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Unreliable facilities



This is a good app but allot of the staffing from facilities don't know what they want and that's not ok. I say this because I have requested 5 shifts from one facility all for the same day. I requested these shifts about a week ago, and 3 of them are for day two are for night. It's 1pm and the facility still hasn't done it's due diligence to say the shifts I requested for the day have been filled and I can assume correctly that my night request will not give me a notice. Why is this ok?


I just don't get what is the point of saying you want help if you don't need it?

I think a time limited request would help because these facilities are just fooling around with people's time and expectations and that's not ok.

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On 8/14/2023 at 9:20 AM, Krishna Floisand said:

Thanks for this @DeVante and for sharing your experience! Interesting idea of a time-limited request. What do you think a good response time from a facility would look like? 

If a facility is requesting help for something later down the road, giving that request 24-72hrs to allow someone to pick it up is plenty of time. If no one picks it up in 24-72hrs then they can resubmit it and wait again. The point of this is so that a facility can get help quickly since it creates a sense of urgency and once a shift is filled it should be removed from view since it's been filled. I get that life is unpredictable and things happen but putting out a request for help everyday isn't helpful especially when the agent is expected to make time for an already filled shift and the facility is just looking to make sure they have help.

The ability to replace that time is so scarce due to the fact that there are plenty of people using this app and not enough facilities to replace that opportunity.

There's one facility in particular that has request everyday and when I go to request the shift I find out the day of that shift that it was filled and I'm still expected to clear my schedule for that shift.

If a shift is filled it would be nice if it was removed from selection, other wise it's just false advertising because someone has taken it, which means they don't need help because someone is willing to fill that help.

And I'm realizing most shifts are just me filling someone's last minute call off in which case there should not be a penalty towards the agent for not being able to fill a shift they requested for but are being scheduled for on short notice.

Me personally I know when and what times I'm looking for work so I'll request for days or nights but there are so many post that have probably already been filled that none of my requests are guaranteed.

There is no guarantee factor for any shifts since facilities always have a shift posted that been filled or will not accept me as scheduled until it's about an hour before the shift starts.

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Last week, I picked up a shift and after 48 hours had passed without an update, I texted the staffer. It appears she had forgotten to cancel the shift that was filled by another staffing agency, not by a Nursa Clinician. @DeVante, as a follow up to your excellent suggestion, a refundable fee should be attached to every shift facility posting, along with terms and conditions.

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I agree it’s frustrating to continually request a position and either hear no response or get a delayed response shortly before start of shift with the expectation you will be there. I find it gravely disgusting that as staff, we get penalized for cancelling shifts within 30days. Yet we don’t receive any compensation when the facilities are cancelling our shifts. I have been scheduled several times with facilities then shortly before they start, it’s cancelled. I work agency nursing to accommodate my life with small medically fragile kids. When they cancel my shifts last min. I still have to pay my daycare providers. It really puts me off. 

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