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  1. Candice is a dynamite nurse 🧨 and continues to expand her nursing repertoire with Nursa. She has a variety of experience and brings a wealth of knowledge to her shifts every day! WE LOVE YOU CANDICE!
  2. Hi. Once registered, how does one find out which jobs are available?
  3. 1. An accurate understanding of pay rates and when the highest rate is available on a shift. 2. Proper filtering to select shifts in my state. 3. Can an RN do CNA work? I think so. 4. Text message notifications when facilities post shifts that I prefer. 5. A history of shifts that have been posted and taken. 6. Scheduling for an entire week at a facility if they choose to post like that. I'll think of more, but this is a start.
  4. After checking the site for shifts, if I fail to find something I can request, I keep my eyes on the "notifications" to see what new needs come along. Unfortunately, the way they are currently set up they don't show what shift (day, evening, night/NOC) in the notification itself, meaning I have to look at them all just to see if the time works for me or not. Mostly not. It can also get flooded with notifications if I'm away for a while. (I ran errands earlier for 1 hour and there were 50 in there when I got back, 49 for the same facility, and 1 for a separate facility!) And while I have a "mark all as read" option, there isn't an option to "clear" them all. And if I don't click directly ON the X, it takes me back to the details. Huge waste of my time sometimes! What's truly irritating is that I've set up my shift filters to show a group of particular facilities, as well as my license and state, and checking the details wipes all of that out. It takes me quite a bit of searching to find all the different facilities (approx 40 facilities) and rebuild my shift preferences via the filters, only to have it destroyed so easily! So my suggestions are a "clear all" as well as the mark as read, and including the shift time within the notification itself as well as the date. And it would also help if once you DID view a facility from within the notifications, the notification would either vanish, or change from unread to read or to viewed. I also agree with the other post regarding incorporating a distance perimeter setting.
  5. Sometimes, when a facility dumps ALL their needs for the month, it gets so annoying to have to scroll past those to find other facilities. It would be nice to be able to sort of "blacklist" a facility so your not bothered with all that.
  6. Guest

    Name badges

    I feel it is imperative that Nursa begin to send us name badges as our patients have the right to know our name and position. I have tried ordering one, but the company I was using wanted authorization from Nursa to use the logo, which is understandable.
  7. Apparently the app has the ban button positioned where the person taking the shift could be selected instead of the one that didn't show up. Supposedly Nursa is straightening out the ban by calling the customer, but this is a serious flaw. I will not be taking any more shifts when they are urgent or past the start time until this is fixed. The risk is too great that I will get banned from another facility for just "helping out." I am making this statement based on what I am told by the representatives.
  8. Heyooo! We are revising the shift report and are looking for a few friendly clinicians that can test it live and give us feedback. We just ask that you be kind and patient as we are working out the kinks. Please comment by noon on Monday if you're interested! We want our clinicians happy and think your feedback is really valuable.
  9. Hello everyone and to all NURSA team! I have been with this company for 1 year and I love it! There are some things that I would like to see with NURSA, and those are: Increase pay/bonuses for clinicians who have higher ratings with many shifts or facilities worked. The shifts posted on app should be in chronological order (like from today's date to beyond), this makes a lot easier to keep track of shifts. We used to have a filter that tells clinician of which facilities pays most, what happened to that? lol More coverage throughout states from West to East Coast. Travel contracts with an option to work as 1099? (I know this may sound impossible but it could happen). I know this may seem a lot, and this is just in my own words. But ya'll had been doing great to me and us clinicians from day one we started to use this app. I truly love the fact that NURSA allows us to work in our own practice and create a life changing wealth or freedom. I'm saying this because I was a staff working in a nursing home since 2009. (I started to earn $18 an hour as an LPN, but never got raised after that for years!) NURSA just keeps growing & growing with new management team (from R&D to Marketing), and I'm proud to be part of it! I cant wait for this company to thrive and grow more! Rain LPN
  10. Hi NURSA Team! Not sure why there were not so many job postings daily for CNA's, LPN's and RN's, and this happened since Thurs. This does not usually happen, specially in Salt Lake area (where you always have new job posting everyday). Can someone please tell us what is happening with the app? Thanks, R
  11. Hey everyone! We just experienced an issue in the community where it changed your display name to the name you have in the Nursa App. But, this is now fixed so you can change your display name to whatever you would like!
