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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, Can us clinicians can have a Nursa badge? It would make us more professional and show that we are part of nursa team. Rain LPN
  2. Have you gone official with your gig-work? Do you use LLC's/Corporations as a PRN caregiver? Let us know your experience below!
  3. So I'm wondering as a nurse what you'd need to do to qualify as both a regular working (W2) and a gig worker (form 1099) legally for the IRS working for the same company and if you could do this using Nursa in a variety of different settings. Different departments, different hospitals, different roles ect. Anyone who could share insights on this here I would appreciate it.
  4. As a 1099 worker, taxes can be tricky. We are working on a guide to help you this year with information about receiving your 1099 this year. What questions do you have about how you will receive the form this year or anything you need to do? Drop them below! Note: Nursa cannot offer tax advice; if you need tax advice, or are unsure about your unique tax situation, we recommend reaching out to a tax professional.
  5. The Basics As a clinician user on the Nursa App you are considered an 1099 independent contractor. This means that you may need to track your income and document your expenses because the IRS may require you to file taxes on the amount that Nursa pays you each year. We know filing taxes can be confusing, so here is some basic information and resources to help you navigate the process. DISCLAIMER: Nursa cannot offer tax advice; if you have specific questions, need tax advice, or are unsure about your unique tax situation, we recommend reaching out to a tax professional. The information contained in this guide shall not be considered tax advice. For gig-economy tax information, visit here: www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/manage-taxes-for-your-gig-work Do I receive a 2023 1099-NEC Tax Form? If you earned $600 or more through Nursa in the year 2023, you will receive a 1099 from Nursa. If you earned less than $600, you will not receive a 1099 from Nursa. However, keep in mind that all compensation you may receive through Nursa may be subject to IRS tax laws. Refer to your local state tax laws for more information on reporting income. Things to know about 1099-NEC The 1099-NEC form that is sent to the clinicians is also sent to the IRS About Form 1099-NEC Instructions for Form 1099-NEC How do I receive my 2023 1099 tax form? To receive your 1099, first make sure you have the latest version of the app, then you’ll need to confirm your W-9 information in your Nursa Wallet, and then opt-in to your preferred delivery method – either digitally directly in the Nursa app or a paper copy mailed to you. 1099s will not be emailed for security purposes. If you do not opt-into a digital or paper copy, you will receive a paper copy in the mail by default. If you are unable to access the app for any reason, you will also receive a paper copy in the mail. Important Dates Now - January 15th, 2024: Opt into E-delivery January 15th, 2024: 1099 Available for download in the app January 31st, 2024: If you 1099 form is being mailed to you, it will be postmarked by this date. Please note: If you don’t opt into e-delivery by January 15 2024, we’ll automatically mail your 1099 tax form to the address on file, so it’s critical that your information is current, correct, and complete. You can still update your information in the Nursa App Wallet after mid-January 2024 and download your 1099 electronically. However, you will not be mailed a new paper copy of your 1099 tax form. What do I need to do to ensure I get my 2023 1099? 1. Update to the latest version of the app. 2. Ensure W-9 information and mailing address are up-to-date 3. Confirm how you want to receive you 2023 1099. E-delivery is the fastest, easiest and safest way to receive your 1099. Mail Delivery may take weeks to arrive. FAQs Q: Who receives tax forms from Nursa? A: Clinicians that earned more than $600 in processed payments on the Nursa Platform in 2023 and the IRS. Q: How can I see the exact amount I made with Nursa in 2023? A: While there is no running total, you can access your payment paystubs from 2023 in the app. If you made less than $600 in 2023 you can also complete this request form. Q: What if I made less than $600 in 2023 through Nursa? A: You will not be receiving a 1099 form from Nursa be the end of January 2024. Refer to your local state tax laws for more information on reporting income. Q: If I worked before Dec 31, 2023 but won’t get paid until Jan 1, 2024 or later, will that count towards my 2023 taxes? A: The 1099 and tax year reflect the date you were PAID and not the date you worked a shift. If you were paid on Jan 1, 2024 or after, it will be included in your 2024 1099. Q: How will I receive my tax form? A: You will either receive the form via e-delivery in the app or through the mail. You will need to opt into e-delivery by going to the Nursa Wallet and verifying your information and selecting that you opt-in to e-delivery. Q: What if I have been banned from the app and can no longer log in? A: Nursa has sent out forms to the address on file on January 15th 2023. If you have not received it or you believe the address to be incorrect, you will need to contact the IRS to fill out a 4506T form. Q: Does Nursa withhold taxes from my pay? A: No. When you view shift cards on Nursa and your Nursa paystubs, you see your hourly and total pay without any tax deductions. As an independent contractor, you’re responsible for filing any taxes relevant to your situation and state. Q: I need a 1099 from a previous year (before 2024). How do I get it? A: When you verify your W-9 information and finish, you will be able to access 2023 and previous years 1099 within the Nursa App or contact support. Q: I have another question, who can I ask? A: For reasons related to your specific tax situation, please contact a tax professional as Nursa cannot provide tax advice. For general questions and troubleshooting, take a look at our Community Articles or get in touch with Nursa Support.
  6. Hello to everyone. I want to encourage all my fellow nurses who do not have liability insurance to please get it. Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society, and you want to ensure you are covered.
  7. Guest

    Death and taxes

    So as nurses, death is due to be a part of our lives. It would be good to be able to talk about death and how it affects us. There's nobody else that can relate to us than us... Another important topic is taxes. It's important for people, especially New nurses to registry, to plan and be prepared for having to pay them. It can be an overwhelming shock to "do" your taxes and find out that you owe thousands of dollars you probably don't have, due to being independent contractors. My tax accountant recommended paying them quarterly by buying vouchers from the Treasury dept...how does everyone else deal with it?
  8. I truly love working agency, and courious - What is your response when a facility's HR or even D.O.N tries to recruit and offer you a job or tries to have you fill out an application? I am very new to TX, so I kind of have a quick easy response as "I'm new to TX I'm not quite settled in just yet, I really like working agency, with the flexibility also it gives me opportunity to see how facilities are ran, how the team works together and how well the residents are truly being taken care of by the facility as a whole. "
  9. Guest

    Name badges

    I feel it is imperative that Nursa begin to send us name badges as our patients have the right to know our name and position. I have tried ordering one, but the company I was using wanted authorization from Nursa to use the logo, which is understandable.
  10. What does it look like at the end of the year working as a Independent contractor?
  11. We know you are out there doing amazing things and we want to hear about it and help you show it off! Throw your side hustle in the comments below we'll feature you in the Nursa Blog just like we did for Faith Harvey and her awesome custom badge business. 👏
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