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  • What if a Facility Sends me Home from a Shift?

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    The clinician’s responsibility is to check their schedule often and know when a shift starts. They are encouraged to arrive 10-15 minutes early to find the hall/unit they will be working in, receive shift reports, and prepare for the shift.

    If you are sent home upon arrival at the facility:

    If a clinician arrives on time for a shift and it still shows as “Scheduled” in the Nursa App, but the facility chooses to send them home upon arrival, the clinician may be compensated for 50% of the shift. This ONLY happens when the shift is scheduled and if the clinician arrives ON TIME for the shift. The Nursa App tracks these timestamps.

    There is no guarantee that a clinician will receive compensation.

    If you are sent home during the shift:

    If the facility chooses to send a clinician home early during a shift, the clinician will only be paid for the time they are there. If there is a situation that occurs, you would reach out to our support team on the app or call 801-695-9609.

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