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Found 18 results

  1. I’m a Louisiana resident and want to pick up in other states over the summer. I’m a little anxious about making a move and not sure which move to make first. I’d hate to pay for a full month of lodging and drive to another state, and then not be selected to work the shifts. Do facilities have bias when considering approving a shift? Has anyone had this same dilemma and have advice to navigate this? I am contracted with a local agency and I am having difficulties getting shifts. I just don’t want the same problem being away from home.
  2. I recently got my RN license so I can work as an RN. what are the responsibilities for RN? Is there a way I can shadow someone before taking a shift or is there a short training?
  3. Hey! I would like input on what states are the easiest to obtain licensure when you have a DUI on your record. I have been sober 5 years now, and travel nursing has always been a dream job for me. (I am not eligible for a compact license, but I CAN apply to states individually!) Does anyone have experience with this or can put me in touch with a resource?!
  4. Hi Ladies, I'm new to travel/per diem, so I will take any pointers you can give me! I have been in an LPN to RN bridge (Pueblo), but recently had to put school on hold to make some $$$$!! If you know of a program I can get back into (Denver area) let me know! ****On that note, I am super broke so if your facility is needing more LPN's don't be afraid to message me. TOODLES!
  5. Hey @Niecey bands! What is the idea behind the Bigger bag group?? 🙂
  6. Hi Nurses! We have friends over at Grand Canyon Univeristy who are hosting an open house to explore furthering your career in Nursing. Next Thursday, you can go in person in Sandy, UT, and explore opportunities, more info below! GCU ABSN Open House | May 18, 2023 (eventcreate.com) GCU ABSN Program Overview KUTV News ABSN GCU
  7. What is your dream nursing job? I always thought mine was flight nursing but then my friend told me hers is to be Beyonce's personal nurse and it's got me thinkin 😅
  8. Hello, I live in Nevada and in order to keep your license you have to take a yearly cultural competency test. The test is usually given by the facility you work but since I work for you guys this year. Will you be making the tasks available that we need to keep our license active. If we worked for a facility they would provide it
  9. Hey nurse peeps, went to the Arizona Nurse's Association Conference last weekend and was actually shocked by how much the association has done for nurses. I've never really been engaged in an official nurse association before and honestly thought it wasn't worth the money to join, but I was quite wrong, haha. Some of the things they talked about having done in the past year included: legislation they pushed to decrease smoke exposure in the OR (and prevent lung cancer for nurses!), creating a school nurse residency program, and setting up a mental health support system for nurses in Arizona. Those are just a few of the things they've done-- consider me shooketh. I've been seeing a lot of small, local nurse advocacy groups being organized by nurses on social media to try to fight for better pay, staffing ratios, etc. But after attending the conference I wondered if it would be more effective to engage more nurses in the associations that already exist? They've already done a lot of the leg-work in building relationships with legislators, nursing schools, etc. I think most people, like me, just have had no clue how much change these associations are actually driving. But idk...what do you think?
  10. Has anyone ever participated in a hospital strike and open to sharing about their experience?
  11. Has anyone worked in a telenursing role? I'm so curious about what it's like and the pro's and con's!
  12. Do you guys have any resources for help with resumes? tips or tricks to make myself more appealing for picking up shifts?
  13. I truly love working agency, and courious - What is your response when a facility's HR or even D.O.N tries to recruit and offer you a job or tries to have you fill out an application? I am very new to TX, so I kind of have a quick easy response as "I'm new to TX I'm not quite settled in just yet, I really like working agency, with the flexibility also it gives me opportunity to see how facilities are ran, how the team works together and how well the residents are truly being taken care of by the facility as a whole. "
  14. https://www.azfamily.com/2022/07/06/arizona-looks-address-nursing-shortage-through-new-bill/
  15. What does it look like at the end of the year working as a Independent contractor?
  16. Is PRN flexibility your goal? Are you currently in school working towards furthering your education? Is nursing a stepping stone or what you see yourself in for the rest of your working career? Let us know! What is your goal?
  17. According to the Big Five Model, personality can be narrowed down to five main factors: extroversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. Extroversion This factor reflects the degree to which people interact with others and their levels of comfort and assertiveness in these situations. Extroverted people are sociable and enjoy being the center of attention. Furthermore, they are energized by social interaction. At the other end of the spectrum, people with low extroversion prefer to be alone and are even tired by social interaction. They are more reserved and reflective and certainly do not like being the center of attention. Agreeableness This factor refers to people’s interaction with others. If people are highly agreeable, they are empathetic and sympathetic; they are cooperative, altruistic, and compliant; they are trustworthy and also forgiving of others. People falling on the opposite end of the spectrum are more likely to show off as well as insult others. People with low agreeableness are not likely to care about others’ feelings and are often demanding of others. Openness This trait refers to people’s willingness to experience new things, as well as their inclination towards imaginative and intellectual pursuits. Open people are often curious, creative, and unconventional. On the other hand, those with low openness are more traditional and prefer to follow routines; they are also not very imaginative. Needless to say, people who are not very open tend to dislike change. Conscientiousness People who are highly conscientious have great impulse control. This allows them to stay focused on goals. These individuals are generally organized, disciplined, thoughtful, and careful. On the other hand, people with low conscientiousness are more impulsive and disorganized. Neuroticism This factor refers to people’s emotional stability and the lens through which they see the world. Neurotic people are more prone to experiencing negative emotions and thoughts, including anxiety, anger, sadness, stress, low self-esteem, and vulnerability. People with low neuroticism are more emotionally stable: they don’t worry much; they are rarely sad; they often have high self-esteem and are more confident, and resilient. We all fall somewhere on the spectrum of these personality traits. It also probably affects how we engage and care for others. Do we think nurses have a trait all in common?
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