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  1. This is a good app but allot of the staffing from facilities don't know what they want and that's not ok. I say this because I have requested 5 shifts from one facility all for the same day. I requested these shifts about a week ago, and 3 of them are for day two are for night. It's 1pm and the facility still hasn't done it's due diligence to say the shifts I requested for the day have been filled and I can assume correctly that my night request will not give me a notice. Why is this ok? I just don't get what is the point of saying you want help if you don't need it? I think a time limited request would help because these facilities are just fooling around with people's time and expectations and that's not ok.
  2. I just want to let ya'll know that despite of my relationship with NURSA (either good or bad), I'm still Thankful to be with this company. From CNA's, Nurses and to all NURSA staff, team and management. I want to extend my arms and say Thank you for being supportive, for providing us a competitive rate that other agencies could not match. Happy Turkey Day ya'll as well! One Love, Rain
  3. Hello I’m new to Nursa 🙂 I haven’t been able to work a shift yet thou, hoping the check doesn’t take too much longer, it’s been a few weeks now. desi
  4. Is anyone else having issues with the app loading ? Ive uninstalled and re downloaded still it just stays on the same initial screen never loads?
  5. With our newest instant pay feature being live, what questions do you have about it and how it works? What feedback do you have on this feature?
  6. Hi everyone. I'm new to Nursa as of this week. I’ll be work has cma
  7. I have been attempting to pick up shifts for a while now and I, would like to know is their anyone that has worked in the past week for this company?. Why, I had an incident with a company that allowed us Healthcare lovers to apply and send all credentialing, which ended in being a victim of identity theft, the app didn't work right, the shifts were excused as to why there was a race for being picked, no I e ever responded In a timely fashion and was left with shifts lingering until they knew well enought to just remove them themselves, no one ever replied after that, their was excuses after calling implants were made but never a resolve, call back or a change in the companies way if conducting business... This company was reported to the state and was sanctioned with fines, penalties and completely Shutdown after finding that employees credentials were being used for Identify theft & purchases, the use of their social security numbers being used and the like...I am eager to know if this is a real thriving company because out of my race to get picked with no responses, I would like to know if this was happening to anyone here and if so I will be removing my info and deleting this account. It was also stated that they paid a commentator to send promising messages to employees with concerns and assured them that situations would be resolved and the intentions was to prevent being reported to the state. The app has been removed from the Google app purchaser. Please someone I would like to know at your earliest convenience so I can either await change or delete the account, their are 2 many agencies that assist help and make lives great opposed to be left in limbo and okayed by excuses, Oh especially for NEXXUS NEURO RECOVERY IN CONROE TX, THEY HAVE BEEN TAKEN OF MANY APPS DUE TO THEIR NON COMMUNICATION.
  8. how do I find my paystubs I look in my wallet and all it says is what I have been paid
  9. Read the below 📄 Nurse Community How-Tos 📄 to learn how to use the Nursa Community, ordered from simplest to complex. Important note: Your community account has the same login information, but is separate from your Nursa app account. If you are looking for information around shift specifics please open the Nursa App on your phone or go to app.nursa.com or contact our support team. How-to create your Nursa Community Account To have a Nursa Community account, you must have a Nursa App Login You can create your account by signing into community.nursa.com and following the prompts to create an account or login using your Nursa credentials Add a Display name Click “Create My Account” How-To Login to Your Nursa Community Account Login into Community account by going to Community.nursa.com Click “Community” Tab within the Nursa App Platform How-To Change Your Community Username Click here to message the Community Admin Click “Message” Provide the username you would like to change How-To Add or Change your Profile Pictures Click your profile icon in the top right Your profile will automatically be the first letters in your Display Name. To edit, click the purple image button Upload your desired profile photo making sure to follow community Code of Conduct How-To Search Search on Mobile Click the magnifying glass Begin your search by typing your key words / terms in search box You can scroll down for a more refined search result by content type, specific discussion forums, date specific and more. Search on Desktop Click “Search” in the top right Begin your search by typing your key words / terms in search box If you are looking in a specific area (Events, Clinician Articles, etc.), you can use the “Everywhere” Dropdown to specify Advanced Search Click the magnifying glass Below the search you can scroll down for a more refined search result by tags, author, content type, specific discussion forums, date specific, member search and more. How-To Attend an Event RSVP to Future Event Go to the Menu Icon in the top right corner or see “Events” at the top of the homepage Click “Events” Scroll down to see upcoming Events Select the event and click “Register