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  1. Is anyone else having issues with the app loading ? Ive uninstalled and re downloaded still it just stays on the same initial screen never loads?
  2. With our newest instant pay feature being live, what questions do you have about it and how it works? What feedback do you have on this feature?
  3. I have been attempting to pick up shifts for a while now and I, would like to know is their anyone that has worked in the past week for this company?. Why, I had an incident with a company that allowed us Healthcare lovers to apply and send all credentialing, which ended in being a victim of identity theft, the app didn't work right, the shifts were excused as to why there was a race for being picked, no I e ever responded In a timely fashion and was left with shifts lingering until they knew well enought to just remove them themselves, no one ever replied after that, their was excuses after calling implants were made but never a resolve, call back or a change in the companies way if conducting business... This company was reported to the state and was sanctioned with fines, penalties and completely Shutdown after finding that employees credentials were being used for Identify theft & purchases, the use of their social security numbers being used and the like...I am eager to know if this is a real thriving company because out of my race to get picked with no responses, I would like to know if this was happening to anyone here and if so I will be removing my info and deleting this account. It was also stated that they paid a commentator to send promising messages to employees with concerns and assured them that situations would be resolved and the intentions was to prevent being reported to the state. The app has been removed from the Google app purchaser. Please someone I would like to know at your earliest convenience so I can either await change or delete the account, their are 2 many agencies that assist help and make lives great opposed to be left in limbo and okayed by excuses, Oh especially for NEXXUS NEURO RECOVERY IN CONROE TX, THEY HAVE BEEN TAKEN OF MANY APPS DUE TO THEIR NON COMMUNICATION.
  4. I have never had this problem before and have no idea the exact solution. I requested an RN shift and was cancelled shortly after I was scheduled for the shift. I was in the middle of driving there so I may have missed the alert. Not sure exactly when the cancellation occurred. The message states "Facility has removed you from their shifts. You are no longer scheduled for this shift." In the Nursa terms it states a facility has to pay $75 if they simply cancel you before the shift starts and within 12 hours of the shift starting. I am not seeing any $75 payment. It also states in the terms that they must pay you 50% of the remainder of the shift if you are cancelled after the start time. I cannot see a time stamp, but I was able to tap "I'm Here" in the app on the shift, but found out that I was cancelled possibly after I arrived. How do I make sure I am receiving payment for this cancellation and getting the proper cancellation payment. At a minimum I believe I am owed $75, but I did arrive at the facility. The only thing that is not clear is when they actually removed me from the shift. I am unclear since there is no time stamp. I believe what happened is they double booked the same shift and picked the cheaper LPN worker. In my opinion just playing games. I called support and reported it, but I feel like support ignored the issue and gave me no assurance that I would receive anything. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? How did it turn out?
  5. Alix


    A facility marked me as a NCNS when I did in fact arrive for the shift. When I arrived at the facility I was told that they were fully staffed and that I needed to call their scheduler. When I called the person, they told me that they had forgotten to cancel me and that I needed to go home. Somehow, I was then marked as a NCNS by the facility. Despite having screenshots of my calls and texts with the facility scheduler, my account is frozen with Nursa and has been for almost TWO WEEKS. How can this happen when I was the one who was inconvenienced? I arrived for the shift and have proof but Nursa does not believe their clinicians and cuts off our livelihoods instead of resolving the issue. I have been in contact with several “customer service” reps and they have all been less than helpful. I’m hoping by posting on here, I will get someone’s attention who can actually help.
  6. how do I find my paystubs I look in my wallet and all it says is what I have been paid
  7. So I had a shift recently at a facility that had about 5 COVID residents. Myself and another girl also from NURSA were assigned to those rooms. Not a big deal I’ve been caring for COVID patients/residents since it started. One of those residents had pressed their call light. So I asked the girl if she could come help me. She said yes and we proceeded to get all the PPE on. She however did not put the n95 or face shield on. We entered the room the resident stated that she wants everybody to be wearing the n95 and face shield. Which shouldn’t be an issue. This girl began stating well it’s fine than almost started to argue with the resident stating well I think it’s should be my choice. Me being anti conflict tried to offer going out to get her the necessary items. A which point she said well I will just leave than and proceeded to rip of the gown and leave meanwhile the resident began crying out of frustration. Now isn’t it protocol we follow what the facility rules are for a COVID outbreak? This has really been bothering me that someone could act like that and be a CNA caring for residents.
