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  • FAQs - Payments & Taxes

    1. Does Nursa Offer Overtime or Holiday Pay?

      When reviewing the pay rate on a Shift Card, the pay that you see is the pay that you will receive. That pay already includes variables like weekends, nights, and holidays. Facilities may choose to add a bonus to a shift, but that is completely up to their discretion. If a facility chooses to add a bonus either before or after the shift, it will show as a different line item on the Shift Card and be in addition to the pay rate.

      When you pick up shifts with Nursa, you are paid as a 1099 independent contractor. This means that overtime hours do not apply – you choose how much you work or how little you will work. Nursa always encourages you to use your best professional judgment on how much you work to ensure patient safety and avoid your own personal burnout. Again, the pay rate on the Shift Card is what you will be paid.

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    2. How Do I Get My 2022 Nursa 1099?

      If you earned $600 or more through Nursa in the year 2022, you will receive a 1099 from Nursa. If you earned less than $600, you will not receive a 1099 from Nursa. However, keep in mind that all compensation you may receive through Nursa may be subject to IRS tax laws. Refer to your local state tax laws for more information on reporting income.


      To receive your 1099, first make sure you have the latest version of the app, then you’ll need to confirm your W-9 information in your Nursa Wallet, and then consent to your preferred delivery method – either digitally directly in the Nursa app or a paper copy mailed to you. 1099s will not be emailed for security purposes.


      If you select a digital copy, it will be immediately available for download in the Nursa App. If you choose to have it mailed to you, it will take additional time to be delivered to your address. 


      If you do not consent in the app to either a digital or paper copy, you will receive a paper copy in the mail by default. If you are unable to access the app for any reason, you will also receive a paper copy in the mail. 

      All 1099s will be available or postmarked by January 31, 2023. Read more about Nursa and 1099s in our tax guide.

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    3. When Do I Get Paid?

      Nursa pays out twice a week for shift reports completed within the payment timeframe (see payment schedule below). We'll process payments on Mondays and Wednesdays, and you'll receive your deposit in your bank account within two days.


      • Shift reports must be completed by Sunday night at 23:59 by both clinician and facility in order to get paid with the Monday batch, receiving your payment by Wednesday. 
      • Shift reports must be completed by Tuesday night at 23:59 by both clinician and facility in order to get paid with the Wednesday batch, receiving your payment by Friday.


      Note: Facilities have two full business days* to complete their shift report after a clinician completes their shift report. If the facility has not confirmed the shift report within that time frame, it will automatically be verified to ensure that clinicians are paid in a timely manner.


      *business days do not include Saturday, Sunday, and Federal holidays.

      Pay Schedule

      Yours and Facility’s Shift Reports Completed by Nursa Processes Payment Posted to Your Bank by 
      Sunday by 23:59 Monday Wednesday
      Monday by 23:59 Wednesday Friday
      Tuesday by 23:59 Wednesday Friday
      Wednesday by 23:59 Monday (following) Wednesday (following)
      Thursday by 23:59 Monday  Wednesday 
      Friday by 23:59 Monday  Wednesday 
      Saturday by 23:59 Monday  Wednesday 
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