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  1. Are you located in Utah? You're invited to the Valencia Willow Creek Carnival Open House! ‍ There will be food, games, photo booth, raffle prizes, a dunk tank and so much more! Plus your local Nursa team handing out popcorn. ‍ Date: Friday, August 16th, 2024 Time: 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM Location: Valencia Willow Creek, 8325 S. Highland Drive, Sandy, UT 84093 ‍ Call for more info: 801-733-6363
  2. Hi Im new here in Nursa as a CNA and im happy to be part of this team.Any best recommendations of places to work as a CNA around Miami Florida? thank you.And Good Luck to all!
  3. Introducing ShiftReady Your Facility’s Way To Empower Clinicians With Access To Your Essential Training Resources Meet your facility’s training requirements with confidence. ShiftReady is a free tool that enables facilities to share essential training materials with clinicians. Clinician progress and completion for your facility’s training are tracked and recorded within the platform to provide effortless record keeping for facility administrators Explore ShiftReady Why ShiftReady? ShiftReady is a FREE tool for facilities to share & track completion of essential training materials. Customizable: ShiftReady accepts all kinds of formats (mp4, PDF, pptx, SCORM, etc.) to help build facility-specific trainings and promote regulatory compliance. Reporting & Record Keeping: ShiftReady contains robust, user-friendly reporting tools to enable effortless record keeping. Mobile-Friendly: ShiftReady makes training convenient through its mobile-first design and the ability to start and restart trainings with ease. Kyte Learning: ShiftReady is owned & operated by instructional design expert, Kyte Learning. It was developed with Nursa to make online training more accessible for facilities and clinicians. How to Get Started with ShiftReady Share your facility’s training requirements and resources with your local Nursa representative. You can go HERE to find yours today Explore ShiftReady Find Shifts /* Style for dropdown */ .dropdown { display: block; border: 0px solid #ccc; /* Add border around the question */ padding: 20px; cursor: pointer; margin-bottom: 10px; /* Add margin for spacing */ box-shadow: 0 2px 5px rgba(0,0,0,.2); /* Add box shadow */ background-color: white; /* White background for the question */ } .answer { display: none; margin-top: 10px; /* Add margin for spacing */ padding: 20px; /* Add padding */ color: black; /* Text color */ } .dropdown.active + .answer { display: block; } .question-text { font-weight: bold; /* Make question text bold */ color: #5924b0; /* Text color for question */ font-size: 18px; /* Set question text size */ } .answer p { font-size: 18px; /* Set answer text size */ } Common Questions and Answers Q1: What is ShiftReady? ▼ A1: ShiftReady is a free, online content management platform that offers clinicians access to a library of training resources. Q2: Where do I find ShiftReady? ▼ A2: https://shiftready.kytelearning.com or in a facility’s custom credential within the Nursa app. Q3: Is there a fee to use ShiftReady? ▼ A3: Nope! It is free for clinicians and facilities. Q4: Can clinicians track progress and completion of trainings through ShiftReady? ▼ A4: Yes, progress and course completion are tracked within ShiftReady. Q5: How can ShiftReady help me qualify for work in specific facilities? ▼ A5: By completing the trainings recommended by facilities in their primary screening lists, you, as an independent contractor, can better demonstrate your qualifications and set your profile apart when requesting shifts at their facilities. Q6: How do I submit proof that I have completed training to a facility? ▼ A6: After completing a course, you should upload a screenshot or digital copy of the training’s certificate of completion to the corresponding credential on your Nursa profile. Once this step is taken, facilities on the Nursa app will be able to see and verify that you have completed that credential. Q7: Is there support available if I have questions or technical issues with ShiftReady? ▼ A7: Yes, ShiftReady support is available through the help button “bell” in the bottom left corner of the home screen. If the ShiftReady support team cannot help, you can always reach out to Nursa Support HERE. Q8: Are there any community or peer support features within ShiftReady? ▼ A8: Not currently, but Nursa Community is a great resource for peer support and is available to all Nursa users. Q9: Where can clinicians find all of their completed courses, courses in progress, and courses to complete? ▼ A9: Within the "My Learning" tab in ShiftReady.
