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  • Lesson 5: Posting Multiple Shifts

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    Now that you’re a master at posting single shifts, let’s walk through adding multiple shifts at once.


    Note: We’re going to skip a few steps here and make some assumptions, so if you’re not familiar with adding a single shift, review those steps in Lesson 4 first.


    If you want to add shifts with similar details, perhaps you need multiple shifts for the same time but on a different date, you can use the copy icon to duplicate shift details you have already added and change just the details that are different.

    Posting Multiple Shiftsimage.png

    1. Create a Single Shift (Lesson 4)
    2. Tap Add New
    3. You now have two choices here:
      1. Fill in all new information
      2. Click the copy icon (two overlapping pieces of paper) to duplicate what you've already entered
        • You can edit any specific details as needed
    4. Tap Add New
      • Note: Repeat Step 3 for any additional shifts needed, up to 9 shifts
    5. When you've added all shifts that you need, tap the purple arrow in the bottom right corner
    6. Review that all of the information is correct. If it is, tap Post

    Using Bulk Upload

    Bulk uploading shifts is another option for posting multiple shifts at once.


    Note: Bulk uploading can get a little complicated. Posting a single or multiple shifts is definitely more straightforward.


    This feature can be a time saver if you have a lot of shifts that only vary with the license type, times, and date. The only caveat is that they will all have the same instructions and Shift Stickers (such as COVID or MedTech). 

    1. Tap Menu in the top left
    2. Select Shifts
    3. Tap the blue + icon in the bottom right 
    4. Tap the upload icon next to Upload Shifts
    5. In the box, provide shift details in this order and format
      1. License (RN/LPN/CNA/CG/QMAP)
      2. Date (11/27 or 11/27/22) and Time (6a-6p or 6:00-18:00) and Break (30min)
    6. Tap the purple arrow in the bottom right
    7. Select the facility
    8. Select the Screening List
      • Note: This will apply to all jobs created
    9. Provide Job Instructions and select Shift Stickers
      • Note: These will apply to all jobs created
    10. Review that all of the information is correct. If it is, tap Confirm 


    A final way of posting multiple shifts at once is uploading a csv or txt file. The txt file should be the same format as above, and with the csv format, please include all of the shift information on one line including a license type with each one:


    image.png    image.png


    That's it! Now you're a master of uploading multiple shifts too.


    Up next, reviewing shift requests and confirming and Scheduling a Clinician.


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