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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Tania, in las Vegas NV. New to the Nursa Community, I am currently working as an RN and have for the last 10 years. Do have a recently reactivated LPN license that had been expired for over 8 years. Decided to activate it as some partial shifts were available for LPNs in my area and it was perfect for what I was looking for. Happy to be here. Currently waiting on approval of my first few shifts. Does it usually take a while to get approve? How soon/late prior to starting the shift do you get approve for the assignment? Thanks Tania
  2. I have already worked 3 shifts for Nursa. Why is my background check not complete? It’s been weeks. help!
  3. I can on here to say that after working for Nursa for a year things have gone downhill with them. I get “accepted” for a NOC shift and don’t look at other options because I’ve been “accepted “ yet, hours before my shift I am cancelled! This is happening 100% of the time! These facilities are making me a back up plan obviously and Nursa needs to step up and put an end to this game! After being cancelled so many times from a facility I decided to cancel my shifts with them and then Nursa dings me for it and put a hold on my account. This isn’t right. I’ll be looking at other companies where the facility is held accountable and not hitting me with being “irresponsible.”
  4. I am a CNA out of Oklahoma and I'm having the most difficult time picking up shifts. Once I requested the shift I send a message to the facility introducing myself and my interest and in response I get "sorry the shift you requested has been filled ". Does anyone have any tips on getting scheduled.
  5. I don't like it when they canceled me last minute. I am losing hours/money. But I guess that's part of doing an agency;(. Does anybody face the same dilemma?
  6. Hello everyone. Wondered if any one here worked in the northern AZ (Navajo Reservation) as a CNA with Nursa. Would like some input~ Much appreciated.
  7. I just think it’s unfair when you try to dispute your frozen account and no one reaches out to you one time I had covid and they froze my account I emailed them with my documentation they never un froze me to two days ago I was literally down the street from the facility my tire blew out they froze my account it’s sucks for us that are actually good workers the facility been texting me asking me to work more cause they know I work good I never miss for no reason but Nursa won’t reach back out to me
  8. I just want to let ya'll know that despite of my relationship with NURSA (either good or bad), I'm still Thankful to be with this company. From CNA's, Nurses and to all NURSA staff, team and management. I want to extend my arms and say Thank you for being supportive, for providing us a competitive rate that other agencies could not match. Happy Turkey Day ya'll as well! One Love, Rain
  9. Is anyone else having issues with the app loading ? Ive uninstalled and re downloaded still it just stays on the same initial screen never loads?
  10. Hi everyone. I'm new to Nursa as of this week. I’ll be work has cma
  11. I'm trying to sign up for the pay card but it keeps telling me I need to add my birthday but I have no idea how to do that.
  12. Hello everyone I'm new in Nursa. And I'm based in Maryland, I'm still figuring out my way in here. Can anyone help me please. I'm an RN
  13. In what ways can digital tech support nurses during their shifts and aid their emotional and physical recovery afterward? The caregiving and nursing comes naturally to most in the healthcare. Sometimes, the most frustrating thing can be the technology and systems used on a shift. How can digital tech be used as a tool? What gaps do you see? Drop your comment 👇
  14. I worked on September 12th and 14th, was super happy to get those hours and that pay. Waited until Friday that week, no pay. Waited until the next Friday, same thing, no pay. Talked with payment support like five different times. The payment support specialist was super nice and always trying to get answers for me . But I'm getting frustrated now, I have bills and no money to pay them. I would love for them to get this figured out for the future so it doesn't happen to done one else. Please help me get my money I worked for it. Oh and Stripe is a joke, I mean I can't even see my account with stripe or make one and link Nursa to it so I know what the heck is happen with my money.
  15. I drove two hours to a shift tonight only to find out that the facility had “forgotten” to cancel me. I contacted Nursa and the only compensation they offer is $75?! I know it’s not Nursa’s fault but they should offer more protection for their nurses in these situations. $75 is nothing compared to what I thought I would be making tonight. Not only that but now the other jobs I could have requested have been filled. I know that if we no show or late cancel a shift there are repercussions but what about the facility? What happens to them for completely wasting my time?