  4. In California, all healthcare facilities providing direct care services are required to have a signed California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Form 530 on file for each non-employee individual who is paid for direct care services (i.e. independent contractors). To help facilities fulfill this requirement, starting June 13, 2024 all clinicians will be required to e-sign a digital copy of the CDPH 530 form in order to be paid for the shift. Facilities will have access to e-sign their portion of the form and download completed copies for their records. This feature is active for all shifts completed in California. Use Nursa's new digital CDPH 530 form as a replacement to your current process or in addition to your existing workflow as a backup. How do I fill out CDPH 530 forms? As a facility user for shifts in California, you will be able to easily sign and complete the CDPH 530 form when submitting your facility shift report. Complete your shift report as normal The form will pop up and you will give your electronic signature Click "Sign and Confirm" Submit shift report Note: If a facility user does not complete their shift report and it is auto-verified, the form will need to be signed before downloading. How do I download CDPH 530 forms? Click the menu in the top left corner Scroll to "Data" tab Select "CDPH 530" If connected to multiple facilities, Select a Facility Filter by the shift date range you are interested in Select the forms you wish to download Select "Sign Selected" if signatures are still needed Note: You can only download forms that are signed Select "Download Selected" to download forms Note: This form is only available for facilities located in California.
  5. I can on here to say that after working for Nursa for a year things have gone downhill with them. I get “accepted” for a NOC shift and don’t look at other options because I’ve been “accepted “ yet, hours before my shift I am cancelled! This is happening 100% of the time! These facilities are making me a back up plan obviously and Nursa needs to step up and put an end to this game! After being cancelled so many times from a facility I decided to cancel my shifts with them and then Nursa dings me for it and put a hold on my account. This isn’t right. I’ll be looking at other companies where the facility is held accountable and not hitting me with being “irresponsible.”
  6. Hi there… I’m new to Nursa. Just wondering how long it normally takes for a facility to accept and/or deny your request for shifts. I put in a week ago for 3 shifts and have done my profile work and messaged the facility with no response. What other steps do I need to take to make sure I get the shifts I requested to be accepted?
  7. Introducing Organization and Unit Roles **Coming soon** Based on roles set by an organization administrator, each unit or facility can have specified roles and permissions allowed within the Nursa App. Organization Management serves as a central hub within the Nursa app, empowering facilities to efficiently oversee and optimize your internal scheduling structures. This dynamic system streamlines the management of organizations, including buildings, units, and associated users, fostering enhanced collaboration and streamlined operations. Organization Roles: Administrator: Grants access to the Organization Management dashboard and allow user to manage the units and users that belong to the organization Member: Users that are connected to the organization or any unit associated with the organization but unable to access organization management. Unit Roles: Manager: Grants the ability to post shifts, manage shifts’ policies, accept or reject shift requests, submit facility shift reports, manage facility profile and access financial information. Scheduler: Grants the ability to post shifts, manage shift’s policies, accept or reject shift requests and submit facility shift reports. Viewer: Can view all information but unable to complete any actions. How It Works Only the Organization Administrators will be able to view the Organization Management hub. Access and edit through the following: Tap Menu Tap Settings Select Organization Management Switch Organization that you may be connected to by selecting the Switch button. Edit Units by taping Units and locating specific unit name and selecting the three dots on the right to Edit Unit Profile. Edit Roles by taping Users and selecting three dots to Edit Role. Ensure you are saving changes as you go The Organizational Management hub is an invaluable resource to facilities is designed to empower and provide autonomy to organization administrators to manage units and users. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, this hub is an invaluable asset for organizations.
  8. DeVante


    Most facilities do not have the time to deny every request they get sent in, so is there anyway we can remove the facilities ability to let the shift requester know that they're not going to be accepted for the shift without the facility need to do so? And is there any way that the facility can have to choose what kind of shift it is? (Ex. On-call, full shift etc.) There should be an automated system that will allow the first requester to be confirmed and all others after to be denied or even just have the shift removed once one person already requested or has been confirmed by the shift. And a time limited request would be great so that way these facilities can't just post a shift and forget to respond to it. This app could use more accountability and be even more interactive on the facilities side.