  8. Facilities just aren't posting like they once were. What gives? I've noticed various facilities switching agencies/apps, but not to Nursa. Hope things get better.
  9. Read the below 📄 Nurse Community How-Tos 📄 to learn how to use the Nursa Community, ordered from simplest to complex. Important note: Your community account has the same login information, but is separate from your Nursa app account. If you are looking for information around shift specifics please open the Nursa App on your phone or go to app.nursa.com or contact our support team. How-to create your Nursa Community Account To have a Nursa Community account, you must have a Nursa App Login You can create your account by signing into community.nursa.com and following the prompts to create an account or login using your Nursa credentials Add a Display name Click “Create My Account” How-To Login to Your Nursa Community Account Login into Community account by going to Community.nursa.com Click “Community” Tab within the Nursa App Platform How-To Change Your Community Username Click here to message the Community Admin Click “Message” Provide the username you would like to change How-To Add or Change your Profile Pictures Click your profile icon in the top right Your profile will automatically be the first letters in your Display Name. To edit, click the purple image button Upload your desired profile photo making sure to follow community Code of Conduct How-To Search Search on Mobile Click the magnifying glass Begin your search by typing your key words / terms in search box You can scroll down for a more refined search result by content type, specific discussion forums, date specific and more. Search on Desktop Click “Search” in the top right Begin your search by typing your key words / terms in search box If you are looking in a specific area (Events, Clinician Articles, etc.), you can use the “Everywhere” Dropdown to specify Advanced Search Click the magnifying glass Below the search you can scroll down for a more refined search result by tags, author, content type, specific discussion forums, date specific, member search and more. How-To Attend an Event RSVP to Future Event Go to the Menu Icon in the top right corner or see “Events” at the top of the homepage Click “Events” Scroll down to see upcoming Events Select the event and click “Register Today!” Previous Events Go to Topics Drop down Select “Replays” Scroll through topics How-To React to a Post or Comment Navigate to post or comment you would like to react to Hover over or click the bottom right corner of the post or comment and choose a relevant reaction How-To Comment Navigate to the post you would like to comment on Scroll to bottom where you see “Reply to this Topic” Type response in comment box Click “Submit Reply” If you see private information posted, please report the post to the moderator How-To Ask a New Question On the Homepage, select or on mobile. Select to create new “Topic” Under “Community” Select “General Questions” Click “Continue” Add your question in the first text entry box, make sure to use a “?” Add more context to your question in the second, larger text entry box Optionally select “Add Tags” to add relevant tags making your post more discoverable Enable “Follow Topic” to be alerted of responses to your question Click “Submit Question” If you see private information posted, please report the post to the moderator How-To Start a Group Discussion On the Homepage, select or on mobile. Select to create new “Topic” Under “Groups” Select group you would like to create the discussion in (note: you must be a member of the group to ask a question) Click “Continue” Add your discussion title in the first text entry box Add the body of the content in the second, larger text entry box Optionally select “Add Tags” to add relevant tags making your post more discoverable Enable “Follow Topic” to be alerted of responses to your discussion Click “Submit Topic” If you see private information posted, please report the post to the moderator How-To Upvote an Answer Navigate to post you which to upvote answers There will be an up arrow icon that you can click for the answer you feel is most helpful To remove vote, click on the arrow again How-To Add Media to Post When creating a post or a comment, on the bottom of the box you will be able to attach files or add other media like an existing attachment or image from an URL You can also add a youtube link and the video will pop up automatically If you see private or inappropriate media, please click the three dots on the top right corner and report the post How-To Update and Edit Your Posts Go to the post you would like to change. Hover over the three dots on the right top corner and click edit How-To Mention a User In the post or comment, type “@” and the first letter, (at the minimum) of the username of the user you would like to mention Select the username you would like in the corresponding dropdown list of usernames Once properly mentioned, it will turn blue to notify the mentioned user How-To Quote a User To quote the whole post Select on the bottom of the post or reply Then this notification will pop up You can select additional posts to quote Click “Quote 1 Post” (the number will match the number of quotes you clicked to quote) The quote will auto populate in the text box below. 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How-To Set up Notifications Navigate to your profile and click the icon Select “Notification Settings” You can go through different notification settings and check if you you want to receive notifications through email and or the notification list in the community Settings will automatically save when selected or deselected How-To Follow (subscribe) Specific Content See above how to follow content by a specific author To follow content anywhere, you can locate the icon Select how you would like to receive notifications on followed content To unfollow, simply click the follow icon again and select “unfollow” You can adjust notifications by click on the icon and scrolling to “Followed Content” Up Next: Resource Overview 👉
  10. I've observed that many states participate in Nursa. Why isn't Pennsylvania among them? Given the staffing challenges many facilities face, Nursa's support could be invaluable.