  16. Nursa is learning what resources to best support you. Besides our community, Nursa has a vault of information out on Nursa. To best navigate your way to solutions, we’ve listed resources and their purpose below. On Community: Help Guides → This is the written manual of how to use Nursa and its tools. Weekly Live Q&As → A weekly community connect event with per diem Nursa users across the US to talk about life as a PRN caregiver and build relationships New to Nursa Support → While you are filling out your first shifts, you may have a million questions or just one. This is the safe space to ask your questions and our Nursa experts can help support getting that first shift! Outside Community: Blog → Read articles that cover a range of topics like best nursing practice or specialties. Social Channels → Connect with us on socials. Don’t miss out and follow up on IG, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or TikTok. Youtube → Follow our channel for how-to’s, webinars and our upcoming podcast. If you still have questions, lean on your community in the “LINK” space. Of course, you’re also welcome to email community@nursa.com. Up Next: Introduce yourself, if you haven't already 👉
  17. Starting August 18th, we will meet Fridays to talk through best practices in getting ready for your first couple of shifts with Nursa! We will also work to publish tips on Fridays and encourage others to post theirs as well 🙂
  18. I finished a shift yesterday and downloaded my shift report. The download consisted of all my credentials. What am I supposed to do with the download now? There's no instructions on what to do with it. And there's a glitch that happens after downloading that when I reopen my app it goes straight to the download shift report link again (pretty frustrating).
  19. I am trying to book a shift in texas but I don't see any shift. Does this app work in Houston Texas. Please help
  20. I wanted to schedule a few shifts throughout July. Now I can't because my account is frozen. All I did was cancel the requested shifts. The other scheduled shifts weren't canceled. I am starting a new job in August and was hoping to work a few shifts beforehand. Is it possible that the freeze can be removed if we didn't cancel a scheduled shift? Has anyone had their account unfrozen before the 14 days? Thanks
  21. Anna j


    I need help verifying my license
  22. What is Getting Started Fridays? Every Friday we will highlight a Nursa feature and it will include a description, relevant support pages, videos, blogs, and related community content. The goal of this weekly series is to help users find resources related to the topic. Important note: for urgent questions please contact our Support Team. Getting Started Fridays | July 6, 2023 You have your license uploaded, you can view shifts... but now what? You are now ready to request shifts but to increase your chances, we would recommend adding all essential credentials. Essential credentials are: (1) COVID - 19 Vaccine Card (2) CPR/First Aid (3) Government-issued ID These are the credentials most facilities will look for you to have uploaded in your profile. Support Articles: Relevant Topics:
  23. Usually I check my phone throughout the night to see if I am scheduled for a shift. This time I was not schedule, I slept, woke at 9am and found out I was scheduled 1 hr prior to shift start. And I was placed on a block acct after contacting the facility informing them that I did not get a notification and that i could be there in 30mins. Usually I don't belly ache about things, but this angered me. Due to the fact that there should be a time when it is allow to schedule prior to the beginning of a shift. Just like when facilities wants a 2 hr notice of cancelations. Why not return the courtesy? But by day 4 of this info my acct will be reviewed with nursa supervisors and hopefully be restored. This was my first time experience and I think it is silly. Has anyone else experienced this?
  24. So I receive notifications via text message about upcoming shifts. when I go to click on the link it says the address is invalid. When I got to look up the facility in the Nursa app it doesn’t pop up does anybody have any tips or know why? Should I try to a different internet server
  25. Hello and Good Morning to our Community! It has recently come to my attention that a few users are adding credentials and important identification docs here under their profile. PLEASE DO NOT ADD THEM IN THE COMMUNITY! This is for your safety as they will be public if you post them on your profile here. You will want to revert back to the app (or by going to app.nursa.com) to add your credentials not here in the community. This is a serious privacy risk and I don't want anyone to share private info publicly. If you see anything that is private info, please report it. I will moderate the best I can. Thank you all! Have a great week 🙂
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