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  1. Are your requests sitting there for too long, not getting scheduled? Which facilities are slower to respond? How long do you normally have to wait?
  2. Knowing what’s happening with your schedule and shifts with Nursa is critical, as is ensuring you receive notifications about them. There are a number of optional notifications that also keep you up-to-date on happenings with Nursa, including new features, Nursa news, and special offers. To allow you to decide what notifications you receive and when, you can adjust your settings in your Communication Preferences. Important Note: You cannot opt out of transactional messages, like details about your posted shifts, password resets, etc. Adjusting Your Communication Preferences Tap Menu in the top left Tap Settings Tap Communication Preferences You’ll see your notification types and preferences: Preferred Channels: In-App, Email, SMS/Text, and push. Note: You will need to enable app notifications to receive push. Notification Types:Shift Requests Shift Requests: New requests and request removals Shift Schedule: Clinician arriving in 24 hours, cancels a shift Shift Report: Updates to shift reports Marketing Communications: Newsletters, Product and Shift Updates, Special Offers and more Messages: Direct in-app messages from others Cancelation Notifications: Clinician shit cancelations. See this article for more on Cancelation Notifications. Use the purple slide on the right hand side of the notification tyes to opt out.
  3. Facilities keep posting shifts that they dont’t need staff for. They post a lot of these shifts as back up if someone calls off. I have had staffers tell me that all their shifts are filled for the next two weeks but have shifts posted on the app. Or I will show up to a shift on time and be told - “well, everyone showed up so we don’t need you”. If you don’t need me why did you book me. I wasted my gas and time to come to your facility but you only booked me as a back up. This needs to stop! Facilities complain that agency staff are not reliable but these facilities are not reliable as well. Nursa needs to do something about penalising facilities for false advertising. the other day I showed up to a 12 hr shift and the scheduler had scheduled for only four hours! Why would you book a 12 hr shift but schedule me for four hours?! I left and did not work the shift (I went somewhere else to work) because that is ridiculous.
  4. Do you think facilities should assign registry staff to their covid unit?
  5. That's what I was told yesterday. They said that it's because Nursa is raising their rates...Are you kidding me?!?!? I have built up a rapport with this facility to where they verify my shift immediately after working it, they notify me that shifts are posted, and I communicate with the management team on a day by day bases to assist in making the facility a better place to work at...everything has been going great. Why fix what was not broken? Your greed to make more money off of my labor has resulted in no more shifts scheduled here and no more money from this facility. Who decides this??? You aren't making enough money from us already???? How do you justify the rise in rates ???? Please fix this...if not, i for one will be forced into becoming core staff...i am outraged!!!
  6. How does Nursa support and helps us when Facilities schedule us for 12 hours than when you get here they tell you to do showers only, I’m almost done in total maybe 6 hours. Another Nursa contractor told me they sent her home early too since she was done with showers. I got an Uber for $47 dollars to get here and more than likely another $47 to go back home. After setting aside for taxes x2 since we get taxed double I’m left with technically nothing! It’s upsetting that we are being taken advantage of! Especially since facilities are paying less than $30 now. SMH! I can’t even request new shifts since I was supposed to stay until 6pm the Nursa app doesn’t let me!
  7. I thought I remembered seeing that I need three orientation shifts prior to starting?
  8. There is a facility where I am located that posts the majority of shifts in my area. I have been requesting shifts since my initial download of this app. Never been accepted for a shift. Messaged the point of contact repeatedly to figure out what I’m doing wrong. The staffing associate finally responds saying that they were good for the day. So why are shifts being posted that don’t even need to be filled. Then I finally got another response about how to get booked. I was told that I need to come to the facility to get a background check down and fingerprints done that will cost me out of my own pocket. How was this not communicated from weeks ago and how is anyone supposed to know automatically? I was told today that Nursa was unaware of this process. Very frustrating.
  9. I worked a shift recently and the facility canceled the shift 2 days after. Now the RCC is saying I didn’t work the shift, but the employees know I did. How do I get paid for working that shift?
