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Years in Healthcare

  1. Does anyone else keep an extra pair of scrubs in their car so if they get dirty on shift or just to have a handy pair?? I ALWAYS keep an extra pair of scrubs on me 🙈 What are some other items you keep handy on you?
  2. HOSPITAL NEWBIES! What can be the scariest/most intimidating thing for you when you are working at a new hospital??
  3. Guest

    Stuff you MUST know

    Ive been working agency most of my 25 year career as a lpn and a cna prior to that. I have come to know there are a handful of MUST knows to be successful as visiting staff... 1. where is the bathroom 2. what are the codes for: A. Getting out the door B. Getting back in the door C. Dirty utility room D. Central supply 3. the address where you are (if calling 911, they always ask...even though Im sure they can trace the call) As a nurse, I will start my medpass in the narcotic book. I will flag all the scheduled pain pills and look over the prn...when was the last time they got one and when can they have it next. I always have my smile on as part if my uniform. A smile can do so much.
  4. Hey guys! I am a CNA and I would love to know your guys tips and ticks on finding a good facility to pick up at and what you look for before you request shifts.. Any help would be great!
  5. Is there anything you do at the hospitals you work at to combat frustrating administration that won't listen to their nurses' needs?
  6. I was riding in the backseat completely sleep deprived and I asked a question to my father in law who was driving and that's the last thing I remember.... I fell asleep immediately after asking it and woke up to my wife and father in law laughing hysterically at me. It was a two second answer to my question and then it was just crickets from me.
  7. We all know that nursing shifts are long and tiring. Between running around answering call lights or grabbing meds for patients, we know you do it all. Having good shoes makes all the difference in your shift and we want to know your take on the best nursing shoes out there! Here are some different brands I have used on my shifts that I love! Hokas - It's like walking on clouds! Their shoes provide great arch support and cushion for your feet, giving your knees a break. They are also built to have a lot of milage before any kind of wear and tear, making them the most endurable shoe. (By far my favorite) Crocs - Not only are they a nursing fashion staple but they are extremely comfortable. They don't have any laces that restrict your feet and have the best airflow for a closed toe shoe! Toms Classic Slip on Shoe - Toms is a fantastic combination of comfort and function. It's like wearing a slipper to work! Without a lot of arch support, over time the soles of the shoe will mold to your feet giving you the same feeling of a personalized slipper. They are cute and fashionable that will spice up any kind of scrubs you are wearing.
  8. There are lots of options with apps and other services designed to making addressing mental health issues easier. We will continue in finding increasingly better ways to support our nurses across the country (read more here). Hang in there, friends. Share your resources below! Headspace App - Headspace is an on-the-go app that is proven to reduce stress by 14% in just 10 days. Through science-backed meditation and mindfulness tools, Headspace helps to create life-changing habits to support mental health so nurses can better manage their day-to-day stress. Therapy Aid - The Therapy Aid Coalition is a volunteer-based collective of experienced, licensed private-practice therapists committed to providing free or low-cost online therapy to essential workers across the United States. Using the “Find a Therapist” portal, nurses can sort through different therapists based on location, budget and timeline. All therapists who have volunteered to be part of this network are offering four 45-minute sessions ranging from $0 to a maximum of $50 per session. Cerebral - Cerebral is a digital “go-to” resource as it’s a fully remote telehealth company that understands the need for flexibility with healthcare workers. The company provides behavioral health coaching, talk therapy, medication management, and personalized resource content, all digitized for your convenience. The Battle Within - For those looking for a more transformative experience, the Battle Within Service is a unique mental health resource founded by over 100 veterans, first responders, and community leaders who have firsthand experience with trauma and high-stress experiences. Together, they created a transformative (and free) 5-day program built by warriors using holistic techniques steeped in ancient warrior culture and backed by modern mental health practices. They also provide private therapists who are available to work with individuals in crisis, or those who are experiencing grief, anxiety, stress, or trauma. PeerRxMed Program - The PeerRXMed program is impactful in helping connect nurses with peers ready to stand with them in their shared experience. PeerRxMed is a free peer-to-peer program for nurses that pairs them with a “buddy”, and it is built around a program that has consistent check-ins for accountability and human connection. COVID Mental Health Support Group - Location is sometimes a pain point for those looking for immediate mental health relief, but the Covid Mental Health Support Group is all about helping individuals find groups and resources local to them. CBT Thought Record Diary - Journaling has proven to be a great strategy for working through mental health obstacles and that is why the free CBT Thought Record Diary is a great option for nurses who want a personalized and intimate approach to their mental health solutions. Talkspace Online Therapy - For those who are experiencing social anxiety or who do not want to talk in person with a mental health professional, the Talkspace Online Therapy service is a great option for those who want to connect to resources via text. Through this texting program, nurses can connect with trained therapists as often as they need and receive daily responses as well as mental health resources. Prices range from $65- $99/week. Breathe2Relax - Created by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, the Breathe2Relax app is an app that taps into the power of breathing and meditation. After learning techniques of stress management through diaphragmatic breathing, nurses will learn how to lower the “fight or flight” response, which is something they face daily while managing high-stress life or death situations. Crisis Text Line - Last but not least, we wanted to share one of the biggest national resources for mental health: the National Crisis Text Line. This text line is available 24/7, so nurses can simply text HOME to 741741 and reach a Crisis Counselor immediately through text message at any time of the day or night. DISCLAIMER: The content provided in this article is general and lists resources available but does not constitute medical advice. Always consult with a qualified health care provider for any questions you may have regarding thoughts of suicide or other mental health concerns. If you believe you or someone you know is at imminent risk of harming him or herself and is refusing help, call 911. If you have thoughts about suicide or you are in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).
  9. My mom had an instance last summer where she went into Vtach, had to be intubated and put on a vent, and spent quite the stint in the ICU. The nice nurse there braided my mom's hair for her and I thought it was so sweet (she thought it looked "doofy" in her words-which frankly I was grateful to hear her say anything at that time lol 😉). It couldn't have taken that long but it made a big difference for me and my sister and dad. Its the little things... is this common amongst ICU nurses? I've heard something about it. Or other nurses and CNAs, I am curious what you do, big or small, to make a difference to a worn down family member or patient?
  10. 1. Add credentials Different facilities require different credentials. The more credentials you upload to your profile, the more shifts you'll be considered for. Spend the next 5 minutes uploading a few more credentials to strengthen your profile. It'll be worth it. 2. Build relationships with those you work with A few things that Nursa clinicians have recommended to other Nursa clinicians are upon arriving at a facility: Ask lots of questions Understand the facility's protocols and expectations Help other staff members Be kind Go above and beyond 3. Request more shifts At some point, we've all fallen victim to “putting all our eggs in one basket.” When it comes to requesting Nursa shifts, you should have an egg (requested shift) in every basket you like (cool facility with the shift time you're looking for). A common question is, “What happens when I get approved for two shifts that overlap?” The easy answer is, “You won’t.” The app will keep that from happening. 4. Add a profile picture For facilities, hiring someone with a profile picture is easier than hiring a faceless, mystery clinician (think of buying on FB Marketplace vs Craigslist). Take a second to add a professional picture of yourself to your Nursa account!
  11. Alright fellow foodies! What are some healthy options that are quick and easy to take to work?
  12. Want to study with anyone? Need any prep advice? Come share your wisdom or ask a question!
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