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  1. See below for a list of facilities with open shifts in the next 5 days. Highland Care Center Legacy Village of Taylorsville Life Care Center of Bountiful Mckay-Dee Hospital Mt. Ogden Health and Rehab Neurorestorative - Country Life Care Center Provo Rehab and Nursing Rocky Mtn. Care of Clearfield Rocky Mtn. Care of Heber Rocky Mtn. Care of West Valley Sandstone Nephi South Ogden Post - Acute Filter by facility in the app!
  2. So I receive notifications via text message about upcoming shifts. when I go to click on the link it says the address is invalid. When I got to look up the facility in the Nursa app it doesn’t pop up does anybody have any tips or know why? Should I try to a different internet server
  3. We have a few shifts on June 28th that are available in Port Charlotte FL! LPN - https://app.nursa.com/jobs/detail/1150185963?from=shiftshare LPN - https://app.nursa.com/jobs/detail/3760184235?from=shiftshare CNA - https://app.nursa.com/jobs/detail/5104735410?from=shiftshare
  4. When will you guys update your app to where if a clinician requests a shift ,that clinician gets the shift???? It shouldn’t be where multiple clinicians can request one shift. That’s how we lose out on the opportunity to make money. I say that because some buildings choose favorites and don’t give others a chance to perform or show what good they are. You’re the only app (registry) that does that .. it’s not right. Also, why are the facilities keeping the shifts posted if a clinician is not needed period?? It’s frustrating because they leave you on requested at times instead of just denying the shift or simply deleting it period. And another thing.. allowing the buildings to verify shifts late or not at all delays our pay. Why is it in their control or your control as we are not employees? The better thing to do is pay after the work is done as it should be for self contractors.
  5. wondering why is all the shift coming back as filled is it just me
  6. Does anybody know if Nursa uses MRO EXPRESS out of FL for anything related to employing us?
  7. Facilities keep posting shifts that they dont’t need staff for. They post a lot of these shifts as back up if someone calls off. I have had staffers tell me that all their shifts are filled for the next two weeks but have shifts posted on the app. Or I will show up to a shift on time and be told - “well, everyone showed up so we don’t need you”. If you don’t need me why did you book me. I wasted my gas and time to come to your facility but you only booked me as a back up. This needs to stop! Facilities complain that agency staff are not reliable but these facilities are not reliable as well. Nursa needs to do something about penalising facilities for false advertising. the other day I showed up to a 12 hr shift and the scheduler had scheduled for only four hours! Why would you book a 12 hr shift but schedule me for four hours?! I left and did not work the shift (I went somewhere else to work) because that is ridiculous.
  8. Hello I’m Teresa and new to this app. Please help me with learning more about the app.
  9. Hi, I am a newbie and wanted to know how this app works
  10. Have you ever thought about giving NOC's a try? Local facilities need your help filling nocturnal shifts. To help ensure patients near you get the care they need, Nursa will pay you up to 15% more when you fill a NOC shift through the Nursa app. The facts: Typical NOC shifts start at 6PM and run to 6AM Most patients and residents are in bed the majority of the shift, resulting in fewer call lights Time to complete your charting and give the facility a 5-star experience Free up your days and enhance your work-life balance Find a NOC shift near you! Nursa has partnered with Perk, a local Utah brand, to help caffeinate your NOC shift! Use this link to get 10% off your order of Perk Energy. This is an exclusive offer for our Utah clinicians!
  11. Why is Nursa not separating "total earnings" into individual year? I would like to see what was my earnings in 2022 and what I have earned so far in 2023.
  12. I've been on Nursa for about a month now and I'm going to cancel my account. There are too many options in my area that are easy and professional. My issues with this app: filters are never saved, takes 12+ hours to get a response about whether I'm booked for a shift or just never getting a response, no push notifications, shifts listed in random order when you open the app, no name badges, the "total" shift payment listed does not subtract a 30min unpaid lunch break. It doesn't need to be this complicated to find work, no matter how competitive the wages are. App developers, I recommend looking at apps like Clipboard and Teambridge. I'm sure there are other great examples, these are just the ones I use personally.
  13. It’ll be nice for NURSA to get with it.. it’s 2023 and they are still doing facility shift reports… update the way you guys clock in and out so that clinicians can get paid on time. Example either gps while using the app and have clinicians clock in and out so therefore you have a location and know they are working there for the day or have a facility sign the app when done working. It’s that simple.
  14. Why is my account frozen? I DID NOT cancel 3 shifts in one month, nor did I no call no show. Nursa keeps freezing my account because facility's accepts you 20 mins before the beginning of a shift which forces you to cancel the shift then turns around and freeze your account for absolutely no reason. Why aren't these disgusting establishment That constantly cancel the workers at the last minute being canceled also? It's obvious that only nurses and nursing assistance recieve unfair treatment from this app
  15. So I'm wondering as a nurse what you'd need to do to qualify as both a regular working (W2) and a gig worker (form 1099) legally for the IRS working for the same company and if you could do this using Nursa in a variety of different settings. Different departments, different hospitals, different roles ect. Anyone who could share insights on this here I would appreciate it.
  16. I am a new CNA & have heard a lot of good things about this app and I would like to know if or when you go to a shift, how it goes and who do you talk to when you get there ? Is there some type of orientation or will they give me an exact assignment?
  17. Hello 👋 everyone is the nursa Sos notification still working mine doesn't since 3 days not i can't see the high pay shift anymore
  18. Can anyone tell me how to get a badge and also when payday is and why I cannot find info on jobs close to me without going through a long list of pages?
