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  • FAQs - Personal & Legal

    1. Does Nursa Provide Badges?

      No. As you are an independent contractor, Nursa does not provide badges nor any equipment to fulfill shifts. Nursa is a platform to connect you with facilities seeking clinicians to fill per diem shifts. Please remember, you are not an employee of Nursa.


      It is Nursa policy that clinicians provide proof of their identity to a facility administrator or facility employee upon arrival to each shift. Learn more about our Proof of Identity Policy here.


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    2. Does Picking Up Shifts with Nursa Impact my Credit Score?

      No. Nursa does not request any credit score or credit report information in relation to your background check. Nursa's background checks (which are ran through a third party) are considered “soft” inquiries, which do not affect your credit score calculation.


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    3. How Should I Handle Potential Exposure to COVID-19?

      COVID-19 cases are on the rise again this season. Many clinicians and facilities may have relaxed precautions as natural immunity has been built against various strains of the virus. However, as the virus continues to be prevalent and disproportionately impact certain sensitive groups, we know that you may still have concerns about how you could be impacted in the workplace. We encourage all clinicians to review the CDC's latest guidance on COVID to help make informed decisions about individual safety precautions. 


      If you are accepted for a shift that you requested to work via Nursa, you may contact the facility prior to the shift in order to confirm their COVID protocols and whether you may be potentially exposed. We encourage facilities to apply a “COVID” indicator tag to shifts that may place clinicians in contact with a known or suspected COVID-positive patient.


      As an independent contractor, you have the discretion to cancel a shift or refuse to work in relation to your level of comfort with a particular facility's health protocols. Please note that unfortunately as a platform, we are not able to compensate you if you choose to cancel a shift or refuse to work. We’re also unable to offer stipends or other forms of pay attached to shifts that may expose you to the virus.

      Your wellbeing is a top priority. If you believe that a facility isn’t complying with local, state, or federal laws regarding COVID or other Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, you may wish to contact the appropriate authorities to express your concerns. You can visit OSHA’s complaint landing page for more information about their reporting process. We’d also recommend ensuring that you have access to high-quality PPE when working. Ask your facility how they can support this, or check out this resource from the Get Us PPE initiative to find out how you may be able to access free or low-cost equipment in your state.

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    4. Where Can I Find General Information About Workplace Safety?

      Scheduling facilities may have other workplace safety training. Please make sure you understand the workplace safety requirements at any facility where you are working.


      *Nursa does not require any workplace safety training. Please inquire with each facility where you work.*


      There are a few different entities who provide workplace safety training specifically for healthcare workers. You can find general information here:


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