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Facilities locking you?


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Has anyone else experienced facilities calling you out due to having floor staff wanting to pick up, but refusing to cancel the shift on their end? I have recently learned that if a facility cancels a shift within 48hours of the start time of the shift beginning, they still have to pay the payout for posting the shift; if we as workers cancel, we are locked for 2 weeks. Recently I have had 3 shifts by 2 facilities contact me the night before & 2hrs before the shift started, or sent me home, but refuse to cancel the shift on their end, thus locking me till the end of the shift time and preventing me to pick up due to being scheduled already. One facility threatened to just report that I did a "No call, No Show" when I said I would cancel on my end with a comment. The facility that did me dirty 2x has blocked me from picking up there anymore, not that I would want to.

Shout out Nursa! They has been very understanding and haven't locked me due to thorough communication with them. 

Am I the only one?

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