  9. There was a brief thread in July regarding facilities that post shifts but do not respond to clinicians who request them. In my previous post, I mentioned that there are certain facilities that post shifts that are not actually available, and it is misleading to clinicians and ultimately a waste of time. On Tuesday, I requested a posted shift for Friday, 12/08. I informed the scheduler about the shift this morning and included a snippet of her response. As far as I know, the facility is not known for doing this, and I hope it does not become a long-term problem. What measures has NURSA taken to discourage facilities from posting shifts 'just in case'?
  10. Essential credentials + TB within the last 12 months seem to be popular! Are you seeing any others?
  11. Why don’t these facilities reply back to emails ?
  12. Alix


    A facility marked me as a NCNS when I did in fact arrive for the shift. When I arrived at the facility I was told that they were fully staffed and that I needed to call their scheduler. When I called the person, they told me that they had forgotten to cancel me and that I needed to go home. Somehow, I was then marked as a NCNS by the facility. Despite having screenshots of my calls and texts with the facility scheduler, my account is frozen with Nursa and has been for almost TWO WEEKS. How can this happen when I was the one who was inconvenienced? I arrived for the shift and have proof but Nursa does not believe their clinicians and cuts off our livelihoods instead of resolving the issue. I have been in contact with several “customer service” reps and they have all been less than helpful. I’m hoping by posting on here, I will get someone’s attention who can actually help.
  13. Facilities just aren't posting like they once were. What gives? I've noticed various facilities switching agencies/apps, but not to Nursa. Hope things get better.
  14. I drove two hours to a shift tonight only to find out that the facility had “forgotten” to cancel me. I contacted Nursa and the only compensation they offer is $75?! I know it’s not Nursa’s fault but they should offer more protection for their nurses in these situations. $75 is nothing compared to what I thought I would be making tonight. Not only that but now the other jobs I could have requested have been filled. I know that if we no show or late cancel a shift there are repercussions but what about the facility? What happens to them for completely wasting my time?
  15. Curious if anyone else has a strategy when working at a new facility. I have heard working a NOC shift at a facility to see if you like it and if you do, working the swing and then a day shift if you like that facility. Anyone else?
  16. I’m extremely frustrated… In the app it offers, once you work 3 shifts you qualify for instant pay. What they don’t mention is it’s not vastly available in most states. It’s gravely irritating and frustrating that it offers pay is done on Mon and Wed then takes 2-3 days for it to appear in your acct. What I have learned is, as the medical staffer, we are expected to show up promptly and complete the shift to the facility expectations. However, they can take there time to complete the shift report. I worked a shift, it’s now been a week ago and it just now has been processed but I still have to wait 3 days for it to hit my acct. When most of these shifts are anywhere from 60-240 miles from my home. My gas tank doesn’t allow me to say “I know your empty but we must go to work anyway.” It takes money! My daycare provider does not allow me to say “sorry, I still have not been paid, so you have to wait.” Why is it acceptable for the facilities to take there sweet time to confirm you did the job? Working with Nursa, your payday is too unpredictable. That shows great unprofessionalism. There are so many other agencies that provide same day pay, I try to a avoid Nursa staffing as I have to ensure income in a timely fashion. In addition, if they are going to expect folks to assist with facilities it would be great if they offered the standard federal mileage reimbursement or lodging for back to back shifts at same facility. Especially as they allow pay to be delayed. I try not to recommend Nursa to my colleagues as I don’t like to hear the same bothersome complaints of 1. Payout 2. Unpredictable acceptance of shifts 3. Distance to facility without compensation 4. Often not having oncoming nurse coverage making you responsible to stay 5. Lack of communication from facility, especially related to several admissions 6. Facility expectation of you being the scape goat for the heavy unpleasant work load while the perm staff coast through the shift 7. Overall dissatisfaction with unprofessional tactics allowed from facilities. Staff being held at higher expectations then that of the facilities. Penalizing staff for need to cancel but “oh well” when the facility does.
