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  • FAQs - Hospital Shifts General

    1. Which hospitals can I pick up shifts at?

      Currently, Nursa has shifts available with Intermountain Health in two states: Utah and Colorado.

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    2. How do I qualify to pick up hospital shifts?

      Qualifications vary depending on license type, state, and hospital system. Clinicians must have the following experience within the last two years:

      • RN: At least 9-12 months in Medical-Surgical, 2-3 years in ICU, 2-3 years in ER, 3 yrs in PICU, or 2 yrs in Pediatrics
      • CNA: At least 6 months of hospital experience (in any unit) or 2 years of long-term care experience
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    3. What is the process for working hospital shifts?

      The process for picking up hospital shifts is four steps:
      1. See if You Qualify: See if you qualify by filling out our form here to see if you meet the hospital’s requirements.
      2. Compliance: Submit documents required by the hospital (immunizations, certifications, etc.)
      3. Orientation: Complete the hospital’s skill pass offs and electronic charting training.
      4. Pick Up Shifts: Make top dollar working the schedule that you choose!
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    4. What is the pay rate for a hospital shift?

      Pay rate is visible on the app under “Shifts.” Use the filters to find the specific shift you are interested in. A variety of factors can impact pay rate: your license type, the shift time, hospital needs/urgency, etc.

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    5. What charting system do the hospitals use?

      Intermountain Health in Colorado uses Epic, and Intermountain Health in Utah uses Cerner.

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    6. When are hospital shifts posted on the app?

      There is no set date that hospital shifts are posted. The date/time of when they are posted will vary by each facility and their individual needs.

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    7. Do I need to work a minimum number of hospital shifts to maintain access?

      Nursa, being a marketplace platform and not the employer, does not impose a minimum shift requirement to maintain access to hospitals. However, hospitals may have their own requirements (which vary depending on the facility), and will be discussed once your experience is verified and you are deemed eligible for hospital shifts.

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    8. What color scrubs do I wear?

      Scrub color may vary depending on the facility. Once you are approved for hospital shifts and complete the compliance process, you will receive instructions regarding the specific color of scrubs to wear before your orientation shift.

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    9. How do I clock in and out of my hospital shift?

      Clocking in and out procedures will be explained during your orientation with the hospital. If you encounter any difficulties, please email hospitalteam@nursa.com for assistance.

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    10. How do I get a badge for hospital shifts?

      All clinicians will receive a badge during the orientation process.

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    11. Do you offer travel expenses or stipends for hospital shifts?

      Travel expenses or stipends are to be communicated between the clinician and the facility, as Nursa's role is solely to serve as a marketplace platform connecting the two parties.

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    12. Is there overtime pay for working hospital shifts?

      When reviewing the pay rate on a Shift Card, the pay that you see is the pay that you will receive. That pay already includes variables like weekends, nights, and holidays. Facilities may choose to add a bonus to a shift, but that is completely up to their discretion. If a facility chooses to add a bonus either before or after the shift, it will show as a different line item on the Shift Card and be in addition to the pay rate. When you pick up shifts with Nursa, you are paid as a 1099 independent contractor. This means that overtime hours do not apply.

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    13. Does my international experience apply if I am wanting to work hospital shifts?

      The hospital systems mandate that clinicians must have minimum required experience in the United States and possess a state-issued license. To determine your eligibility, please complete our interest form.

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    14. Can I work hospital shifts through Nursa if I don’t speak English?

      Fluent English proficiency is required to pick up hospital shifts through Nursa.

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