  11. Hosted by Krishna Floisand, Community Manager Check out this week's Q&A session hosted by Krishna Floisand, Community Manager. Addressing questions and concerns from users in regard to the scope of practice for RNs and LPNs, hospital shift opportunities, drug screen requirements, payment processing, shift availability, and the use of the community platform for user interaction and support. Browse through the questions and transcript below. Have feedback on this session? Want to suggest future group coaching topics? Let us know! Questions Answered Q1: Can I pick up LPN shifts as an RN? Q2: How can I pick up hospital shifts? Q3: Why don't I get shifts when trying to pick up? Q4: Does Nursa Upload my Background Check? Q5: Can I use my patient care technician certificate certification to work as a nursing assistant? Q6: Will I get a paper check for my first check or will it be sent to my direct deposit information submitted? Q7: When and how often will I get paid for my shifts? Q8: Why can I only see certain shifts by friends see more, am I blacklisted? Q9: What is in the Community? Transcript Welcome back to this week's weekly Q&A. We got some good questions here, but before we jump into it, my name is Krishna. I work here at our Nursa HQ as our Community Manager. I manage our community platform at communitynurse.com. And I also am working to, as our community efforts are relatively new, I'm looking to kind of how we can best engage with our clinicians to learn to help each other learn like what resources are needed, how can we facilitate, you guys connect with each other and learning from each other there, especially as we grow to now more than 20 states. So getting big, and who better to share their knowledge than you guys? So I'm gonna be going through and answering a few of the questions we got here. If you have any comments or questions or further questions or if I didn't specify enough, please feel free to comment below. I'll post this replay in the community later and I'll send it out. 1️⃣ [00:01:12] Alright, so I've got a few questions here, and I'll, I'll just go ahead and get started. One question I've seen is "Why has Nursa stopped RNs from picking up LPN shifts yet it's in our scope of practice, unlike vice versa, it's rare to find RN shifts posted here in Arizona. Very rare. I wish you could revisit that policy. Whoever picks first and is given a shift takes it as long as everyone remains in their scope of practice." So this is a lot to kind of unpack here because it does vary state by state, right? Scope of practice. But generally speaking, an LPN license is gonna be, that scope of practice is within the larger RN scope of practice. This not wrong in saying this is common knowledge and in the app there's been an update because there was issues with people being able to request shifts that they weren't qualified for. So there's been further restrictions on who can request certain shifts. So like you have to request the shift that your license is uploaded for. So if you have an LPN license feel free to upload it and now you will be able to request RN and LPN shifts in there. So you're only able to request what you have a license uploaded for RN. You still may be able to see it within the app and this is a recent change that now you can't request those shifts that you're seeing there. And so if you want to work these shifts, you're definitely able to contact the facility and let them know that you're available for that shift. 2️⃣ [00:03:25] Okay, the next question I have, we actually have quite a few questions about hospital shifts. So we have more and more coming, especially across a few different states, but primarily right now in Utah and Colorado. So right now in Utah, it looks like we have PICU and pediatrics specialties in there, and in Colorado, we have ICU Med Surg ER, although I believe ICU has been filled. But some are in more need of Med Surg and ER needs in Colorado. And these are open to RNs and CNAs there. The only thing with the hospital shifts is you do need a lot of recent experience and is kind of more of an onboarding experience than for the regular long-term shift. For long-term care shifts you can just upload your license and a few credentials and you're good to go to pick up a shift, I mean that evening. Whereas when it comes to the hospital shifts, there's a little bit more, some more requirements that we do require a view and some more extensive experience there. I know someone was asking about OR circulator per diem shifts currently we do not have them right now, but we are looking to expand what we offer when it comes to hospital shifts. If you are interested in those like let us know. I can, I'll probably drop the hospital information below if you're interested in learning about those hospital shifts in Colorado or Utah right now. And Utah I believe it's just RNs and Colorado is CNAs and RNs who are able to pick up hospital shifts. Pick Up Hospital Shifts 3️⃣ [00:05:40] Another question, "Why don't I get shifts when I pick up?" I always get answers like sorry this shift was picked up by someone else or answers like that. It really comes down to the fact that we have a lot of people that really want to work on apps like this, which is great, that's great for us, that's great news. But then it comes down to we have the clinicians but the facility sometimes and in the climate right now. So we need to grow our facility base now that we have our clinician base. When it comes to facilities, a lot of times depending on the market, some of the new places haven't even heard of