  10. How to Use Schedule Page Filter your Schedule Reset Filters The Schedule Page is the place where facility users can manage all of their upcoming and past shifts, all laid out in an easy-to-use calendar. From there you can view shifts on specific dates, filter by shift status, and for those who manage multiple facilities, filter and manage one schedule at a time. Schedule Page Features There are several elements you’ll see on the page and the calendar: Date Ranges: Utilize the arrows and drop down by the month and year to find the dates you wish. You can also select up to 90 date range by selecting the first day and then the last. Multiple Facilities: If you are connected to multiple facilities you can select the dropdown "Showing all facilities" and select which or all you wish to view shifts at. Color indicators: Red Dots indicate a call to action. Dates with shifts that have unanswered requests, for example, will be marked with a red dot. Gray Dots indicate that no action is necessary. Dates with shifts that have already been scheduled will be marked with a gray dot. Sorting and Grouping: Facility Users can now sort and group their Shift Cards by day, license type, facility, and much more. Filters: Filters are now shown above Shift Cards when they are selected. You can filter by shift time, license type, and shift status. All filters can be removed with the click of a button. Collapsing Menus: To reduce the amount of scrolling, below the calendar you can collapse the groups (requested, scheduled, open) of shifts. Copying Job ID: When scrolling over the Job ID Number in the top right corner of a Shift Card, a “Copy” button appears. Clicking on this button copies the Job ID Number. Search Bar: The search bar allows you to search by clinician name, date, or job ID number. Currently, the search will only show results in the chosen date range. The year is next to the Menu icon. Tap the down arrow next to to change the year The month you’re viewing will be bold purple. You can tap on another month to view it Filter Your Schedule Tap Filters above the calendar on the left side You can filter by Shift Status and Facilities that you are connected to Shift Status filters default to include eight statuses: Open, Viewed, Requested, Scheduled, In Progress, Clinician Shift Report, Facility Shift Report, Admin Shift Report, and Completed Make your filter selection; select all that apply then tap the purple check mark A purple circled “x” means the choice is selected; tap to remove the filter A white circled “+” means you can add it; tap to add to the filter Tap Save to confirm your filters Your calendar view will update to reflect your selected filters. The light purple boxes above the calendar will show what filters are applied. Reset Your Filters If you’ve changed the filters from the default settings, you can choose to reset them back to the default. If your filters are already on the default setting, you will not see a Reset button: Tap Filters then select either Shift Status or Facilities For Shift Status, tap Reset For Facilities, first tap Selected (#), then tap Reset Tap the purple check mark Tap Save
  11. Review Credentials without Download Download Requesting Clinician Profile Download Scheduled Clinician Profile Download Clinician Background Check Download as of Certain Date When reviewing a Clinician’s Shift Request or after the clinician has been scheduled, you are able to download and save their profile. The clinician’s profile is downloaded as a PDF, and it includes all of the credentials they’ve uploaded as well as their background checks and details on their specialities and experience. Access to clinicians' profile is made available so facilities can keep records of the Nursa clinicians they’ve scheduled. Review Clinician's Credentials without Download Tap Menu in the top left Select Schedule Tap the Filter Change Shift Status to Requested Find and tap the correct date and the Shift Card Tap Manage Request Tap the Clinician Card to access their profile Scroll to Match to Primary Screening Click credential you want to view to see credential uploaded Download a Requesting Clinician’s Profile Tap Menu in the top left Select Schedule Tap the Filter Change Shift Status to Requested Find and tap the correct date and the Shift Card Tap Manage Request Tap the Clinician Card to access their profile Tap the download arrow in the top right to download the clinician’s profile Note: You’ll receive an in-app notification when it’s ready in a minute or two Tap the notification then Download Profile to Device The PDF file will go to your computer’s downloads Download a Scheduled Clinician’s Profile Tap Menu in the top left Select Schedule Tap the Filter Change Shift Status to Scheduled Find and tap the correct date and the Shift Card Tap the Shift Card to access the Shift Details Tap the download arrow in the clinician details box Note: You’ll receive an in-app notification when it’s ready in a minute or two Tap the notification then Download Profile to Device The PDF file will go to your computer’s downloads From the Shift Details, you can also click on the clinician’s profile picture to access their full profile. Download Clinician's Background Check You can also view and/or download a clinician’s individual background check(s) if you need, though they are included in the profile download. After you’re on the clinicians profile (following one of the two steps above): Scroll down to the background checks section below Match to Screening List You may see displayed additional state background (e.g. Utah has DACS and Colorado has CAPS) Select the background check You see Results Available if the check is complete and the relevant document uploaded In the Background Check Details, you see: State: will be empty for third-party/commercial background checks Status: will say Results Available if the check in complete and the document uploaded) Completed Date: may be blank, but don't worry if it is! The background check is still valid Tap on the eye icon to view the document Note: This will open the document in a new browser tab Tap the download arrow to save the document Your browser may prompt you to rename the document, select where to save it, and confirm Save The PDF file will go to your computer’s downloads Repeat steps 2 to 4 for additional background checks as needed Download Clinician's Profile as of Certain Date Facility users and admins can now download profiles as they existed as of a certain date. Tap Menu in the top left Select Schedule Tap the Filter Change Shift Status to Scheduled Find and tap the correct date and the Shift Card Tap the Shift Card to access the Shift Details Tap the download arrow in the clinician details box Choose the date or latest version by selecting Current Note: You’ll receive an in-app notification when it’s ready in a minute or two Tap the notification then Download Profile to Device The PDF file will go to your computer’s downloads
  12. Has anyone else experienced facilities calling you out due to having floor staff wanting to pick up, but refusing to cancel the shift on their end? I have recently learned that if a facility cancels a shift within 48hours of the start time of the shift beginning, they still have to pay the payout for posting the shift; if we as workers cancel, we are locked for 2 weeks. Recently I have had 3 shifts by 2 facilities contact me the night before & 2hrs before the shift started, or sent me home, but refuse to cancel the shift on their end, thus locking me till the end of the shift time and preventing me to pick up due to being scheduled already. One facility threatened to just report that I did a "No call, No Show" when I said I would cancel on my end with a comment. The facility that did me dirty 2x has blocked me from picking up there anymore, not that I would want to. Shout out Nursa! They has been very understanding and haven't locked me due to thorough communication with them. Am I the only one?
