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  1. Has anyone worked in a telenursing role? I'm so curious about what it's like and the pro's and con's!
  2. Just curious if Nursa is working on a daily pay option? Nurseio, Intely and ShiftMed all offer daily pay this seems to be the only app that doesn’t. I’ve seen a lot requests and/or comments about this topic. Thank you.
  3. Hey nurse peeps, went to the Arizona Nurse's Association Conference last weekend and was actually shocked by how much the association has done for nurses. I've never really been engaged in an official nurse association before and honestly thought it wasn't worth the money to join, but I was quite wrong, haha. Some of the things they talked about having done in the past year included: legislation they pushed to decrease smoke exposure in the OR (and prevent lung cancer for nurses!), creating a school nurse residency program, and setting up a mental health support system for nurses in Arizona. Those are just a few of the things they've done-- consider me shooketh. I've been seeing a lot of small, local nurse advocacy groups being organized by nurses on social media to try to fight for better pay, staffing ratios, etc. But after attending the conference I wondered if it would be more effective to engage more nurses in the associations that already exist? They've already done a lot of the leg-work in building relationships with legislators, nursing schools, etc. I think most people, like me, just have had no clue how much change these associations are actually driving. But idk...what do you think?
  4. Hey there, I was wondering how I can get jobs on this app? I have tried getting a couple and have been denied over and over. Any suggestions?
  5. Thought this TikTok was interesting and relatable.
  6. Do you use anything to hold your goods while you work? AKA pens, note pad, alcohol pads, flushes, etc..
  7. Would like to request the feature for saving notes associated with different facilities. Specifically with all the usernames/passwords/codes etc. I'd like to be able to keep that information in one place and in the app would be ideal. In addition, to be able to note what kind of MAR they use and add little FYI's/notes about where to find things etc. What system do other people use to keep track of this kind of information
  8. Please make some Nursa scrubs...it would make us feel like we belong in a world where we are the outsiders.
  9. I would like if dates would go in order for the shifts. As you can see even using the search by date the shifts still come up out of order as seen in my photo.
  10. Has anyone ever participated in a hospital strike and open to sharing about their experience?
  11. Is there a way we can see how facilities rate us. I think it would be good to see I always try to bring my A game. But there is always room to improve so feed back from facility would be nice.
  12. Is there a way for support to see if any comments were left by the facility that had rated the clinician?
  13. How long does the background check take? I would like to start picking up shifts but have been waiting on this credential. Thanks.
  14. Guest

    Safety tips

    What are your top safety tips you do on shift to avoid making mistakes? How do you prevent errors? Let's share and help each other be our best clinician selves. For me I always liked to try to stay organized so as not to mix up patients when you have so much going on.
  15. NURSES!!! I reallllyyyy NEED YOUR INPUT! Us nurses are struggling to feel heard/valued at the hospital I'm currently at. What do hospitals you work at do (if applicable, lol) that help you and other nurses feel heard/valued?? Something that I've heard of is shared governance, tuition reimbursement, or career development courses. Thoughts??
  16. Working as a nurse can be really difficult, let alone as a hospital nurse... so why do you stay? I'll go first: the flexibility with having a family. Nursa has given that to me!
  17. Why am I seeing shifts from other States beside Utah it's a little annoying
  18. Does anyone know why the payroll deposits come in as EFT instead of ACH?
  19. What is the process for beginning to pick up hospital shifts with Nursa? I've only ever done long term care. Also, I live in UT if that helps because it's probably a little different in other states, I'm assuming? 🤔
  20. Please Allow Daily Pay!!!! It hurts us to have to wait two weeks to be paid! Please allow your hardworking employees Daily pay so while we work so hard we can have access to our earned income immediately. Thank you so much!
  21. Ever since I did the new update two days ago I have not been able to see any notifications, on the app or using my cellphone internet browser. I was lucky to have access to a desk top and finally then was able to see my notifications to end my shift report. They said many clinicians are calling in with the same issue and they are working on it. But if you do request a shift. You will need to keep checking "schedule " to see if you got approved don't want a NCNS ! Then ask the facility to fill out their shift report so it get sooner if you're unable to do your end shift report. I just put in two request for the 5th. I had also reached out to the facility and told them the issue Nursa is experiencing on the clinicians side, to please reach out and let me know if I get approved.
  22. I was working Saturday night, I was passing my pills all a sudden a nurse came over and sent me home for some reason without any explanation. I also spoke with the DON, I feel as though she also gave me the run around too. I need to work. she did not tell me, what the complaint was.I can pick up shifts again she said (but heaven knows when that willI be). just don't know when I aynd I need to work. She has removed me from the particular facility(for now) I spoke with the Don the and she said I could can pick up shifts, at that facility but I don't know if that is the case(I hope it is)happened that night. I'm wondering if anyone can help me I'm feeling very sad and hurt right now. Has this happened to anyone else
  23. Does anyone else keep an extra pair of scrubs in their car so if they get dirty on shift or just to have a handy pair?? I ALWAYS keep an extra pair of scrubs on me 🙈 What are some other items you keep handy on you?
  24. HOSPITAL NEWBIES! What can be the scariest/most intimidating thing for you when you are working at a new hospital??
  25. Hi, I'm newish to the app and was thinking about picking up long term care shifts. Does anyone have any advice as to what to expect, how to physically or mentally prepare, etc...
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