us. So them understanding what our product is and how it works, that is a task in of itself there. So that's when we kind of rely on some of our clinicians on the ground to kind of get our name out there to recommend us. There are also some other markets where people are trying to move away from using contractors or per diem. They're trying to hire on to be fully staffed with W2 right there. So they could be worried about getting fully staffed maybe they haven't heard of us or it can also come down to clinician quality. Maybe they have like a really poor experience with a clinician from an agency or a platform like ours and are turned off by the idea or leadership is telling them to get the agency PRN worker contractors out of their building. So we're really working hard in these communities to kind of build up a positive, you know, awareness of our brand of what we offer, you know like those last term shifts or those last-minute shifts and kind of building a good brand, you know, building up the clinician quality, building up the reliability of clinicians and also building up the reliability of the facilities, right? Making sure that they're communicating what's expected on a shift. Making sure they're posting shifts, they know how to work through the app, they know how to complete shift reports on time, and they know how to do certain things. So it's also a matter of training the staff to use the app and to use the app in the best way so that it creates a better experience for everyone, right? 4️⃣ [00:09:21] And if this is for a specific area, I'd love to know what specific areas, but "how do I put my drug screen on my profile and do you order it for us?" So yes and no, this is kind of a two-part question because I wasn't sure on the state or type of shifts. So if you're going through the process of becoming of working shifts at a hospital, so those Intermountain the Colorado hospital shifts, yes we process it and upload it. In Illinois, we do the PPN drug screen for you and upload it because we can verify it and we can upload it to your profile. So if you're doing hospital or PPN shifts, then yes, if you're going through that process we do put your screen on your drug screen on your profile and upload it for you. However, if you're in those other areas of long-term care, so not in Illinois, not hospital, we do not, there's not currently a process that we are able to upload outside drug screen to your profile because we currently don't have a third party that will run and do these drug screens. If a facility does request it, because it does happen sometimes you would have to complete it independently and be in charge of making sure that emailing it to that facility and saying like yes I do have my drug screen, I can just email it to you, here are my results. So there's a lot of things around drug screens as they're becoming a little more, they're becoming a bigger part of the conversation now so and more to come on like different kind of credentials and things like that. So this is a good question. So if you work hospital or PPN, yes we order it and put it on your profile. So if you have any questions about that, please contact our support team or your contacts there if you are working with someone from the hospital staff or someone from Chicago. 5️⃣ [00:11:55] Another question is "Can I use my patient care technician certificate certification to work as a nursing assistant?" And so this is kind of going off the LPN/RN question as well. Currently, the app does not support the PCT certifications right now there is some talk of potentially having that right now. But currently, we have RN, LPN, CNA, Caregivers in certain states, and QMAPs in certain states and I know there's also talk of med techs in a bunch of certain states being moved up from credentials to a license on the healthcare license section. So currently those are the ones that are kinda mainly in the conversation right now. We were curious we had someone who was curious if the individual who asked this question was interested in dialysis patient care technician shifts. One of our area managers has the experience and he'd like to talk about that a little bit more, especially in his area. So if you're the person who asked this question we'd love to chat a little bit more about that and learn about what your experience has been and potentially what it could be. 6️⃣ [00:13:27] Let's see, next question. Will I get a paper check for my first check or will it be sent to my direct deposit information submitted? So as long as you, so you will not get a paper check, it will be going to the direct deposit information that you set up in your wallet section. So you'll just click on that menu in the top left corner and like, and it'll go down to wallet, click into the wallet and make sure that all your direct deposit tax information is completed and make sure wallet information is up to date. I would even complete this before you even start requesting shifts just to make sure that you're getting all the information in there and you're being paid on your own time because if your wallet and information aren't in there or it's incorrect, that will definitely delay your payments. Okay, I think we have another question about payments. 