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Make the most of your experience by diving into all our resources and conversations. Unsure where to start? Each space states its purpose at the top but we also have a full directory below!


  • Start here → Gain foundational knowledge of what Nursa is and how it runs

  • Get Support → Browse user guides or reach out to our support team for help

  • New to Nursa → Join a group of new users to ask your questions and get oriented

  • Events → RSVP to upcoming events at Teachable and teachable:hq 

  • Feedback and Ideas → Give feedback on your experience and share ideas


  • Community Insider → Learn how to make the most of community, stay in the know of updates happening, polls and event replays.

  • Replays → Events shall be recorded to access at anytime

  • Polls → Designed to help learn more about you, participate and make your vote count

  • Introduce yourself → Make your first impression and post your intro

  • Conversations → Partake in threads to teach, learn, or inspire others

  • First Shift Support → Provide your feedback on your first shifts work and what went well and what could be improved

💻 Research Program (NEW)

At times, Nursa’s product team hosts focus groups, interviews, or surveys to get feedback around a Nursa product. If you're hoping to be a product tester for a future project, join the Research Group to get insider access to new features.

🧙 Community Leaders Program (NEW)

This program will represent the voices of Nursa users across the nation. Leaders across the world volunteer to bring users together in local groups to collaborate, share, and collectively grow with Nursa in many different ways. Stay Tuned 👀 


Up Next: Community How-Tos 👉 


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