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  1. Anna j


    I need help verifying my license
  2. What is Getting Started Fridays? Every Friday we will highlight a Nursa feature and it will include a description, relevant support pages, videos, blogs, and related community content. The goal of this weekly series is to help users find resources related to the topic. Important note: for urgent questions please contact our Support Team. Getting Started Fridays | July 6, 2023 You have your license uploaded, you can view shifts... but now what? You are now ready to request shifts but to increase your chances, we would recommend adding all essential credentials. Essential credentials are: (1) COVID - 19 Vaccine Card (2) CPR/First Aid (3) Government-issued ID These are the credentials most facilities will look for you to have uploaded in your profile. Support Articles: Relevant Topics:
  3. So I receive notifications via text message about upcoming shifts. when I go to click on the link it says the address is invalid. When I got to look up the facility in the Nursa app it doesn’t pop up does anybody have any tips or know why? Should I try to a different internet server
  4. Usually I check my phone throughout the night to see if I am scheduled for a shift. This time I was not schedule, I slept, woke at 9am and found out I was scheduled 1 hr prior to shift start. And I was placed on a block acct after contacting the facility informing them that I did not get a notification and that i could be there in 30mins. Usually I don't belly ache about things, but this angered me. Due to the fact that there should be a time when it is allow to schedule prior to the beginning of a shift. Just like when facilities wants a 2 hr notice of cancelations. Why not return the courtesy? But by day 4 of this info my acct will be reviewed with nursa supervisors and hopefully be restored. This was my first time experience and I think it is silly. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. Hello and Good Morning to our Community! It has recently come to my attention that a few users are adding credentials and important identification docs here under their profile. PLEASE DO NOT ADD THEM IN THE COMMUNITY! This is for your safety as they will be public if you post them on your profile here. You will want to revert back to the app (or by going to app.nursa.com) to add your credentials not here in the community. This is a serious privacy risk and I don't want anyone to share private info publicly. If you see anything that is private info, please report it. I will moderate the best I can. Thank you all! Have a great week 🙂
  6. wondering why is all the shift coming back as filled is it just me
  7. That's what I was told yesterday. They said that it's because Nursa is raising their rates...Are you kidding me?!?!? I have built up a rapport with this facility to where they verify my shift immediately after working it, they notify me that shifts are posted, and I communicate with the management team on a day by day bases to assist in making the facility a better place to work at...everything has been going great. Why fix what was not broken? Your greed to make more money off of my labor has resulted in no more shifts scheduled here and no more money from this facility. Who decides this??? You aren't making enough money from us already???? How do you justify the rise in rates ???? Please fix this...if not, i for one will be forced into becoming core staff...i am outraged!!!
  8. How does Nursa support and helps us when Facilities schedule us for 12 hours than when you get here they tell you to do showers only, I’m almost done in total maybe 6 hours. Another Nursa contractor told me they sent her home early too since she was done with showers. I got an Uber for $47 dollars to get here and more than likely another $47 to go back home. After setting aside for taxes x2 since we get taxed double I’m left with technically nothing! It’s upsetting that we are being taken advantage of! Especially since facilities are paying less than $30 now. SMH! I can’t even request new shifts since I was supposed to stay until 6pm the Nursa app doesn’t let me!
  9. Pay needs to be deposited all at once. There has to be a better way.
  10. Why aren't there anybody in here talking about the banking situation!?!?? We need updates not just "you will get paid soon as possible and it's not our faults.its not us that can't pay" It certainly is you that aren't paying.i provided a service...they didn't provide a service...what is the back up plan?
  11. I worked for nursa until while catching a patient while falling I caught her but at the same time I injured my backck and foot! I filled a workman's comp which is my 1st one I've ever filled in my life!!! I was told by workman's comp nursa said they've never heard of me don't have my social security number and that I'd had never worked for them! It clearly states nursa has workman's comp! This is not my only problem I've had my account frozen with no wrong doing of my own! Because of a background check, for threatening wage and hourly division, & for wanting to get paid for shifts that I had c worked!! Don't waste urvtime wofking here! Their fraud and I'm now going to a lawyer to settle this cause I'm tired of nursa not giving a crap their crooked to me!¡!
  12. Welcome to the new year. What new goals or current goals you are going to continue doing? Work or personal! Drop it below👇 Me personally, I am working on getting 64 oz of water and spending 30 minutes a day with my 2 year old 🙂
  13. I had picked up a shift that was over a hour away, when I got there they had put me in a COVID section. I had talked to the coordinator about not working that hall and asked if they could move me to a hall that does not have COVID. Long story short she told me 'I don't know what to tell you, I'll repost and find someone else to work the shift' I have 7 autoimmune diseases, I won't pick up shifts that has the 'COVID' tag. My body is already attacking its self daily, I don't want nor need to add to it if I'm able to avoid it. Which I can not avoid if the facilities ARE NOT ADDING THE COVID TAG TO THEIR POSTINGS. I lost out not only on 335 dollars, but I drove over an hour to work just for me to have to turn around. AFTER being there for an hour trying to figure out other solutions for me to stay. So I wasted at least 3 and half hours of my time for their lack of requirements as of facility posting. Which I did not get paid for my time, even though it was not my error, nor my lack of trying.
  14. I'm not sure what else I need to get past this to start can someone help me
  15. I had a facility call me to see if I was interested in a shift they said it was posted on nursa. I looked on the app and website I didn’t see it. I called directly to nursa and they tried to help. I was disappointed because how many shifts have been missed? The reps are very supportive but things were never fixed infact they’re worse I’m luck if see 3-4 shifts now. Never had this problem til this past summer when they made changes.
  16. I use to love this app but here lately it’s been impossible to get shifts and facilities cancel you when you want send you home when they want and expect you to show up and be happy because you got a shift and can block you anytime they want I’m about to be done for a little while because it isn’t fair that they can do that and you have no reason why
  17. Nursa is wonderful but you , changing the app so frequently is confusing and unprofessional! Wish you guy would figure one system out and leave it!
  18. I feel as though these facilities have free reign,they're able to do whatever they want to us. I've been left in compromising positions so many times I can't even count. Being left alone with 40 plus residents with no help at this place called Western hills in lakewood, being threatened by facilities fir not staying till the late people that work there come, they can even no call/ no show us if they don't like us. No one really suffers but the residents, and all we can do is " Don't book with them." If that's the only place in a decent distance then we just can't make money, when nursa calls they never pick up. They really can do whatever they want, give us the more difficult sides and residents, over work us, I've had my back strained at numerous places unable to find help, because the staff workers take extended breaks up to an hour or more. I wonder what can be done about these facilities, maybe block them for two weeks, ban them from the app, anything?
  19. I just want to give a shout out to Leonardo. He was able to fix an issue that I was having with the app for quite sometime. Thank you!🎉
  20. @Laura Hudgins thank you so much for helping me get the answers to my LLC & EIN questions. You always provide the best customer service experience. 😄
  21. How do you navigate difficult conversations with hospital administration that may be difficult to work with, or struggle seeing nurses' perspectives?
  22. Tried to just put Utah but I still get other States
  23. After checking the site for shifts, if I fail to find something I can request, I keep my eyes on the "notifications" to see what new needs come along. Unfortunately, the way they are currently set up they don't show what shift (day, evening, night/NOC) in the notification itself, meaning I have to look at them all just to see if the time works for me or not. Mostly not. It can also get flooded with notifications if I'm away for a while. (I ran errands earlier for 1 hour and there were 50 in there when I got back, 49 for the same facility, and 1 for a separate facility!) And while I have a "mark all as read" option, there isn't an option to "clear" them all. And if I don't click directly ON the X, it takes me back to the details. Huge waste of my time sometimes! What's truly irritating is that I've set up my shift filters to show a group of particular facilities, as well as my license and state, and checking the details wipes all of that out. It takes me quite a bit of searching to find all the different facilities (approx 40 facilities) and rebuild my shift preferences via the filters, only to have it destroyed so easily! So my suggestions are a "clear all" as well as the mark as read, and including the shift time within the notification itself as well as the date. And it would also help if once you DID view a facility from within the notifications, the notification would either vanish, or change from unread to read or to viewed. I also agree with the other post regarding incorporating a distance perimeter setting.
  24. Guest

