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Found 19 results

  1. Have you ever experienced a bedside nursing situation that you wish hadn't occurred for the simple reason that it made you appear foolish? Please do share. One night, I was working on the LTC unit at a facility where I frequently picked up shifts, so I had developed a good rapport with the residents and the staff. I check on a resident who had their call light on. He was looking for Robert, his CNA, to change his colostomy bag. Although I offered to do it, he declined. It was quite a relief for me, but not for the reason one might expect. As of that point in my career, I did not even remember having a patient with a colostomy, and the last time I provided care for a colostomy was during my clinical training. In spite of the fact that I knew how to do it, I was certain that Robert would put me to shame. A little more than an hour had passed, and the same resident had his light on and was once again searching for Robert. Because I had only seen Robert once during the previous couple of hours, I assumed that he was having a very busy night. I informed him that Robert was with another resident; however, I am able to assist him. He insisted on waiting for his CNA, but I convinced him to allow me to help him. In addition to stool, his ostomy bag was fully inflated due to gas. I REPEAT, the ostomy bag was fully inflated due to gas, and do you think I had the sense to slowly let the air out prior to completely removing the bag from the wafer? Not at all! As I detached the bag from the wafer, I heard a sound similar to removing a cork from a bottle. Behind the resident was a wall covered with you know what, including the resident's forehead and glasses. The only thing I could say was I am sorry. There was no other explanation except that my brains had decided to take a vacation at that very moment leaving me without any sense. In addition to feeling horrible, the residents' reaction to what I had done made me feel even worse. He apologized for the situation we were both in at the time. He was concerned for me. HUH?! I put at end to that real quick and immediately redirected his attention and explained to him that my brain fart was to blame. I often became this resident's nurse when I picked up a shift, which made perfect sense since we shared a bond. It was a bond that neither of us spoke about, not even to each other.
  2. Guest

    What nurses are like

    https://pin.it/7xlGxyN HOME » NURSELIFE » 15 HILARIOUS BEHAVIORS YOU DEVELOPED AS A NURSE 15 Hilarious Behaviors You Developed as a Nurse UPDATED ON JANUARY 19, 2017 BY MONICA FLORITA, R.N. Your behavior defines who you are. In psychology, for certain behaviors to develop, these are triggered by a stimulus – the environment where we spend most of our time. So if you ask me where can you find a nursemost of the time? I must say 70% in the workplace, 20% together with their families, and 10% in the bed sleeping (lucky nurses). That’s why with the 70%, it’s plausible why there are some side-splitting behaviors we developed in the process. As experts in our own field, these hilarious behaviors might make others grin and shake their head in disbelief. In return we can say, “I know, I know… It’s because I’m a nurse.” 1. The overpowering desire to pop or puncture anything suspicious on someone’s body. “Damn, I could insert a G14 in this vein,” says every nurse. Curiosity is the lust of the mind. It can also be the reason why nurses seemed to have a sick fetish in anything suspicious or atypical in the human anatomy, may it be yours or others. Is this some kind of a bizarre obsession that we all have in common? When we see a bulging lesion, a pustule, or most especially a protruding vein to hit upon, the desire and unknown euphoria it gives in popping or puncturing it are quite strong. And when we try to ignore it, the struggle is real. 2. X-ray-like ability to perceive organisms wriggling on the skin This extraterrestrial ability to see the minute organisms in your hands after handling a gross procedure is undeniably another power you gained being a nurse. The effect? Frequent hand washing. Nursing made you feel incomplete whenever you fail to wash your hands numerous times during the shift. 3. Assertiveness in self-diagnosing Since nurses are doctor’s angels on the bedside, a simple disease won’t freak you out. Years of experience gave you the confidence to diagnose successfully and treat yourself. Don’t worry, your pride will also let you seek a doctor if it’s life and death situations, ONLY. 4. You behave like an owl even on your day off. If you’re scheduled on a night shift throughout the week, your day off will not make a difference. It still feels like you’re on duty, minus the patients. Isn’t it frustrating why you’re not sleepy when you should? 5. The unstoppable condemnations on TV shows showing unrealistic nursing procedures. It’s your day off and you decided to watch a medical drama. Then all of a sudden, your eyes keep noticing that the doctor did not do the CPR right or the IV line regulator of a critical patient is closed. Well, you can’t help it, you can’t let a wrong procedure be taught on-screen. Nurses know best (wink). 6. It is always a sugar rush when you get together. If you happen to be in a reunion of ER nurses, then this is a usual scenario. You can’t even beat them in games involving quick thinking. Wow! Awesome, quick-witted people. 7. You are immune to the ‘gross’ things in life. You can normally eat and sleep even after handling sticky, smelly and nasty bodily fluids. Maybe because you just totally wiped out your gag reflex? Try to test it once in awhile; maybe it was placed somewhere else. Also, you can easily figure out a disease based on body fluids alone. Aren’t you a genius? 8. You love it when people are shocked that you’re not wearing white, or your scrubs. There are only two occasions where nurses do not wear their white or colorful scrubs, on their day off, and upon retirement. If you happen to have another lucky chance (yes, having a vacation is a great luck for us!), you just love how different you look, and the look you receive from others. Oh well, perks of being a nurse. 9. Medical emergencies outside the facility do not rattle you. Most nurses are immune to medical emergencies; unless it involves their own family or relative (which will be a different case), these scenarios will just be a piece of cake. 10. You’re a master of quickly dressing and undressing a patient, even with an IV line. For ordinary people, changing clothes of a bedridden patient can be a complicated task, but not with a skilled nurse, who is exceptional at this. Even with her eyes closed, you’ll be amazed by how fast a nurse can do this. But of course you don’t really have to close your eyes, just saying. 11. Extremely fast chewing and digestion. Oh! need I say more? If there’s a contest where one should masticate and digest its food the fastest, you can’t belittle a nurse! To be able to attend to an emergency case, we developed this amazing talent of eating on the go! 12. Easy recognition of any pills on sight. Recognizing a tablet, a vial or an ampoule on sight is another remarkable behavior we automatically developed as nurses. This astonishing behavior is not just great by itself but by saving lives. If you’re a nurse, you know that people on drama shows committing suicide by drinking quite a lot of pills are not dead at the end, they just get hospitalized for… well, the drama effect. Even before drinking, nurses know it’s not a pill. 13. The power to clear everyone on sight just by talking about your ‘normal’ experiences with your patients. This can happen if you’re in a restaurant with co-workers after a tiring shift, while talking casually about your patients with amoebiasis, foul stoma, or an eviscerated intestine. Nurses are powerful when it comes to that. 14. Your hilarious behavior when a colleague says, “The unit is QUIET.” If you’re a nurse, you have a bizarre behavior upon hearing the word ‘QUIET.’ The ‘Q’ word is so powerful it attracts a bunch of patients to make everything but quiet. It’s calm and easy then all of a sudden; all hell broke loose. Lesson? Prevention of the word is better than curing all that patients. 15. Superb ability to hear even from a distant, as long as it’s for her patient’s welfare. The tingling ear when you hear two people discussing that having a low BP is anemia, or to take maintenance medications only when the BP is high, can only be relieved without correcting them. Mind you, nurses can also be great educators. Nurses may somehow be weird for others. But for us, these are the hilarious results of being passionate in the work that we chose. We must always take pride in how far we have come in our profession. Great nurses will always be weird yet interestingly loving creatures who touch the lives of others.
  3. Guest

