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  • Should I Work a Shift for a Facility if It’s Not Scheduled in the Nursa App?

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    Nursa is not responsible for any shift worked at a facility if the shift is not posted and scheduled through the Nursa App. If a facility asks a clinician to work a shift and says they will put it in the app later, this is against Nursa policy. Facilities cannot retroactively post shifts in the App.


    If you are asked to work a shift that is not in the Nursa App, please ask the facility to post the shift and share it with you so that you can request it and have it officially scheduled as a Nursa shift. 


    If not, Nursa will not pay any shift that was not scheduled through the App. If a clinician agrees to work a shift that is not in the Nursa App, the facility will be responsible for paying the clinician as a 1099 employee directly out of their own payroll.



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