Today!” Previous Events Go to Topics Drop down Select “Replays” Scroll through topics How-To React to a Post or Comment Navigate to post or comment you would like to react to Hover over or click the bottom right corner of the post or comment and choose a relevant reaction How-To Comment Navigate to the post you would like to comment on Scroll to bottom where you see “Reply to this Topic” Type response in comment box Click “Submit Reply” If you see private information posted, please report the post to the moderator How-To Ask a New Question On the Homepage, select or on mobile. Select to create new “Topic” Under “Community” Select “General Questions” Click “Continue” Add your question in the first text entry box, make sure to use a “?” Add more context to your question in the second, larger text entry box Optionally select “Add Tags” to add relevant tags making your post more discoverable Enable “Follow Topic” to be alerted of responses to your question Click “Submit Question” If you see private information posted, please report the post to the moderator How-To Start a Group Discussion On the Homepage, select or on mobile. 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Hover over the three dots on the right top corner and click edit How-To Mention a User In the post or comment, type “@” and the first letter, (at the minimum) of the username of the user you would like to mention Select the username you would like in the corresponding dropdown list of usernames Once properly mentioned, it will turn blue to notify the mentioned user How-To Quote a User To quote the whole post Select on the bottom of the post or reply Then this notification will pop up You can select additional posts to quote Click “Quote 1 Post” (the number will match the number of quotes you clicked to quote) The quote will auto populate in the text box below. 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How-To Set up Notifications Navigate to your profile and click the icon Select “Notification Settings” You can go through different notification settings and check if you you want to receive notifications through email and or the notification list in the community Settings will automatically save when selected or deselected How-To Follow (subscribe) Specific Content See above how to follow content by a specific author To follow content anywhere, you can locate the icon Select how you would like to receive notifications on followed content To unfollow, simply click the follow icon again and select “unfollow” You can adjust notifications by click on the icon and scrolling to “Followed Content” Up Next: Resource Overview 👉
  10. I have requested COUNTLESS shifts from the app with multiple facilities around Las Vegas and have yet to be successfully booked with anyone. I have uploaded all the required documentation and everything they need. So what do I do.
  11. Hosted by Krishna Floisand, Community Manager Check out this week's Q&A session, Krishna and Mornique discussed topics ranging from how to submit documents, challenges in-home care, facility response to shift requests, the upcoming Nursa Direct feature, shift availability, future improvements, a shift duration reporting issue, and challenges faced by clinicians, emphasizing the need for local clinician groups and mentorship programs. Browse through the questions and transcript below. Have feedback on this session? Want to suggest future group coaching topics? Let us know! Questions Answered Q1: How do I submit my documents? Q2: Is Nursa going to start doing home health care? Q3: What happens if a facility doesn't respond to a shift request even right before the shift? Q4: How can we reduce the need for constant checking of the app? Q5: Have you had any experience with Nursa Direct? Q6: Mornique, what challenges do you encounter as a CNA? Q7: How can I connect with clinicians in my area? Q8: How do I prefer to connect with other clinicians? Transcript Krishna: Hi there, everyone! Today we have Mornique with us for our weekly Q&A session. We've received some questions in advance, so we'll address those and have a discussion. Mornique, would you like to introduce yourself? Mornique: Sure! I'm Mornique, part of the Nursa community. I've been a CNA for three years, and I recently moved to Colorado. Krishna: Mornique is great. She was with us in Texas and recently moved to Colorado. She's starting her QMAP journey and just got her CNA license transferred over to Colorado. So now we'll start getting shifts there too, right? Mornique: Yes, absolutely! 1️⃣ [00:01:37] [Krishna] Great! Let's dive into the questions that were submitted in advance. Someone asked, "How do I submit my documents?" Mornique, you had experience with this, right? [Mornique] Yes, indeed. To submit your documents, you'll want to click the blue plus button at the top of the app. Then, select "add healthcare license" if you're adding another healthcare license, or go to "credentials" and upload your documents there. It's pretty straightforward. [Krishna] Excellent! The blue plus button is the key. 2️⃣ [00:03:03] [Krishna] Now, Mornique, have you ever done home care before? [Mornique] Yes, I recently started my journey into home care here in Colorado. [Krishna] Someone asked if Nursa could offer home care services. What's your take on that? [Mornique] Yeah, I'm curious 'cause I mean I don't know home care is, there's a lot of need for it, but I think from a standpoint like, I mean agencies usually never, usually it's like a company that has on-call. I think we've tried on-call shifts before but they've been a little bit difficult. Yeah, I think that it would be more contract, I would use that word. Contracts. Just those, you know, if you're doing private home care, they want someone familiar, especially if they're opening up their home. [Krishna]A good idea though. Good suggestion. [Mornique] I know it's a good idea, especially since a lot of facilities also maybe have a home care division or, or whatever it may be there too. [Krishna] Home care can be challenging due to the need for reliable caregivers. It might be a good idea to explore this further and gather input from the community. [Mornique] That makes sense. Home care comes with its own set of challenges. 