  17. This is a good app but allot of the staffing from facilities don't know what they want and that's not ok. I say this because I have requested 5 shifts from one facility all for the same day. I requested these shifts about a week ago, and 3 of them are for day two are for night. It's 1pm and the facility still hasn't done it's due diligence to say the shifts I requested for the day have been filled and I can assume correctly that my night request will not give me a notice. Why is this ok? I just don't get what is the point of saying you want help if you don't need it? I think a time limited request would help because these facilities are just fooling around with people's time and expectations and that's not ok.
  18. See the new facilities below and check out the shifts at app.nursa.com/jobs 🙂 Ocean Shores Assisted Living (Ocean Shores) Tri-Cities Assisted Living (Pasco) Green Lake Senior Living (Renton) Main Residential (Spokane Valley) Liberty Place LAPLANTE Communities (Spokane) South Point Assisted Living (Everett) Amber Hills Assisted Living (Prosser) Let us know if you have any questions!
  19. I'm working at the Allegiant facility in mesa today but their check in doesn't have a specific option for Nursa so I didn't check in they know I'm here so I'm guessing I just won't check in?
  20. Are your requests sitting there for too long, not getting scheduled? Which facilities are slower to respond? How long do you normally have to wait?
  21. Hello Oregon RNs! I'm an RN with experience in Acute Care only and looking to get started working in ALF/SNFs. Can anyone recommend a good facility to pick up a shift and get some quick form of orientation (or at least decent instructions) as to what are the expectations of me as an RN in these facilities. I'm mostly concerned about the charting because I imagine they use different platforms than EPIC? If anyone has any useful info please feel free to share ❤️ Thanks so much!
  22. Are your requests sitting there for too long, not getting scheduled? Which facilities are slower to respond? How long do you normally have to wait?
  23. Knowing what’s happening with your schedule and shifts with Nursa is critical, as is ensuring you receive notifications about them. There are a number of optional notifications that also keep you up-to-date on happenings with Nursa, including new features, Nursa news, and special offers. To allow you to decide what notifications you receive and when, you can adjust your settings in your Communication Preferences. Important Note: You cannot opt out of transactional messages, like details about your posted shifts, password resets, etc. Adjusting Your Communication Preferences Tap Menu in the top left Tap Settings Tap Communication Preferences You’ll see your notification types and preferences: Preferred Channels: In-App, Email, SMS/Text, and push. Note: You will need to enable app notifications to receive push. Notification Types:Shift Requests Shift Requests: New requests and request removals Shift Schedule: Clinician arriving in 24 hours, cancels a shift Shift Report: Updates to shift reports Marketing Communications: Newsletters, Product and Shift Updates, Special Offers and more Messages: Direct in-app messages from others Cancelation Notifications: Clinician shit cancelations. See this article for more on Cancelation Notifications. Use the purple slide on the right hand side of the notification tyes to opt out.
  24. That's what I was told yesterday. They said that it's because Nursa is raising their rates...Are you kidding me?!?!? I have built up a rapport with this facility to where they verify my shift immediately after working it, they notify me that shifts are posted, and I communicate with the management team on a day by day bases to assist in making the facility a better place to work at...everything has been going great. Why fix what was not broken? Your greed to make more money off of my labor has resulted in no more shifts scheduled here and no more money from this facility. Who decides this??? You aren't making enough money from us already???? How do you justify the rise in rates ???? Please fix this...if not, i for one will be forced into becoming core staff...i am outraged!!!
  25. How does Nursa support and helps us when Facilities schedule us for 12 hours than when you get here they tell you to do showers only, I’m almost done in total maybe 6 hours. Another Nursa contractor told me they sent her home early too since she was done with showers. I got an Uber for $47 dollars to get here and more than likely another $47 to go back home. After setting aside for taxes x2 since we get taxed double I’m left with technically nothing! It’s upsetting that we are being taken advantage of! Especially since facilities are paying less than $30 now. SMH! I can’t even request new shifts since I was supposed to stay until 6pm the Nursa app doesn’t let me!
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