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  • Clinician FAQ

    1. Why is My Shift Request Still Pending?

      Facilities have full control over managing shift requests. There is not a set time when to expect your request to be accepted or dismissed. You will receive a notification and/or email when the shift has been scheduled or canceled. You are encouraged to contact the facility if you have any questions regarding a pending shift request or an upcoming scheduled shift. 

      You are welcome to remove a pending request if it no longer fits into your schedule. If a facility accepts your request after the shift time has started and you did not remove your request, you are still expected to work that shift and report the hours correctly.

      Important note: You will only get paid for the time you are in the facility working, even if it is a late call.

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    2. Why is My CNA/Caregiver Certificate Still Pending?


      Your CNA license may be pending for a few reasons.

      One may be that the information entered into our Nursa system was incorrect. Please verify that you have entered your license information exactly as it appears on your license.

      Another reason could be that your license wasn’t able to be located in the state database. In this case, you will receive an email from Nursa letting you know, but you must contact the state licensing board that issued your license to resolve the issue. Once resolved, you can re-enter your license information on the Nursa App or reach out to Customer Support at 801-695-9609.

      A final reason may be that the review process isn’t complete yet. CNA licenses are state regulated, and our review process can take a few days to complete. To ensure your license can be verified quickly and efficiently, please ensure your licenses information is entered correctly into the app.

      You can upload as many state CNA licenses as you have, but remember that you cannot work in a state where you are not licensed. If you have any problems uploading multiple licenses, don’t hesitate to contact Customer Support at 801-695-9609.

      Certified Caregiver (CCG)

      Please note that Nursa only accepts Certified Caregivers (CCG) in the state of Arizona at this time. Verification of your Arizona CCG certificate may take 3 to 5 business days.

      If you received your CCG prior to 2013, you are encouraged to contact the NCIA Board , check the list of accredited schools, re-certify to the current year, or take a refresher course.

      Learn more about Arizona Certified Caregivers here.


      Nursing licenses are automatically verified through Nursys.com. If there was an error in the Nursys verification process, you should have received an error message in the app.

      To avoid any issue in verification, please make sure that what you’ve entered matches exactly what’s on your nursing license. If you received a message that your license is invalid, your license was unable to be verified through Nursys or the state licensing board. In this case, you would need to contact those entities to resolve any issue.

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    3. Why Can’t I See Shifts in the App?

      Not seeing shifts in the app? There are many reasons that you may not be seeing shifts in the app.

      1. Facilities post their per diem shifts regularly and depending on need there could be limited availability in your area. You can check out our Nursa Webpage for current job needs.
      2. Filters may be too specific and they aren't showing correctly. Watch this video on how to clear your filters.
      3. Nursa may not yet be working with a facility near you. If there is a facility that you would like to see on the app, refer them by filling out this form.

      Tip: Turn on your location settings to get job recommendations near you!

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    4. What if a Facility Sends me Home from a Shift?

      The clinician’s responsibility is to check their schedule often and know when a shift starts. They are encouraged to arrive 10-15 minutes early to find the hall/unit they will be working in, receive shift reports, and prepare for the shift.

      If you are sent home upon arrival at the facility:

      If a clinician arrives on time for a shift and it still shows as “Scheduled” in the Nursa App, but the facility chooses to send them home upon arrival, the clinician may be compensated for 50% of the shift. This ONLY happens when the shift is scheduled and if the clinician arrives ON TIME for the shift. The Nursa App tracks these timestamps.

      There is no guarantee that a clinician will receive compensation.

      If you are sent home during the shift:

      If the facility chooses to send a clinician home early during a shift, the clinician will only be paid for the time they are there. If there is a situation that occurs, you would reach out to our support team on the app or call 801-695-9609.

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    5. What Happens if I Am Exposed to COVID-19?

      If you are exposed to Covid-19 outside of work you are encouraged to get a covid test as soon as possible. If you have any shifts scheduled before you are able to get tested, you should contact the facility directly and explain the situation. They may direct you to cancel your shift in the app, in which case Nursa protocols will freeze your account for 14 days, however, once you have received a negative test you should submit the results to support@nursa.com for review and possibly getting your account unfrozen early. This is not a guarantee of your account being unfrozen, but it can help to process!

