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  1. Who all has done the background check with NURSA/first advantage? why or why not? Did it improve the amount of shifts you received?
  2. I just want to give a shout out to Leonardo. He was able to fix an issue that I was having with the app for quite sometime. Thank you!🎉
  3. How to request a job again once you got the are you in the shift message.
  4. Well this week I requested a shift from Sunday to Saturday and I only got Scheduled 3 days. I’m not understanding how Nursa expects people to make a living when you can’t even get selected for shifts! I have 17yrs experience and can’t even get more than 3days working off this APP. And when I do it’s always the weekends. The days No one wants to work. It would be soooooo beneficial to the many people in my boat if the shifts were first come first serve! I can pick up a shift for Wednesday on a Monday but then someone can pick it up Wednesday and they get the shift while I been waiting in Limbo for 48hrs
  5. You no longer will need to search through ALL the shifts to find your favorite facilities. View all of the shifts at your favorite facilities then filter further for your wanted shifts. Learn more about the new feature here and let us know what questions you have below!
  6. One thing I think would be fabulous, and honestly I don’t know if it’s a thing or not, it isn’t for me. But when i log into the app, none of my filters are saved. So I have to go in and specify my license, as well as facility every single time. A bit annoying sometimes. Just a recommendation.
  7. I was requested via text from a facility to work 6A-6p on the 16th. it was nearly a $500/shift, but because I cancelled the prior week I wasn’t able to accept the shift via Nursa app. Their staffer had stated that they would submit my time/rate and bonus of $50. I pick up quite a bit of shifts at this facility and wonder if any other clinicians have experienced this situation.
  8. Starting today, 10/1/22 you can cancel a shift up to 3 times in 30 day period before getting suspended. It's a very bitter sweet feeling for me, that was the number one thing I loved about Nursa. That really separated Nursa from other platforms. They hold their clinicians accountable. (No I didn't cancel my shift, to find out was talking with another Nursa teamate then called Nursa support my self.)
  9. Hello Nursa! My app gives me certain shift notifications that are not up to date (like it notifies me most shifts that was already done from previous days) and the shifts that was supposed to be canceled and filled are still showing on the list that still available. Also, I would like to go back for getting paid every week (every Thurs) instead of getting paid 2x per week of pay. For me, I'm able to track better on how much I make and also preferred to get paid huge sum of money every week. Thank you, Rain
  10. Hello! I just applied for an LLC as self employed nurse. How should updated my 1099 tax form and put new EIN Tax ID in Nursa App? Sincerely, Ghost
  11. Ok I can’t be the only one but I miss being able to find shifts within a radius I could set, or sort them by pay. why? Because now when I put in my state, which is Oklahoma, and I live in the southwestern part, the first shifts it shows me are Sallisaw, Barndall, Tulsa, and Sulphur. the first 3 towns there are all over 3 hours from me, in north eastern OK, Sulphur is 108 miles one way east of me. Then I thought we’ll maybe better pay is how it’s sorted? Uh no, sorry I can’t drive 4 hours one way to make $4-10 less per hour. I have to sit through their masses of postings, and mixed in those will be some from OKC but they’re mostly at the bottom. I can drive to OKC in an hour, those shifts are a reasonable distance. The same goes for if I add Texas to the search (I’m licensed there too) it will show me San Antonio, Austin, and Conroe right at the top…all of those are 5-6 hours from me, but Fort Worth? Nope nothing there. Granted it’s a 3 hour drive but being a major metropolitan area, the pay can motivate me to drive that far, and I know people there so if I can get a few shifts, we’ll I have a couch to crash on for a few days. Please change the search function bsck go allowing us to decide how far we are willing to drive for what pay. Fuel isn’t cheap, so I try to stay within an hour of my home unless it’s SOS with a big incentive then I might because the pay covers the fuel.
  12. Just curious if Nursa is working on a daily pay option? Nurseio, Intely and ShiftMed all offer daily pay this seems to be the only app that doesn’t. I’ve seen a lot requests and/or comments about this topic. Thank you.
  13. Hey there, I was wondering how I can get jobs on this app? I have tried getting a couple and have been denied over and over. Any suggestions?
  14. Tried to just put Utah but I still get other States
  15. Would like to request the feature for saving notes associated with different facilities. Specifically with all the usernames/passwords/codes etc. I'd like to be able to keep that information in one place and in the app would be ideal. In addition, to be able to note what kind of MAR they use and add little FYI's/notes about where to find things etc. What system do other people use to keep track of this kind of information
  16. Please make some Nursa scrubs...it would make us feel like we belong in a world where we are the outsiders.
  17. Hello! I'm just curious what happened to twice weekly pay, when will that start, or if it has already then why it isn’t showing up for me on the app.
  18. Is there a way we can see how facilities rate us. I think it would be good to see I always try to bring my A game. But there is always room to improve so feed back from facility would be nice.
  19. Is there a way for support to see if any comments were left by the facility that had rated the clinician?
  20. How long does the background check take? I would like to start picking up shifts but have been waiting on this credential. Thanks.
  21. Why am I seeing shifts from other States beside Utah it's a little annoying
  22. Please Allow Daily Pay!!!! It hurts us to have to wait two weeks to be paid! Please allow your hardworking employees Daily pay so while we work so hard we can have access to our earned income immediately. Thank you so much!
  23. Ever since I did the new update two days ago I have not been able to see any notifications, on the app or using my cellphone internet browser. I was lucky to have access to a desk top and finally then was able to see my notifications to end my shift report. They said many clinicians are calling in with the same issue and they are working on it. But if you do request a shift. You will need to keep checking "schedule " to see if you got approved don't want a NCNS ! Then ask the facility to fill out their shift report so it get sooner if you're unable to do your end shift report. I just put in two request for the 5th. I had also reached out to the facility and told them the issue Nursa is experiencing on the clinicians side, to please reach out and let me know if I get approved.
  24. I was working Saturday night, I was passing my pills all a sudden a nurse came over and sent me home for some reason without any explanation. I also spoke with the DON, I feel as though she also gave me the run around too. I need to work. she did not tell me, what the complaint was.I can pick up shifts again she said (but heaven knows when that willI be). just don't know when I aynd I need to work. She has removed me from the particular facility(for now) I spoke with the Don the and she said I could can pick up shifts, at that facility but I don't know if that is the case(I hope it is)happened that night. I'm wondering if anyone can help me I'm feeling very sad and hurt right now. Has this happened to anyone else
  25. Hi, I'm newish to the app and was thinking about picking up long term care shifts. Does anyone have any advice as to what to expect, how to physically or mentally prepare, etc...
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