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  • FAQs - Shifts & Facilities

    1. Do Facilities Posting with Nursa Have Light-Duty Shifts?

      Nursa is not aware of any facility that offers any type of light-duty or work-restricted shifts. As an independent contractor, please use your best professional judgment to ensure that you can fulfill the requirements of any particular shift before you request it. If you have any questions regarding a particular shift or its requirements, please contact that facility directly.

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    2. How Do I Contact a Facility with Questions?

      If you have questions about an upcoming shift or anything else you would like to ask a Facility, you can contact them by phone or by in-app chat. 

      Contact a Facility About an Upcoming Scheduled Shift

      1. Tap Menu

      2. Tap Schedule

      3. Tap Change view then Coming Up

      4. Find and tap on the date of your upcoming shift

        • Note: After adjusting your filters, you’ll see a red dot on dates that have upcoming scheduled shifts

      5. Tap on the Shift Card

      6. To contact a Facility through chat, tap on the Chat Icon by the Scheduler’s name

      7. To contact by phone, tap on the facility’s picture or the facility name to bring up the facility’s profile

        • Note: Fapping on the address will bring up your Map, so make sure you’re tapping on the name or the picture

      8. On your mobile app, tap on the phone icon to call the facility

        • Note: From the Apple desktop app, the phone icon will pull up Facetime

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    3. Should I Work a Shift for a Facility if It’s Not Scheduled in the Nursa App?

      Nursa is not responsible for any shift worked at a facility if the shift is not posted and scheduled through the Nursa App. If a facility asks a clinician to work a shift and says they will put it in the app later, this is against Nursa policy. Facilities cannot retroactively post shifts in the App.


      If you are asked to work a shift that is not in the Nursa App, please ask the facility to post the shift and share it with you so that you can request it and have it officially scheduled as a Nursa shift. 


      If not, Nursa will not pay any shift that was not scheduled through the App. If a clinician agrees to work a shift that is not in the Nursa App, the facility will be responsible for paying the clinician as a 1099 employee directly out of their own payroll.

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    4. Why Can’t I See Shifts in the App?

      image.pngNot seeing shifts in the app? There are many reasons that you may not be seeing shifts in the app.


      • Facilities post their per diem shifts regularly, and depending on need, there could be limited availability in your area. 
      • You may have added multiple filters that filtered out all available shifts around you. Check to make sure you don’t have too many filters applied, and you can see what filters by looking at the Filter Chips above the list of shifts. View this article to learn more about your Shifts Page and filters.
      • Nursa may not yet be working with a facility near you. If there is a facility that you would like to see on the app, refer them by filling out this form.


      Be sure to turn on your location services to get shift recommendations near you!

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    5. Why is My Shift Request Still Pending?

      Facilities have full control over managing shift requests. There is not a set time when to expect your request to be accepted or dismissed. You will receive a notification and/or email when the shift has been scheduled or canceled. 


      You are welcome to remove a pending request  if it no longer fits into your schedule. If a facility accepts your request after the shift time has started and you did not remove your request, you are still expected to work that shift and report the hours correctly.


      Note: You will only get paid for the time you are in the facility working, even if it is a late call.

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