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Years in Healthcare

  1. We all forget things on the way to work but what is the one thing you cannot live without?
  2. I often work by myself and just curious about other cna’s. How many residents are you comfortable working with? And how many do you think is too many alone? Include which shift.
  3. As a 1099 worker, taxes can be tricky. We are working on a guide to help you this year with information about receiving your 1099 this year. What questions do you have about how you will receive the form this year or anything you need to do? Drop them below! Note: Nursa cannot offer tax advice; if you need tax advice, or are unsure about your unique tax situation, we recommend reaching out to a tax professional.
  4. We have had this question asked by multiple nurses and want to throw it to the group. When you are working at a facility and feel it is unsafe (for any reason) and are concerned about your license, what do you do?
  5. I feel as though these facilities have free reign,they're able to do whatever they want to us. I've been left in compromising positions so many times I can't even count. Being left alone with 40 plus residents with no help at this place called Western hills in lakewood, being threatened by facilities fir not staying till the late people that work there come, they can even no call/ no show us if they don't like us. No one really suffers but the residents, and all we can do is " Don't book with them." If that's the only place in a decent distance then we just can't make money, when nursa calls they never pick up. They really can do whatever they want, give us the more difficult sides and residents, over work us, I've had my back strained at numerous places unable to find help, because the staff workers take extended breaks up to an hour or more. I wonder what can be done about these facilities, maybe block them for two weeks, ban them from the app, anything?
  6. Who all has done the background check with NURSA/first advantage? why or why not? Did it improve the amount of shifts you received?
  7. Hello to everyone. I want to encourage all my fellow nurses who do not have liability insurance to please get it. Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society, and you want to ensure you are covered.
  8. Guest


    I worked Wednesday, so when do I get paid?
  9. Well this week I requested a shift from Sunday to Saturday and I only got Scheduled 3 days. I’m not understanding how Nursa expects people to make a living when you can’t even get selected for shifts! I have 17yrs experience and can’t even get more than 3days working off this APP. And when I do it’s always the weekends. The days No one wants to work. It would be soooooo beneficial to the many people in my boat if the shifts were first come first serve! I can pick up a shift for Wednesday on a Monday but then someone can pick it up Wednesday and they get the shift while I been waiting in Limbo for 48hrs
  10. Guest

    Indiana peeps!

    Hey everyone! Question: has anyone worked in hospitals in Indiana before? Or do you know someone who has?
  11. Jacque


    Anyone else having problems getting paid
  12. @Laura Hudgins thank you so much for helping me get the answers to my LLC & EIN questions. You always provide the best customer service experience. 😄
  13. I feel if company’s cancel our shift’s they should be held a countable for half day pay it’s not easy to look for a shift to pickup after company’s do this if we are being held a countable when we cancel then so should they or Nursa should give us half day’s pay this need’s to stop start holding all companies a countable we’re loosing money when this happens
  14. Let us know how long you have been working in healthcare and per diem! We have so much experience from all our users 🙂
  15. Hi Everyone! First of all, thank you so much for joining this community! We really want to make this a space that is meaningful for everyone. On that note - we really want to know what resources the Nursa Team can provide and things we can do that is truly helpful to you. What topics, what articles, what workshops are the most interesting and needed? Anything goes here!
  16. One thing I think would be fabulous, and honestly I don’t know if it’s a thing or not, it isn’t for me. But when i log into the app, none of my filters are saved. So I have to go in and specify my license, as well as facility every single time. A bit annoying sometimes. Just a recommendation.
  17. Hi. I've been a cna for 25 years but working in a facility is new to me. I have only done 1 shift for a different company before & it wasn't great. I have a shift tomorrow and am scared senseless. First the facility specified an N95 mask with goggles or a shield. I do not have any of those items. Will the facility provide them? I have always done homecare. So I know nothing of the routines in a facility. I don't even know if I'm to chart on computers, just take my own notes or what not. NO-ONE was pleased at the last place when I said I had only done homemade & they explained nothing to me. So what is my best approach tomorrow so I can get the most info and be most productive
  18. Hello, I live in Nevada and in order to keep your license you have to take a yearly cultural competency test. The test is usually given by the facility you work but since I work for you guys this year. Will you be making the tasks available that we need to keep our license active. If we worked for a facility they would provide it
  19. Hello! I just applied for an LLC as self employed nurse. How should updated my 1099 tax form and put new EIN Tax ID in Nursa App? Sincerely, Ghost
  20. Guest

    Death and taxes

    So as nurses, death is due to be a part of our lives. It would be good to be able to talk about death and how it affects us. There's nobody else that can relate to us than us... Another important topic is taxes. It's important for people, especially New nurses to registry, to plan and be prepared for having to pay them. It can be an overwhelming shock to "do" your taxes and find out that you owe thousands of dollars you probably don't have, due to being independent contractors. My tax accountant recommended paying them quarterly by buying vouchers from the Treasury dept...how does everyone else deal with it?
  21. Ok I can’t be the only one but I miss being able to find shifts within a radius I could set, or sort them by pay. why? Because now when I put in my state, which is Oklahoma, and I live in the southwestern part, the first shifts it shows me are Sallisaw, Barndall, Tulsa, and Sulphur. the first 3 towns there are all over 3 hours from me, in north eastern OK, Sulphur is 108 miles one way east of me. Then I thought we’ll maybe better pay is how it’s sorted? Uh no, sorry I can’t drive 4 hours one way to make $4-10 less per hour. I have to sit through their masses of postings, and mixed in those will be some from OKC but they’re mostly at the bottom. I can drive to OKC in an hour, those shifts are a reasonable distance. The same goes for if I add Texas to the search (I’m licensed there too) it will show me San Antonio, Austin, and Conroe right at the top…all of those are 5-6 hours from me, but Fort Worth? Nope nothing there. Granted it’s a 3 hour drive but being a major metropolitan area, the pay can motivate me to drive that far, and I know people there so if I can get a few shifts, we’ll I have a couch to crash on for a few days. Please change the search function bsck go allowing us to decide how far we are willing to drive for what pay. Fuel isn’t cheap, so I try to stay within an hour of my home unless it’s SOS with a big incentive then I might because the pay covers the fuel.
  22. Clinicians are always faced with the constant fear of losing their license... has there even been a time you thought in the moment you were going to lose it? What happened?
  23. Weekdays or Weekends? Adults only or kids welcome? Small or big event? Have a passion for yoga or golfing? Let's go 🙂
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