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  • FAQs - Hospital Shifts Orientation

    1. When am I starting orientation?

      After you have submitted your resume and we have confirmed you qualify, our Hospital team will help you through a compliance process. Once this is complete, you will be scheduled for orientation. If you would like to submit your resume to see if you qualify to pick up hospital shifts, fill out this form.

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    2. What does orientation look like?

      Orientation will look different depending on your state:


      Orientation cohorts consist of 20-40 nurses. It is 12 hours on the same day and consists of two parts:

      1. 6-hr. basic skills pass-off

      2. 6-hr. shadow shift:  Once an orientation date is confirmed, the Nursa Hospital team will contact you, and you can share your preferences for the location of the shadow shift.


      Orientation is done on an individual basis. It consists of three parts:

      1. E-Learnings: This is done virtually, and can take anywhere from 3-7 hrs

      2. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Training: This is done in-person, and takes about 4 hrs. If you are already familiar with Epic (the charting system), you can test out.

      3. 12 hr. shadow shift

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    3. Is orientation paid? If so, how much?

      Orientation is paid! Payment will be discussed prior to orientation.

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    4. I am already familiar with Epic charting. Do I still need to complete the Epic training as part of orientation?

      If you are familiar with Epic, you can test out. Information on how to do so will be given to you in orientation.

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