3️⃣ [00:03:53] [Krishna] Now, another question: "What happens if a facility doesn't respond to a shift request even right before the shift?" [Mornique] If the facility doesn't respond, you can remove the request from your schedule. Last-minute cancellations and lack of responses can be common, but it's part of the PRN world. [Krishna] That's good advice. Now, how long do you usually wait before removing a request if it hasn't been responded to? [Mornique] Generally, I remove a request about two hours before the shift unless it's a last-minute shift. You don't want to risk double-booking or missing out on other opportunities. [Krishna] Got it! It's essential to manage your requests effectively. 4️⃣ [00:10:00] [Krishna] Now, Mornique, we're curious about your thoughts on improving the app. How can we reduce the need for constant checking of the app? [Mornique] Notifications could help, but we also need to be mindful not to overload users with notifications. Keeping profiles up-to-date is crucial. People have different preferences for how they use the app, so it's a balancing act. [Krishna] True, everyone has their own approach. 5️⃣ [00:11:30] [Krishna] I know, today we're asking everyone about Nursa Direct. Our team is working on it, and it's coming soon to more markets. However, it's still in the testing phase. To qualify for Nursa Direct, there are a few requirements. Monique, you've looked into this, right? [Mornique] To qualify for Nursa Direct, you typically need to work your first three shifts consecutively, complete check-ins, and submit shift reports promptly. It's an exciting development! [Krishna] Right, and you also need to check in when you arrive and complete the shift report within a specific time after your shift ends. These are good habits to develop so you can qualify for Nursa Direct when it launches. There might be a few other things, but it's coming soon. Once it's fully launched, we'll make sure everyone knows because people have been requesting it. [Krishna] Exactly, it's funny because other players in this field have done something similar. They started with weekly pay, then moved to twice a week, and eventually daily or instant pay. We're a bit behind, but we're getting there. One reason it's taken time is because we want to iron out the bugs. One issue is when you're asked to stay an extra hour or two at a facility. On the shift report, you mark the extra hours, but for instant pay, it currently disqualifies you if it doesn't match within 20 minutes of your shift time. However, 100% of the time, those extra hours are later verified by the facility. So, we're fixing that issue. [Mornique] That's frustrating. I've experienced that before. [Krishna] That's why we're testing and fixing it. It's getting resolved. [Mornique] That's great news because even before Nursa Direct, I had to stay for a full extra shift of eight hours, and the Nursa app would move that shift report to an admin report, waiting for Nursa and the facility to verify. [Krishna] It becomes a back-and-forth process. We're working on reducing the time it takes to verify so clinicians aren't penalized for helping out a facility, especially at the last minute. 6️⃣ [00:15:44] [Krishna] Mornique, what challenges do you encounter as a CNA? [Mornique]Yeah, no that's okay. A lot of the challenge is that like I personally would face is you know, the lack of supplies sometimes the miscommunication with residents schedules or meal nutrition, dietary. So it's just, I wanna hear from others as well what challenges they face because sometimes it could be, you know, as simple as I struggle with transferring someone just because of coordinating our bodies and getting our feet in the right position between theirs. I'm excited to hear and I know I think these will be great questions for the community along with the Facebook group. 7️⃣ [00:16:47] [Krishna] Yeah, that's right. We're working on something new. Right now, we have our central community at community.nursa.com, but we want to make it more localized. We'll have separate communities for different areas. In these local groups, you'll find clinicians who know your area and managers who oversee those regions. This way, you can get more specific advice. You see, different regions have different challenges. Some places have too many clinicians, so not everyone gets shifts. Others have facilities but struggle to find clinicians with their licenses uploaded, you know? [Mornique] So it depends on where you are. That's why we're creating these local groups. We might even set up mentorship programs or other support systems at the local level. A lot of folks are looking for guidance, like where to get certifications or training. They ask questions like, "Where can I renew my CPR?" or "Who can help me with this?" So having local connections will be great. Especially in states with a high demand for Nursa, where facilities post multiple shifts. If we have mentors or a database to connect with local clinicians, we can coordinate our shifts, share tips, and even introduce new folks to the team. It's a fantastic idea! Portland Facebook Group (expanding to Pacific Northwest Clinicians) Illinois Facebook Group Interested in helping create your own local group? Interest Form 8️⃣ [00:18:26] [Krishna] Mornique, how would you prefer to