  13. It will be nice if picking up a shift will be first come first served because ever since I started working for Nursa I’ve only worked four times because facilities either have their own people they like to approve or something else. There is a plethora of CNAs and everybody waiting on one shift without certainty of getting it is frustrating.
  14. Does anyone know if I can pick up IHC shifts even though I work for Primary Childrens but not in bedside nursing? I am a Case Manager but want to pick up bedside nursing positions. Is this possible?
  15. I feel as though these facilities have free reign,they're able to do whatever they want to us. I've been left in compromising positions so many times I can't even count. Being left alone with 40 plus residents with no help at this place called Western hills in lakewood, being threatened by facilities fir not staying till the late people that work there come, they can even no call/ no show us if they don't like us. No one really suffers but the residents, and all we can do is " Don't book with them." If that's the only place in a decent distance then we just can't make money, when nursa calls they never pick up. They really can do whatever they want, give us the more difficult sides and residents, over work us, I've had my back strained at numerous places unable to find help, because the staff workers take extended breaks up to an hour or more. I wonder what can be done about these facilities, maybe block them for two weeks, ban them from the app, anything?
  16. Hi. I've been a cna for 25 years but working in a facility is new to me. I have only done 1 shift for a different company before & it wasn't great. I have a shift tomorrow and am scared senseless. First the facility specified an N95 mask with goggles or a shield. I do not have any of those items. Will the facility provide them? I have always done homecare. So I know nothing of the routines in a facility. I don't even know if I'm to chart on computers, just take my own notes or what not. NO-ONE was pleased at the last place when I said I had only done homemade & they explained nothing to me. So what is my best approach tomorrow so I can get the most info and be most productive
  17. Hello is anyone having trouble with shifts at Mission Pines in Las Vegas? I worked there over the weekend and I had to leave a hr early for an emergency and now they won’t schedule me again because I reported the nurse and aide I was working with left me on the floor for a hr and a half while they went on break. I got a message saying I should of told the scheduler I had to leave but I told the nurse who I was working with I was leaving. Since I reported that nurse I can’t get scheduled anymore
  18. Favorite part about working in hospitals vs. other facilities??
  19. Hey guys! I am a CNA and I would love to know your guys tips and ticks on finding a good facility to pick up at and what you look for before you request shifts.. Any help would be great!
  20. Is there anything you do at the hospitals you work at to combat frustrating administration that won't listen to their nurses' needs?
  21. Large facility in my area that is ran by a religious organization recently became a customer. I decided to book multiple shifts. I showed up for the first shift and I was double booked with another agency. They decided to keep me for that shift. The second shift they told me in person that they no longer want the shift. I guess I didn't realize its totally up to them to cancel shifts. Why is that? After calling support on two different days I decided to cancel all my shifts for the week and take the 2 week ban since there was no way to fix the issue. Maybe its just me, but I hate driving across town or maybe really far and being sent home even if I am getting whatever show up pay there is. I guess some other lucky individual got $8hr more since it was flagged as last minute in the system when I canceled, but I bet they got sent home too. It makes me look foolish when we already discussed that they didn't need the shift. There are some education issues with these facilities especially if they are new.