  12. I would like to being able to pick up 16 hour shifts at two different facilities for the same day. I've experienced this twice now working with nursa. I am unable to request through the app because the start and end time are the same. So I've had to have the facilities call nursa and put it in manually. I try to work 16 hours day and it doesn't always work out at the same facility due to thier needs, so I would see another facility needs help at the time my shift ends and I have to call the facility directly to ask if I can work, since I can't put a request in. #2 After hours when you call they ask if this is an emergency press #. When you do, it brings you back to the main menu, there doesn't seem to be an after hours way to contact Nursa.
  13. Hello, can you please bring the mileage option back on the app please? The app continues to show me shifts 8 hours away from me. Even after putting in my state, it still shows places that are in other states like 15-22 hours away from me, then I have to search through pages to find my own cities shifts.
  14. Hello πŸ‘‹ the nursa sos notification is not working since 3 days for me is anyone has the same issue?i can't see any high pay shift
  15. Faith is a Las Vegas based LPN. Work exhausting work schedules during the pandemic, she has loved the freedom to pick and choose. The breathing room was especially important as she welcomed her new baby. In addition to working Nursa shifts, she started a side hustle of creating personalized badges for Nursa and other contract workers. Check her store out and her story here!! Thanks yall! -Krishna
  16. Hey all! We would love to see where everyone is from and to see where we can have some local meet ups with our awesome PRN nurses! Drop a comment below where you are at πŸ™‚
  17. Let us know if we missed any! And read more about each in the full article πŸ‘‰ https://nursa.com/blog/15-apps-you-need-as-a-prn-nurse/ GeniusScan app Atlas Obscura Airbnb LIVE Gametime - entertainment app Alltrails Evernote and more!!
  18. hello i believe there would be and increase in the amount of job opportunities if there was a med aide position available for example it the med aide position is not filled by a med aide a lvn or rn can request the same position just have to accept they pay posted for the med aide. and also if and lvn or rn or med aide even request a cna position at cna pay of course we should be allowed to request it only because our credentials already include that of a cna or med aide. if you understand what im saying so like under an LVN profile it should be able to include med aide, cna and care giver. alot of facilities need med aides.
  19. If you've already scheduled a clinician for a shift but need to remove them (such as if you've filled the shift in-house, the clinician No Call/No Showed after the start of the shift, or there was an emergency that kept them from working the shift), you can do so in the app. If the shift has already started and you removed the clinician by mistake, you can also reinstate that clinician -- but only if you remove them AFTER the shift has started. Note: Removing a clinician will return the shift to the marketplace. If you no longer need the shift, please see How to Cancel a Shift. Remove a Scheduled Clinician Tap Menu in the top left Tap Schedule Find and tap the appropriate date Scroll and find the specific Shift Card Note: On the Schedule Page, you can adjust your filters to "Scheduled" and tap the date of the requested shift Tap the Shift Card to open Shift Details Tap Remove Clinician Note: Nursa encourages communication and will prompt you to contact the clinician prior to removal or cancellation Confirm that you tried to contact the clinician Tap Remove Clinician Select reason for removing clinician *Excused Emergency: you've spoken with the clinician and understand their situation for not working a shift Refused to Work: can include situations like a no call, no show or refusal to work the shift No Call No Show: only an option if the shift has already started Provide an optional explanation for the removal Tap Remove Tap Yes to confirm and return the shift to the marketplace When you remove a clinician, the scheduled clinician will be notified, and the shift automatically reposts to the marketplace. You DO NOT need to repost the shift. A new notification will also be sent to all available clinicians, so that you can begin looking for a replacement. *Excused Emergency: If a facility user selects Excused Emergency when removing a clinician from a shift, the clinician will not be penalized by having their account frozen. We encourage facilities to use this option when an emergency situation outside of the clinician's control comes up. Reinstate a Removed Clinician If you accidentally remove a clinician from a shift AFTER the shift has begun, you have the ability to reinstate that clinician in the app. This may be if the clinician arrived at the shift and you weren’t aware of it, or if they arrived late but you both agree to have them work the shift. Note: You cannot reinstate a scheduled clinician after they've been removed if the shift has not yet started. This is because the clinician is notified of being removed and may have already found another shift or made other plans. Tap Menu in the top left Tap Schedule Find the specific Shift Card Note: On the Schedule Page, you can adjust your filters to "Scheduled" and tap the date of the requested shift Tap the Shift Card to open Shift Details Tap Reinstate Clinician Tap Reinstate Clinician again Tap Yes to confirm
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