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Meet your Community Manager and FAQs

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A big welcome from your Nursa Community Manager, Krishna! I wanted to formally introduce myself to the Nursa Community! I am dedicated to serving you and enhancing your community experience.


We’d love to get to know you as well in this short survey below! We love hearing details like your niche, what you’re looking forward to, goals, and other details that make you, you!


Community Admin FAQS

What is a Community Manager (CM)?

  • My role as a Community Manager is to foster a lively, respectful, and engaging community; thereby, enhancing your experience as a Nursa Community member! At times, we focus on a lot of the behind-the-scenes, working on new initiatives and content for the community, while other times we focus on engaging directly with our amazing community members.

How do I contact the CM?

  • For the quickest response, you can email me directly at community@nursa.com . You can also send a direct message right in the community!

  • If there is an issue with the functionality of the Community; for example, if you are unable to comment on a post, edit your profile, or receive any error messages tag @Krishna Floisand. 

I have a time sensitive question

  • If you ever have a time-sensitive support request, the community might not be the best place to ask it, and tagging a Community Manager will not help get a support-related response. To get in contact with our Support team, submit a ticket through our Help Center.

  • Use the “Report” option under0d3jsWqMW1qjHvMfd4voyGjTiPxWzyoxiB8BEk_5on any post that you believe is inappropriate or violates our Code of Conduct, and we will review it.


Up Next: Navigate Community Like a Pro 👉


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