7️⃣ [00:14:16] It was asking about once we work, when would we get paid? So currently right now we're, since we're still new, this is kind of a question, it's an evolving question right now. So right now we pay twice weekly and we're working towards faster payment methods. Some people may already be experiencing this with some of our Nursa Direct things but how it works right now is it really depends on when the shift reports are completed. So there's this cool that I'll throw it down to below this question, but we have like one that's a pay schedule. I know this little chart can be kind of annoying but it just helps you to know when you be getting paid depending on when your shift reports have been completed. So for example, let's say you worked a shift Saturday, okay? And then both shift reports were done by Sunday night before midnight at 2359. Nursa would process that payment on Monday and you'd get paid and it would be processed to your bank however long it takes you to get processed to your bank. So probably by Wednesday, it would get processed to your bank if, your shift reports are done before Monday at 2359. So Monday at midnight the process. So then that shifts down to now the nurse will process those payments Wednesday and then you'd get 'em to your bank Friday and the same thing is done if it's verified by Tuesday at midnight and then it will change when it goes to Wednesday. We only process payments Monday and Wednesday so you miss the Wednesday one. So it's gonna be processed the following Monday and it will get posted to your bank Wednesday. So Thursday, same thing Thursday, Friday, Saturday, same thing. As long as the shift reports were done by Saturday at midnight it would get processed that next Monday and then posted to your bank Wednesday. It's kind of confusing. I know and you know we've had a lot of different kinds of feedback on the twice versus the once weekly pay but hopefully, we can have some good faster options that are coming to you soon there and if, and see the link below if you do have any more questions on that. Okay, let's see. Yours and Facility’s Shift Reports Completed by Nursa Processes Payment Posted to Your Bank by Sunday by 23:59 Monday Wednesday Monday by 23:59 Wednesday Friday Tuesday by 23:59 Wednesday Friday Wednesday by 23:59 Monday (following) Wednesday (following) Thursday by 23:59 Monday Wednesday Friday by 23:59 Monday Wednesday Saturday by 23:59 Monday Wednesday 8️⃣ [00:16:57] Once someone's asked why can I only see certain shifts by friends see more, am I blacklisted? For this question I'd love to know more about maybe the location or the person I, it would be would have to be look into their account specifically. But it also is how the algorithm works. Maybe you've worked different shifts than your friends have worked, so maybe they're not, they're not able, you guys, the algorithm's just feeding you different kinds of shifts too. Maybe it's, depending on where you're at, there's a lot of factors that the algorithm takes into account that may change, right? What's shown to you versus not. You can also do try the shift share button option. If you go to the shift and scroll down, there's like the shift share option and seeing if you're able to pull it up. I mean because there is the possibility that they can remove, they can block the clinician from seeing shifts from their facility. So if you feel like this is the case potentially, but it usually is only happening in super dire cases. And then also you know, unfortunately is the importance of having a good experience or leaving of being a good experience. Having a good experience at a facility. So that would be the only really way that they would you, they would not be able to see that shift is if they did remove you from being able to see shifts from their facility or request or remove that. But that's really more a case by case basis there. If you're concerned about that, like please call in and we can maybe give you some more information there. 9️⃣ [00:19:11] Alright, let's check if there are any more questions. I think we've covered most of them for this week. But I really wanted to take a moment to walk you through our community platform and show you what's inside, what it's all about, and how we plan to use it moving forward. So, let's see if I can share my screen here. There we go! Now you should be able to see the community platform. It's a pretty neat place. You can do quite a few things here. If you're part of the community, don't hesitate to ask questions, interact with your fellow clinicians, and make connections. I'll be here every week to respond to your queries. You can also explore different topics, search for specific ones, and find community members to connect with. Feel free to send messages to other members if you want to discuss shifts or have questions about the app. This community is all about bringing you together, helping you learn from each other, and growing together. There are loads of topics with valuable information, and I'll be diving in more and more to engage with you all. We're planning some exciting things for the community as it continues to evolve, so stay tuned! If you have more questions or if there's anything specific you'd like to know, just drop it here, and I'll do my best to provide you with the answers you need. Portland Facebook Group (expanding to Pacific Northwest Clinicians) Illinois Facebook Group Interested in helping create your own local group? Interest Form
  12. How can we ensure that there will be enough nurses to meet healthcare demands by 2030? Are there new emerging solutions that seem promising? What solutions are you interested in? Drop your comment 👇
  13. I have requested COUNTLESS shifts from the app with multiple facilities around Las Vegas and have yet to be successfully booked with anyone. I have uploaded all the required documentation and everything they need. So what do I do.
