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Years in Healthcare

  1. There is a facility where I am located that posts the majority of shifts in my area. I have been requesting shifts since my initial download of this app. Never been accepted for a shift. Messaged the point of contact repeatedly to figure out what I’m doing wrong. The staffing associate finally responds saying that they were good for the day. So why are shifts being posted that don’t even need to be filled. Then I finally got another response about how to get booked. I was told that I need to come to the facility to get a background check down and fingerprints done that will cost me out of my own pocket. How was this not communicated from weeks ago and how is anyone supposed to know automatically? I was told today that Nursa was unaware of this process. Very frustrating.
  2. Why do ya'll think that so few nurses are men? I recently learned that less than 10% of nurses are male! Knew there weren't very many, but that is super low!
  3. What is your dream nursing job? I always thought mine was flight nursing but then my friend told me hers is to be Beyonce's personal nurse and it's got me thinkin 😅
  4. Hello Just wondering is there any pay for when you have been accepted for a shift then the facility cancels. I know other places that give u a bonus pay for half the shift.
  5. When I first started with Nursa I liked the fact that I could pick up shifts Sunday through Saturday and get paid that following Thursday. It made it easier to plan out my work, I knew how much I needed to make that week, how many hours I needed to pick, a long with how many days, all based on which bills are due and when. Now I don't know how many hours or days I need to pick up. What days will be deposited. How much to put into my bill account, savings and spending. Mainly HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE THE FACILITY TO APPROVE MY HOURS. Which is now based on when we get paid for that shift. I am a financially organized female and I can not be if the pay is ALL OVER THE PLACE.
  6. Hi Everyone! Sandra here, new to the Nursa community. Great to be here! I do have a few questions though… Are nurses oriented to the facility the first day so we know where everything is? Are we allowed to go ahead of time and get familiar with the layout of the building, med room, and other things we need to know before we start. I just feel a lot of time is wasted just trying to figure out things at the beginning of shift and take away from patient care if we don’t know where things are or how their charting system works, etc… I would appreciate any help with answering these questions. Thank you! 😊
  7. So I'm wondering as a nurse what you'd need to do to qualify as both a regular working (W2) and a gig worker (form 1099) legally for the IRS working for the same company and if you could do this using Nursa in a variety of different settings. Different departments, different hospitals, different roles ect. Anyone who could share insights on this here I would appreciate it.
  8. How do we up date our cna license in the app
  9. Let us know what you would like to see more of in the new year! If it's not on the list, comment below!
  10. In our "What do you want to see more of on the Nursa Community in 2023?" Poll you wanted to see more app features and new release knowledge. Let's dig more into it! Select what you are wanting to see and/or explain below what you'd like to see from our newest features?
  11. Hello 👋 everyone is the nursa Sos notification still working mine doesn't since 3 days not i can't see the high pay shift anymore
  12. Can anyone tell me how to get a badge and also when payday is and why I cannot find info on jobs close to me without going through a long list of pages?
  13. Thanks Nursa for accepting me and welcoming me. I have been apart of this for a year now and I have not seen shifts near me in Orlando FL If I can be compensated for at least travel or hotel accommodations, I would not mind traveling to another state to do shifts. please let me know your feedback.
  14. Welcome to the new year. What new goals or current goals you are going to continue doing? Work or personal! Drop it below👇 Me personally, I am working on getting 64 oz of water and spending 30 minutes a day with my 2 year old 🙂
  15. Has anyone else experienced facilities calling you out due to having floor staff wanting to pick up, but refusing to cancel the shift on their end? I have recently learned that if a facility cancels a shift within 48hours of the start time of the shift beginning, they still have to pay the payout for posting the shift; if we as workers cancel, we are locked for 2 weeks. Recently I have had 3 shifts by 2 facilities contact me the night before & 2hrs before the shift started, or sent me home, but refuse to cancel the shift on their end, thus locking me till the end of the shift time and preventing me to pick up due to being scheduled already. One facility threatened to just report that I did a "No call, No Show" when I said I would cancel on my end with a comment. The facility that did me dirty 2x has blocked me from picking up there anymore, not that I would want to. Shout out Nursa! They has been very understanding and haven't locked me due to thorough communication with them. Am I the only one?
  16. I know we had gone to two days a week of being paid. Today when it said when I would get paid for a shift it said I wouldn't get paid till the 9th with the 7 days from now. Now I'm worried that it changed and I didn't know. I never got an email regarding the first change to twice a week so now I'm worried that I didn't get the email about it changing back.
  17. Comment below if there's a topic you want to hear about not listed as an option!
  18. Does anyone know if I can pick up IHC shifts even though I work for Primary Childrens but not in bedside nursing? I am a Case Manager but want to pick up bedside nursing positions. Is this possible?
  19. Has anyone subscribed to Nurse Luxe? Is it worth the try? Thank you
  20. Nursa is wonderful but you , changing the app so frequently is confusing and unprofessional! Wish you guy would figure one system out and leave it!
  21. Am I getting my shifts canceled because I'm unvaccinated? I haven't had covid and I test twice a week. This is unfair treatment and needs to be investigated.
  22. Does anyone know if the State of Arizona recognizes Safe Harbor? If not, does anyone know if there is something similar to Safe Harbor in the State of Arizona? Thank you
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