I need help, How do you get to work shifts?
  9. Have you ever noticed any prn shifts in wyoming?
  10. How has 2023 treated you? Comment below your favorite thing/memory from this year!
  11. What does it mean when the message says succeeded? Does that mean the facility read the message?
  12. There was a brief thread in July regarding facilities that post shifts but do not respond to clinicians who request them. In my previous post, I mentioned that there are certain facilities that post shifts that are not actually available, and it is misleading to clinicians and ultimately a waste of time. On Tuesday, I requested a posted shift for Friday, 12/08. I informed the scheduler about the shift this morning and included a snippet of her response. As far as I know, the facility is not known for doing this, and I hope it does not become a long-term problem. What measures has NURSA taken to discourage facilities from posting shifts 'just in case'?
  13. What's going on in Arizona NURSA?? All am seeing lately are shifts in Tucson . What about the Phoenix area?
  14. Why don’t these facilities reply back to emails ?
  15. Hi, am I able to pick up shifts in different states if my license is not from that state.
  16. Why do you not inform the Hard working Nurses that you will Freeze our Accounts if your system cancels us for a 24 hour shift. Then we have to cancel because it’s illegal to work for 24 hours?
  17. Is anyone else having issues with the app loading ? Ive uninstalled and re downloaded still it just stays on the same initial screen never loads?
  18. With our newest instant pay feature being live, what questions do you have about it and how it works? What feedback do you have on this feature?
  19. I’ve been w Nursa over 2 years. I loved the competitive hourly pay I used to tell other nurses about it. Now, it’s disheartening to see that Nursa has now incorporated almost same hourly pay across the board for diff licensing. There are no more bonuses now and SOS texts don’t offer incentives like they use to. What happened? I may have to go back to a regular 8-12 hour nursing job. 😭
  20. Hello I’m new to Nursa 🙂 I haven’t been able to work a shift yet thou, hoping the check doesn’t take too much longer, it’s been a few weeks now. desi
  21. I have been attempting to pick up shifts for a while now and I, would like to know is their anyone that has worked in the past week for this company?. Why, I had an incident with a company that allowed us Healthcare lovers to apply and send all credentialing, which ended in being a victim of identity theft, the app didn't work right, the shifts were excused as to why there was a race for being picked, no I e ever responded In a timely fashion and was left with shifts lingering until they knew well enought to just remove them themselves, no one ever replied after that, their was excuses after calling implants were made but never a resolve, call back or a change in the companies way if conducting business... This company was reported to the state and was sanctioned with fines, penalties and completely Shutdown after finding that employees credentials were being used for Identify theft & purchases, the use of their social security numbers being used and the like...I am eager to know if this is a real thriving company because out of my race to get picked with no responses, I would like to know if this was happening to anyone here and if so I will be removing my info and deleting this account. It was also stated that they paid a commentator to send promising messages to employees with concerns and assured them that situations would be resolved and the intentions was to prevent being reported to the state. The app has been removed from the Google app purchaser. Please someone I would like to know at your earliest convenience so I can either await change or delete the account, their are 2 many agencies that assist help and make lives great opposed to be left in limbo and okayed by excuses, Oh especially for NEXXUS NEURO RECOVERY IN CONROE TX, THEY HAVE BEEN TAKEN OF MANY APPS DUE TO THEIR NON COMMUNICATION.
  22. Alix


    A facility marked me as a NCNS when I did in fact arrive for the shift. When I arrived at the facility I was told that they were fully staffed and that I needed to call their scheduler. When I called the person, they told me that they had forgotten to cancel me and that I needed to go home. Somehow, I was then marked as a NCNS by the facility. Despite having screenshots of my calls and texts with the facility scheduler, my account is frozen with Nursa and has been for almost TWO WEEKS. How can this happen when I was the one who was inconvenienced? I arrived for the shift and have proof but Nursa does not believe their clinicians and cuts off our livelihoods instead of resolving the issue. I have been in contact with several “customer service” reps and they have all been less than helpful. I’m hoping by posting on here, I will get someone’s attention who can actually help.
  23. how do I find my paystubs I look in my wallet and all it says is what I have been paid
  24. So I had a shift recently at a facility that had about 5 COVID residents. Myself and another girl also from NURSA were assigned to those rooms. Not a big deal I’ve been caring for COVID patients/residents since it started. One of those residents had pressed their call light. So I asked the girl if she could come help me. She said yes and we proceeded to get all the PPE on. She however did not put the n95 or face shield on. We entered the room the resident stated that she wants everybody to be wearing the n95 and face shield. Which shouldn’t be an issue. This girl began stating well it’s fine than almost started to argue with the resident stating well I think it’s should be my choice. Me being anti conflict tried to offer going out to get her the necessary items. A which point she said well I will just leave than and proceeded to rip of the gown and leave meanwhile the resident began crying out of frustration. Now isn’t it protocol we follow what the facility rules are for a COVID outbreak? This has really been bothering me that someone could act like that and be a CNA caring for residents.
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