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  • Complete Your Background Check

    Every clinician will have a federal background check run. Some states may also require an additional state-level registry or other background check. Nursa pays for, requests, and uploads your background checks, but you'll have some steps to do too!

    Trigger Your Background Check

    The Nursa App will trigger your two-part background check when you request your first shift. Nursa will upload the results directly into your profile upon completion. We do not accept previously-ran background checks.


    Nursa uses a third party, First Advantage, to complete federal background checks, and you will receive additional steps via email from the First Advantage that you must complete for the federal background check to be finalized.


    After you complete and submit your information to First Advantage, the check takes 5-7 business days to complete, so keep an eye on your email to keep the process moving. The process for state background checks also takes 5-7 business days to complete.


    Nursa covers the cost of the federal check done through First Advantage and state-level checks. However, if fingerprints are required for your state, the financial responsibility is on you as the clinician. 


    Learn more about background checks with Nursa here.


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