    Signs you're a nurse

    https://nurseslabs.com/10-signs-that-youre-a-nurse/ Pretty funny
  4. https://pin.it/3hyNPAx List of things to do: 1. Haircut to Trim my split ends 2. Shave my legs (backs off them too) 3. ..........
  5. Drop a little about yourself! Name, state, why you love nursing, favorite hobby, favorite dad joke, etc!
  6. What is your dream nursing job? I always thought mine was flight nursing but then my friend told me hers is to be Beyonce's personal nurse and it's got me thinkin 😅
  7. Especially because of the "What Hollywood thinks I do" and it being Halloween soon! haha 😉 .., but really that last one hits home... so much charting!
  8. It’s Halloween time...has anyone had an experience at work that gave you goosebumps? I had an experience a couple of days with a resident that, to this day, gives me goosebumps when I think about it—just a bit of background. I am half Asian and half Northwestern European. I identify as Asian because I grew up In an Asian household and community. Filipinos are superstitious believers in signs and spirits. This past Friday, I worked the 6p-6a shifts at a facility here in Arizona. Most residents under my care have some cognitive impairment and varying severity. I use a penlight when I do rounds, especially if they are asleep because I want to ensure they are not in any acute distress. I entered the room of an elderly female resident, went near the bed, and saw that she was asleep. I was approaching the bedroom door to exit when I heard, Lulu? She startled me because I did not expect her to begin talking suddenly. I turned around and said yes and apologized if I had woken her. She said I did not wake her. She just crawled into bed because her visitor had just left. She went on to say what a wonderful time she had. This person brought her comfort, and her presence alone was more than she could ever ask for. She stares at me like she’s looking into my soul and says, she looks just like you around the eyes. Thank you very much, Lulu, for sharing her with me. Without even thinking, I asked who and instantly regretted it. Your daughter, she says. I reply with, what daughter? Maria, Silly. I excused myself and informed her I would be finishing my rounds. I said good night, and she said, you’re a proud mama that loves her daughter. I immediately went into the utility room, and as I broke down, I got on the phone and asked my husband to check on our daughter Maria. Do not ask her if she is okay; I want you to look at her and ensure she is okay. I am not a superstitious fanatic, but I do believe in certain things. This is an experience I will never forget.
  9. Ok guys - what are the grossest things you come across as a nurse??? I'll go first: barf. 🤢
  10. Thought this was funny and wanted to share!!
  11. Thought we could all have a good laugh at this!
  12. Guest

    Just a joke

    When the nurse went to get her pen from behind her ear, it wasnt a pen at all but a rectal thermometer...she said to herself, "hmmm some a$$hole got my pen."
  13. As the title states, what is the craziest moment in your nursing career thus far?
  14. Guest

    Picture time!!

    Koda the Aussidoodle (1) Philipe the chi mix (15) Cash the maltipoo (7)
  15. Years ago I was in a room with the Doctor and a patient. As the Doctor was going over some test results. The patient abruptly interrupts the Doctor and insist that she no longer has Diabetes. The patient stated that was the reason I agreed with my last Doctor which was to cut off the leg that had the Diabetes. Now, it's all gone! No more Diabetes...... Hmmm......Interesting :/
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