  22. If you've already scheduled a clinician for a shift but need to remove them (such as if you've filled the shift in-house, the clinician No Call/No Showed after the start of the shift, or there was an emergency that kept them from working the shift), you can do so in the app. If the shift has already started and you removed the clinician by mistake, you can also reinstate that clinician -- but only if you remove them AFTER the shift has started. Note: Removing a clinician will return the shift to the marketplace. If you no longer need the shift, please see How to Cancel a Shift. Remove a Scheduled Clinician Tap Menu in the top left Tap Schedule Find and tap the appropriate date Scroll and find the specific Shift Card Note: On the Schedule Page, you can adjust your filters to "Scheduled" and tap the date of the requested shift Tap the Shift Card to open Shift Details Tap Remove Clinician Note: Nursa encourages communication and will prompt you to contact the clinician prior to removal or cancellation Confirm that you tried to contact the clinician Tap Remove Clinician Select reason for removing clinician *Excused Emergency: you've spoken with the clinician and understand their situation for not working a shift Refused to Work: can include situations like a no call, no show or refusal to work the shift No Call No Show: only an option if the shift has already started Provide an optional explanation for the removal Tap Remove Tap Yes to confirm and return the shift to the marketplace When you remove a clinician, the scheduled clinician will be notified, and the shift automatically reposts to the marketplace. You DO NOT need to repost the shift. A new notification will also be sent to all available clinicians, so that you can begin looking for a replacement. *Excused Emergency: If a facility user selects Excused Emergency when removing a clinician from a shift, the clinician will not be penalized by having their account frozen. We encourage facilities to use this option when an emergency situation outside of the clinician's control comes up. Reinstate a Removed Clinician If you accidentally remove a clinician from a shift AFTER the shift has begun, you have the ability to reinstate that clinician in the app. This may be if the clinician arrived at the shift and you weren’t aware of it, or if they arrived late but you both agree to have them work the shift. Note: You cannot reinstate a scheduled clinician after they've been removed if the shift has not yet started. This is because the clinician is notified of being removed and may have already found another shift or made other plans. Tap Menu in the top left Tap Schedule Find the specific Shift Card Note: On the Schedule Page, you can adjust your filters to "Scheduled" and tap the date of the requested shift Tap the Shift Card to open Shift Details Tap Reinstate Clinician Tap Reinstate Clinician again Tap Yes to confirm
  23. Facilities can be instantly notified via text message if a clinician cancels a shift. Each facility user can set up cancelation notifications in the Nursa app: Tap Menu in the top left Tap Settings Tap Communication Preferences Under Cancelation Notifications, tap Customize Preferences Select notification timeframe (how far in advance you would like to receive text notifications) Options: Always, 24 hours before the shift starts, or anywhere from 1 to 7 days in advance Specify each day of the week and time block to receive text notifications Note: If you prefer to ALWAYS receive text notifications, you can select full day options on the bottom of this screen Tap Save When a clinician cancels a scheduled shift, the shift is automatically reposted to the marketplace with a higher pay rate to incentivize clinicians to request the shift (your bill rate will not change), and an emergency notification goes out to all available clinicians. A clinician's account is also frozen for 14 days on their third cancelation in a rolling 30-day period. Note: By setting up Cancelation Notifications, you're opting in to receive text notifications if someone cancels a scheduled shift. Standard text messaging rates may apply.
  24. After a clinician works your shift, you’ll each complete a Shift Report, so they can get paid. Nursa does not follow traditional time tracking practices, such as clocking in/out or paper timesheets. Instead, clinicians will receive a notification at the end of their shift prompting them to complete their Shift Report. A Shift Report is a two-step process. First, the clinician will record and submit their Shift Report. Then you (the facility) have two full business days to verify the time that was reported. If the report is not verified within two business days, Nursa will auto-verify the Shift Report to ensure the clinician is paid in a timely manner. Verifying a Shift Report Tap in-app Notifications (the bell icon in the top right) Note: If you miss a notification, go to your schedule and filter by Facility Shift Report shift status. A red dot on the calendar means there is a Facility Shift Report to approve Tap Verify Shift Report on Shift Card Select Yes, They Worked this Shift. Note: If the clinician DID NOT in fact work the shift, tap No, They Didn't Work this Shift and follow the prompted step The shift start, end and break times will auto-populate. Note: If there is any need to edit times or add a bonus, click "Edit Submitted Times" Select Approve Clinician Shift Report You can then rate the clinician and leave a comment if desired That's it! The Shift Report has been verified and is ready for payment! It’s the clinician’s responsibility to check their schedule and complete their Shift Reports first. It’s the facility's responsibility to verify Shift Reports within two days of completion, or they will be auto-verified. That’s it for getting started! Those are the basics you need to know to set up your account, post shifts, schedule clinicians, and complete Shift Reports! There’s lots of helpful information in our Facility Help Articles, and our Nursa Community is full of other healthcare professionals looking to connect, so have a look around! We’re so happy you’re here! Previous Guide ⇐ Schedule A Clinician
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