connect with other clinicians in your area? Would you like to have a directory on the community site, community.nursa.com, where you can find clinicians with the same license? Or would you rather be introduced to someone once you get started, like, "Hey, here's another CNA in your area, feel free to reach out." Or maybe you have another idea for connecting with local clinicians? [Mornique] This online approach is new for us. Back in Texas, we used to network in person. We'd meet at facilities and bump into each other frequently. That's how we built our connections. [Krishna] Yeah, and then you'd exchange numbers and all that, right? [Mornique] [Speaker 0] Exactly. But with the Nursa community launching, I started directing everyone there. It's not just a great place for local connections; you get insights from nurses all over, not just in our area. [Krishna] The community is fantastic. [Mornique] It sure is. I want to help it grow. We can talk about Nursa-related stuff, but also about thriving as a PRN clinician in this challenging field. There are strikes, work conditions, and professionals fighting for better environments. [Krishna] Yeah, work conditions. [Mornique] PRN offers flexibility. Many people choose it because they aren't tied down to a single facility. [Krishna] Exactly, it provides freedom and flexibility. [Mornique] Let's share this on the community and gather input and comments on various problems, whether they're related to Nursa, healthcare, or the profession. I'd love to dive deeper into these topics and hear how people are dealing with them. Thank you for your questions, and if you have more, please feel free to ask. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! We'll be here to assist you. Goodbye!
  12. -I am ready to start work tonight at the LandmarkSouth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as a Clinician and would like to ensure that all pertinent documents are submitted to begin. Terry Terrell
  13. Hello Oregon RNs! I'm an RN with experience in Acute Care only and looking to get started working in ALF/SNFs. Can anyone recommend a good facility to pick up a shift and get some quick form of orientation (or at least decent instructions) as to what are the expectations of me as an RN in these facilities. I'm mostly concerned about the charting because I imagine they use different platforms than EPIC? If anyone has any useful info please feel free to share ❤️ Thanks so much!
  14. I just signed up with Nursa and have requested plenty of shifts. My question is where will I see the notification that a shift has been accepted? There's a facility that was looking for people but I never got accepted and there post is still up requesting right now. So does that mean it was filled and I'm just not made aware?
  15. I finished a shift yesterday and downloaded my shift report. The download consisted of all my credentials. What am I supposed to do with the download now? There's no instructions on what to do with it. And there's a glitch that happens after downloading that when I reopen my app it goes straight to the download shift report link again (pretty frustrating).
  16. Congrats on that first shift @Heatherjens! How did it go?? Anything you wished you knew before starting? Do I see another one scheduled soon? 🙂
  17. It's been a while since I have used this app, and I picked up my first shift yesterday. There are a handful of facilities listing shifts as far out as one month, and I can guarantee that these shifts are not currently available. This is misleading to clinicians who pick up shifts, waiting for an answer but will never get one. My thought is that facilities should be required to pay a fee when posting shifts and if the shift is filled, perhaps the fee can be deducted from their payment.
  18. I am trying to book a shift in texas but I don't see any shift. Does this app work in Houston Texas. Please help
  19. I'm working at the Allegiant facility in mesa today but their check in doesn't have a specific option for Nursa so I didn't check in they know I'm here so I'm guessing I just won't check in?
  20. Why is it so difficult to obtain shifts through Nursa from LA to the bay it seems impossible
  21. Are your requests sitting there for too long, not getting scheduled? Which facilities are slower to respond? How long do you normally have to wait?
  22. Are your requests sitting there for too long, not getting scheduled? Which facilities are slower to respond? How long do you normally have to wait?
  23. Great app. Love how I can look at available shifts and pay and request for a shift from my phone. The only issue I have is that it's very glitchy. I set my preferences and it still gives me facilities that are in another state. Also, would be great to add more acute care facilities in Colorado.
  24. I have to filter in my license every single time I get on the app and search for a shift. Is anyone having this issue?
  25. What is Getting Started Fridays? Every Friday we will highlight a Nursa feature and it will include a description, relevant support pages, videos, blogs, and related community content. The goal of this weekly series is to help users find resources related to the topic. Important note: for urgent questions please contact our Support Team. Getting Started Fridays | July 6, 2023 You have your license uploaded, you can view shifts... but now what? You are now ready to request shifts but to increase your chances, we would recommend adding all essential credentials. Essential credentials are: (1) COVID - 19 Vaccine Card (2) CPR/First Aid (3) Government-issued ID These are the credentials most facilities will look for you to have uploaded in your profile. Support Articles: Relevant Topics:
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