    Stuff you MUST know

    Ive been working agency most of my 25 year career as a lpn and a cna prior to that. I have come to know there are a handful of MUST knows to be successful as visiting staff... 1. where is the bathroom 2. what are the codes for: A. Getting out the door B. Getting back in the door C. Dirty utility room D. Central supply 3. the address where you are (if calling 911, they always ask...even though Im sure they can trace the call) As a nurse, I will start my medpass in the narcotic book. I will flag all the scheduled pain pills and look over the prn...when was the last time they got one and when can they have it next. I always have my smile on as part if my uniform. A smile can do so much.
  25. Hi there, When NURSA claims to pay clinicians out every Friday, this is extremely misleading. This app promotes an idea that we can pick up shifts & also be paid for them within the same week. Now I’m hearing from other clinicians who have picked up shifts, that they are always paid the FOLLOWING Friday. This ultimately means that we are paid every Friday on the sole condition that we pick up NURSA shifts EVERY week. This is very misleading & extremely dishonest communication. This app needs to be transparent about pay days/times/periods, especially during recession like times that we are all currently experiencing. Many of us clinicians already work full time but will or are wanting to pick up through NURSA as a side gig for quick money. Please do better. Clinicians are done being taken advantage of & lied to within healthcare. We want to see something refreshing, with safe staffing & complete transparency. You have the power to do this. Please be that change.
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