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Transparency w/ Pay Days & Pay Periods

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Hi there, 

When NURSA claims to pay clinicians out every Friday, this is extremely misleading. This app promotes an idea that we can pick up shifts & also be paid for them within the same week.

Now I’m hearing from other clinicians who have picked up shifts, that they are always paid the FOLLOWING Friday. This ultimately means that we are paid every Friday on the sole condition that we pick up NURSA shifts EVERY week. 

This is very misleading & extremely dishonest communication. This app needs to be transparent about pay days/times/periods, especially during recession like times that we are all currently experiencing. Many of us clinicians already work full time but will or are wanting to pick up through NURSA as a side gig for quick money. 

Please do better. Clinicians are done being taken advantage of & lied to within healthcare. We want to see something refreshing, with safe staffing & complete transparency. You have the power to do this. Please be that change. 

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Hi @Alicia!

This is a very powerful post, we agree our clinicians deserve clarity in all aspects of picking up shifts especially in regards to pay. We strive for transparency in how we operate and are sorry if we have missed the mark for you and others!

Our policies are outlined in a few articles here and here. To summarize our policy states, "Workweeks are Sunday-Saturday and you will be paid the following Friday given you have completed your shift report by Sunday at 2359 and have your wallet successfully filled out."

For example, if a clinician was to work today (Wednesday July 27th), the clinician will have until Sunday (July 31st) at 2359 to complete the shift report and verify shift. The facility will then verify the shift within 48 hours and then the clinician will be paid out August 5th. Same story if a clinician was to fill a shift Sunday July 31st, as long as their shift report was completed that night by 2359. If a clinician does not complete the shift report by Sunday, their payments it can be delayed.

Your honesty is appreciated in bringing this concern to our attention and I assure you, we have our team looking through our messaging on the app and elsewhere to help clarify how we talk about pay. Keep us in the loop if you continue to feel this concern! We are more than happy to talk about this more if you’d like!

Thank you! 💜 

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