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Can we see how facilities rate us



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Yaasss! They haven't released it on the app for us to see but you're more then welcome to call support and ask your rating. I've been with Nursa for a month and a week and I've worked 55 shifts and have a 5 ️ rating! I was the one who just made a posting titled ratings. Because I want to know what are some comments left if any.

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Support can give you some insight into your rating but doesn't have access to comments @LM LPN like @Mornique Dicey said! 


I love that we have awesome clinicians that want to bring their A game to a facility. Right now there are internal notes that are occasionally left by facilities but these wouldn't be useful to a clinician to improve their experience. The star rating will only be seen if you have worked at a facility before. If you work at a new facility you start fresh with no star rating.


I added the suggestion here, we currently don't have a feedback feature on the app. I added this as a suggestion here:


If you want to add more comments to this topic! Thanks all 🙂 



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