  14. -I am ready to start work tonight at the LandmarkSouth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as a Clinician and would like to ensure that all pertinent documents are submitted to begin. Terry Terrell
  15. A common question is asking about badges as a PRN or an "agency" caregiver. As Nursa is a 1099 staffing platform, we currently are not offering badges to clinicians. In full transparency, there can be some red tape around not providing a uniform for clinicians contracted through Nursa, BUT we do have a fellow clinician Faith Harvey who has an Etsy store and makes customized badges. Go check her store out! You can also read her story here: https://nursa.com/blog/spotlight-on-faith-harvey
  16. Have you gone official with your gig-work? Do you use LLC's/Corporations as a PRN caregiver? Let us know your experience below!
  17. Make the most of your experience by diving into all our resources and conversations. Unsure where to start? Each space states its purpose at the top but we also have a full directory below! General Start here → Gain foundational knowledge of what Nursa is and how it runs Get Support → Browse user guides or reach out to our support team for help New to Nursa → Join a group of new users to ask your questions and get oriented Events → RSVP to upcoming events at Teachable and teachable:hq Feedback and Ideas → Give feedback on your experience and share ideas Forums Community Insider → Learn how to make the most of community, stay in the know of updates happening, polls and event replays. Replays → Events shall be recorded to access at anytime Polls → Designed to help learn more about you, participate and make your vote count Introduce yourself → Make your first impression and post your intro Conversations → Partake in threads to teach, learn, or inspire others First Shift Support → Provide your feedback on your first shifts work and what went well and what could be improved 💻 Research Program (NEW) At times, Nursa’s product team hosts focus groups, interviews, or surveys to get feedback around a Nursa product. If you're hoping to be a product tester for a future project, join the Research Group to get insider access to new features. 🧙 Community Leaders Program (NEW) This program will represent the voices of Nursa users across the nation. Leaders across the world volunteer to bring users together in local groups to collaborate, share, and collectively grow with Nursa in many different ways. Stay Tuned 👀 Up Next: Community How-Tos 👉
  18. Hey! I would like input on what states are the easiest to obtain licensure when you have a DUI on your record. I have been sober 5 years now, and travel nursing has always been a dream job for me. (I am not eligible for a compact license, but I CAN apply to states individually!) Does anyone have experience with this or can put me in touch with a resource?!
  19. Hi everyone! Do you know of an online resource to use that has a "crash course" in different EHR tutorials? The only one I really know is PCC and I am hearing alot about Cerner, Meditech, etc. Help! I want to learn in advance so that I am not completely lost!
  20. Looking to learn more about compact licenses? Read here
  21. Hello, I live in Las Vegas, NV and normally there are only shifts listed on here for one facility for RN. From the listings it would appear they are in dire need just about every day for night or day nurse. However, I have selected that I can work a shift probably 10 times or more and I have NEVER gotten any response back from them. Has anyone else experienced this? I've been an RN now for 8 yrs and my total nurse experience has been 10 yrs. I have just been curious as to how a facility always has this "need" and yet they never contact you to pick up a shift.
  22. Great app. Love how I can look at available shifts and pay and request for a shift from my phone. The only issue I have is that it's very glitchy. I set my preferences and it still gives me facilities that are in another state. Also, would be great to add more acute care facilities in Colorado.
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