  19. I had picked up a shift that was over a hour away, when I got there they had put me in a COVID section. I had talked to the coordinator about not working that hall and asked if they could move me to a hall that does not have COVID. Long story short she told me 'I don't know what to tell you, I'll repost and find someone else to work the shift' I have 7 autoimmune diseases, I won't pick up shifts that has the 'COVID' tag. My body is already attacking its self daily, I don't want nor need to add to it if I'm able to avoid it. Which I can not avoid if the facilities ARE NOT ADDING THE COVID TAG TO THEIR POSTINGS. I lost out not only on 335 dollars, but I drove over an hour to work just for me to have to turn around. AFTER being there for an hour trying to figure out other solutions for me to stay. So I wasted at least 3 and half hours of my time for their lack of requirements as of facility posting. Which I did not get paid for my time, even though it was not my error, nor my lack of trying.
  20. Has anyone else experienced facilities calling you out due to having floor staff wanting to pick up, but refusing to cancel the shift on their end? I have recently learned that if a facility cancels a shift within 48hours of the start time of the shift beginning, they still have to pay the payout for posting the shift; if we as workers cancel, we are locked for 2 weeks. Recently I have had 3 shifts by 2 facilities contact me the night before & 2hrs before the shift started, or sent me home, but refuse to cancel the shift on their end, thus locking me till the end of the shift time and preventing me to pick up due to being scheduled already. One facility threatened to just report that I did a "No call, No Show" when I said I would cancel on my end with a comment. The facility that did me dirty 2x has blocked me from picking up there anymore, not that I would want to. Shout out Nursa! They has been very understanding and haven't locked me due to thorough communication with them. Am I the only one?
  21. It will be nice if picking up a shift will be first come first served because ever since I started working for Nursa I’ve only worked four times because facilities either have their own people they like to approve or something else. There is a plethora of CNAs and everybody waiting on one shift without certainty of getting it is frustrating.
  22. In pursuit of quality control, the Nursa allows individual facilities to block a clinician from seeing or requesting shifts at your building. We hope that this feature is used as a last resort and you are happy with each clinician experience you have utilizing the Nursa app, but we understand that may not always be the case. If you wish to block an individual clinician from seeing and requesting shifts at your facility, you can accomplish this in two different ways. Note: Blocks apply to individual facilities only. If you manage multiple facilities and do not want a clinician to requests shifts at any of them, you’ll need to block the clinician at each individual facility. Remove & Block a Scheduled Clinician Use these steps if you have already scheduled a clinician for a shift, but for any reason you want to remove them from the shift and block them from your facility. Tap Menu in the top left Tap Schedule Find the specific Shift Card Note: On the Schedule Page, you can adjust your filters to "Scheduled" and tap the date of the requested shift Tap the Shift Card to open Shift Details Tap Remove Clinician Note: Nursa encourages communication and will prompt you to contact the clinician prior to removal or cancellation. Confirm that you tried to contact the clinician Tap Remove Clinician Select No Longer Want to Work With This Clinician Provide an optional explanation for the removal Tap Remove and block now Tap Yes to confirm Note: Removing a clinician will return the shift to the marketplace so that other clinicians can request the shift. If you need to Cancel a shift entirely, see this article. How to Block a Clinician (After Shift) Use these steps to block clinicians and easily manage and organize clinicians at your facility. at Nursa. It explains how to easily manage and organize clinicians at your facility. Tap Menu in the top left Select Data Select Clinicians If connected to multiple facilities, select the facility you want to manage Click on the "..." next to the clinician's name Click Block clinician Select the reason why you are blocking the clinician, any details then click Block clinician Blocked clinicians will appear on the clinician list with the blocked icon next to their profile picture + the quick reason as to why they were blocked next to their name Please note that blocking a clinician has the following outcomes: The clinician will no longer be able to see any shifts posted by the facility. If a direct link to a shift is shared to a blocked clinician, they will not be able to request such shift. If the blocked clinician has any future scheduled shifts to that facility, those scheduled shifts will be dropped and the shifts will go back to the marketplace If the blocked clinicians has any pending shift requests for future shifts, the requests will be canceled Note: If you had a poor experience with the clinician but would like to give them a second chance in the future, you can give them a one star rating and just select Confirm so that they can see and request shifts at your facility in the future. How to Un-Block a Clinician Tap Menu in the top left Select Data Select Clinicians If connected to multiple facilities, select the facility you want to manage Click on the "..." next to the clinician's name Click Blocking details When unblocking a clinician, you'll be shown the reason as to why that clinician was blocked. That reason cannot be edited. In order to proceed, click Unblock clinician
  23. I had a facility call me to see if I was interested in a shift they said it was posted on nursa. I looked on the app and website I didn’t see it. I called directly to nursa and they tried to help. I was disappointed because how many shifts have been missed? The reps are very supportive but things were never fixed infact they’re worse I’m luck if see 3-4 shifts now. Never had this problem til this past summer when they made changes.
  24. I use to love this app but here lately it’s been impossible to get shifts and facilities cancel you when you want send you home when they want and expect you to show up and be happy because you got a shift and can block you anytime they want I’m about to be done for a little while because it isn’t fair that they can do that and you have no reason why
  25. Nursa is wonderful but you , changing the app so frequently is confusing and unprofessional! Wish you guy would figure one system out and leave it!
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