      Nursa refers to CDC guidelines and individual facility protocols in each situation as we all strive to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please refer to the CDC’s article for healthcare workers on potential COVID-19 exposure.

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    6. Does Nursa Have Travel Contracts?

      There are no travel contracts on the Nursa App because we focus on local PRN and per diem healthcare shifts.

      If you are interested in travel contracts, we have a sister company whom we work closely with called Elite Speciality Staffing. You can reach out to Elite's recruiter below:

      Amanda Burnett
      +1 (208) 202-5665

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    7. Does Nursa Require the COVID-19 Vaccine?

      Nursa defers to CDC guidelines for COVID-19 protocol and vaccines for healthcare workers. When reviewing a Nursa shift request, facilities will be able to see if you have provided proof of a COVID-19 vaccine. 

      While Nursa itself does not require that you have the Covid-19 vaccine, there are many states and facilities that do. Facilities will include this requirement in their Screening List, and it is your responsibility to thoroughly read shift details to ensure you are in compliance. 

      If you have received your COVID-19 vaccine, please add it into your Nursa profile for facilities to review.

      If you do not have the vaccine in your profile and you try requesting a shift at a facility that does require it, your chances of being hired are decreased.

      Covid Vaccine Exemption

      You may upload a vaccine exemption into your Nursa profile. Facilities may or may not accept the exemption as per their own facility policies. 

      Nursa does not provide a vaccine exemption form in any state, rather we encourage you to contact your state health department for more information.

      For more information on COVID-19 vaccines for healthcare professionals, you can review the Federal Register document “Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Omnibus COVID-19 Health Care Staff Vaccination.”

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    8. Can I Work in Other States if I Have a Compact and Multi-State License?

      As an LPN and an RN with a compact or multi-state license, you can work in states outside of your initial licensed state as long as that state is part of the Nursa Licensure Compact (NLC).

      However, if you move to a new state and your nursing license expires, you will need to renew the license in your new permanent state. For further clarification on renewal, transfers, and other application processes for compact and non-compact states, please visit the national NLC website.

      The NLC provides a helpful map that shows which states fall within the NLC Jurisdiction and Status.

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    9. Do I Need an Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card?

      Yes. Arizona requires a fingerprint clearance card to work within the state. In Arizona, the fingerprint is just as essential as your license, and you cannot have a license without also having the fingerprint card, even if working with a compact license from another state.

      It is your responsibility to apply, pay for, and ultimately obtain a fingerprint clearance card. Facilities may check the status of your fingerprint clearance card through the Department of Public Safety website at any time.

      Please refer to this state website for any and all FAQs regarding this process including how to apply and any additional information required by the state of Arizona.


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    10. Can I Still Request Shifts If My License is Expired?

      No. If your healthcare license/certificate has expired, you cannot request and complete shifts until it's renewed. Please contact your state licensing or certification entity for more information on renewals. 

      Because you are an independent contractor and not an employee for Nursa, we cannot sign off on any hours towards your license renewal. However, we can provide you with a record of your work and payment history for the shifts you’ve completed at facilities. Contact our support team at 801-695-9609 or support@nursa.com.

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    11. When Do I Get Paid?

      Workweeks are Sunday-Saturday and you will be paid the following Friday given you have completed your shift report by Sunday at 2359 and have your wallet successfully filled out. 

      If you fail to complete your shift report within the appropriate time frame it may delay your direct deposit payment for that shift until it is complete and the facilities are able to verify. Facilities are given 2 business days to verify a shift report after the clinician has completed their portion. 

      Nursa paydays are always Fridays. They may reflect earlier, but they are not considered late unless it does not come through on Friday. You are encouraged to contact your banking institution prior to contacting Nursa.

      If you have any questions schedule a call back from our Payments team by calling (801) 695-9609. The Payments Department is available Mon-Fri 8AM - 4PM MDT.

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    12. Where Can I Find General Information About Workplace Safety?

      Scheduling facilities may have other workplace safety training. Please make sure you understand the workplace safety requirements at any facility where you are working.

      There are a few different entities who provide workplace safety training specifically for healthcare workers. You can find general information here:

      *Nursa does not require any workplace safety training. Please inquire with each facility where you work.*

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